How to Create a Website For Free? Create a Website And Web Design in 2023

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How to Create a Website For Free!! Create a Website | Website Design And Web Design | Free Website 

“How to Create a Website” – No web design can meet your site objectives, without traffic or transformation. Sensational web design for the website might be one of the main highlights of the website that indulges users to have a glance at the site. A thorough and practical web design ensures that the website is very easy to operate and users will not endure any difficulty in handling the site.
Just consider today’s internet. The internet is home to millions of websites that are in many languages and provide various forms of content. However, more than 50% of them will be unsuccessful mainly due to the fact that they have a dull design. If you look at the websites that have a very high rating and an appraisal from the users, these websites have superb and posh web designs.
Design priorities do vary. For example, some sites work on service, other sites work on sales. Clarifying the key points, determination or priorities helps to determine the content and configuration of the site.
Well-designed websites always:

  • Ask how the site helps its customers and 
  • Have clearly prioritized objectives.
  • Quality Content
  • Easy to use
  • Quick Download
  • Frequent update.

Website Appealing and tempting design

Now you can learn How to create a website for free– Making use of creative and attractive images and texts on the website greatly increases the aesthetic outlook of the website. If you compare two websites, one that is very plain and the other that has lots of animations and aesthetic text and design, definitely, the latter will win more appreciation and the former website will face a lot of criticism.
The important key is to continuously keep the end-user in mind. Refine your content so that it truly serves the correct purpose- and you’ll find it becomes much clearer to be retrieved with a click or a touch.
With those warnings in mind, you’ll find that you can design and develop not only instinctively, but responsibly and- eventually- successfully.

do you know how to Create a Website for Free And Website design procedure –

HTML can be modified by using a certified HTML editor like:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • CoffeeCup HTML Editor

However, for learning HTML we mention a text editor like Notepad(PC) or TextEdit (Mac). We trust using a simple text editor is a decent way to learn HTML.

Main Steps to know to create a website By using Notepad

Step 1: Start Notepad

To start Notepad go to:
Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad

Step 2:Edit Your HTML with Notepad (create a website)

Type your HTML code into your Notepad:

Step3: Save Your HTML (create a website)

Select save as.. in Notepad’s file menu. When you will save an HTML file, you can use either the .htm or the.html file extension otherwise page doesn’t run in any browser. There is no difference; it is entirely up to you.

Step 4: Run the HTML in Your Browser (create a website)

Start your web browser and open your Html file from the FILE, OPEN menu, or just browse The result should look much like this:

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Steps to create a website and website design-

  1. Commitment: A high-quality website needs a lot of promise and effort. Good content needs a lot of commitment and effort. Your users and visitors demand commitment and effort. A website can be related to a pet – think about whether you actually want one already you get one. (But you are correct, pets that are not preserved well certainly hurt much more.
  2. Planning: So you have decided that you actually want a website and that this website must really be of a satisfactory standard. What you need to do now is a strategy: (What is the goal of your website?, What is the target audience of your website?, What content do you intend to offer?, Which key data and metrics will you use to define your achievement?)
  3. Information Architecture: After the planning stage has been completed, don’t directly start designing and implementing: First, you need to create, test, verify, and reconsider the configuration and architecture of your site. To do this, read a decent book about information architecture, look at a few heuristics and have at least 15 operators do some card organization. Even at this primary phase, don’t forget to keep an eye on localization and internationalization. Document the structure you have expounded and authenticate it- by testing it though you are designing the website (create a website).
  4. Website Design: Website Design is a set of fields for the problem – solving that uses user-centric approaches to understand user needs (as well as business, economic, environmental, social, and other requirements) to create successful solutions that solve real problems. Design is often used as a procedure to make an actual change within a system or market. Too often, Design is defined only as visual problem-solving or communication because of the predominance of graphic designers.
  5. Programming: After completing the Website design process which should have led to the well-operating design, you can now start the implementation. (It is, however, possible that you start this at an earlier stage already.) In addition to the environment (server) and dynamic (script languages), you need to consider the following points: Choose a suitable document type for your documents…(Use HTML elements according to their semantics. Write structured code and become used to coding strategies. Validate. Everything. Whatever you do, always keep accessibility in mind.)
  6. Quality Assurance: After having worked out an elaborated, high-quality offer on the basis of the aforementioned points, you should still absolutely and definitely carry out Quality Assurance (QA). The launch of your offer is part of its phase, ideally after a final QA. It may be possible to promote your website directly after having approved the QA, but only if you have focused on quality from the start.
  7. Public Relations: Market your website without feeling guilty. Your HTML must already be appropriate for search engines (semantics and accessibility). Use a sensible link plan from this point on and do conventional public Relations (PR). I know, this is easy to be said, but it has to be done. Also, don’t get disappointed if your website doesn’t have great achievements from the very beginning, such as ten times more operators accessing the site – plan on a long-term basis.
  8. Success Control: Make sure that the “Key performance indicators” (KPI) you strongminded at the opening are measured. If you exist statistics don’t determine these numbers ensure that they do. There are some useful statistics tools: A few good ones (Mint), and a handful of good expensive ones. Use these metrics to assess the progress and achievement of your offer.
  9. Maintenance: Maintenance your ‘website. Update your Website. Look after your Website. Add new content on a regular basis. Furthermore, check old content. You need to proofread new and old content. Never cease to question your offer. At the end of the day, it is once more all about….
  10. Quality Assurance: It’s true, the quality declaration is a procedure. Keep validating, checking, and testing your forms, contents, and design .. again and again.
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