Facebook Down -The biggest tech problem on Facebook

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Facebook Down -The biggest tech problem on Facebook

Social media giant Facebook on Wednesday was the biggest issue in history. On Wednesday, users used to have several major services in different places. But more than 14 hours after the outbreak continues, the popular social media website has started to gradually get full functionality back.
“Facebook Down” -Facebook has been the biggest technical problem since the start of Facebook’s popular website of social communications. Users around the world are facing various problems in the use of Facebook in different countries around 10 hours. In particular, posting updates, shares, and tags, in the case of ‘sari, side-by-side and color’ We’re Working on Getting This Fixed Edge Fast As We Can. ‘

Earlier, in 2008, Facebook had a big technical problem. The Facebook user was 150 million Currently this number stands at 2.3 billion. And since the start, the biggest tech problem is Facebook’s

“Facebook’s Down” -Facebook’s has been the biggest technical problem since the start of Facebook’s popular website of social communications., an application Instagram for sharing pictures of Facebook. Facebook acknowledged their problem in a Twitter message. They said, “Many users worldwide have had problems using Facebook. We are trying to resolve the problem quickly.

Facebook’s troubles have started on Twitter in the discussion on the microblogging site. Quick #facebookdown comes to Twitter on Twitter. The hashtag is used by almost 100,000,000 Twitter.

According to the website of the website monitoring detector.com, mainly due to the use of Facebook since Wednesday morning (March 13th), users are having problems. Of these, 35 percent of the user logged in with problems, 33 percent for newsfeed use, and 30 percent of the users for other users have had problems.

Facebook confirmed the last update about 12 hours ago, this technical issue is not a cyber attack or a distributed denial-of-service (DODOS) approach.

However, gradually the problem (facebook’s down)is already being resolved in different countries. Many of the users talk about Twitter on Twitter

About Facebook Down

In February 2008, there was so much disruption in Facebook’s Facebook. However, the number of site users per month was 15 million – the number is currently about 230 million The main items of Facebook, two messaging apps, and photos sharing Instagram, have been damaged in this disaster.

However, the reason for this disaster (facebook’s down) has not yet been officially reported. Facebook said in a statement, “We are aware that some customers are facing problems using Facebook’s apps. Facebook is working to resolve this problem (facebook’s down) quickly.

In other social media, there has been speculation about this incident. Despite not giving a rumor, Facebook’s authorities assured that the disaster was not due to the ‘distributed debate of service attacks. ‘Distributed Dynamic Service’ is a type of cyber attack where deliberate traffic or user is inserted at a target (website) simultaneously.

It is being speculated that the disaster began on Wednesday from 2 pm on Wednesday. Although Facebook’s main page loads, users could not post at any time. Instagram users face problems in refreshing news feeds or posting photos. While Facebook Messenger’s desktop version was not working, Messengers could send some messages through the mobile app. However, it is said that users have faced complexity in sending some content.

Facebook’s other messaging app is known to be the same problem with WhatsApp users. As a result, ‘Facebook’s Workplace’ – which is used in business operations – its service has been interrupted. This disaster is the time when lawmakers from many countries including the United States are considering whether or not other big technology institutions including Facebook should be divided into smaller sections.

Facebook Down or Facebook’s problem

Users can not use it temporarily due to problems in different areas of the world. Many people have posted many kinds of satirical posts. A Twitter user, ridiculing the people who have expressed anger over not being able to use this app due to coordination, wrote, “Many have forgotten how to eat or drink with friends without posting them through social media.”

This incident has recently been published and shared by some popular social media comedians.


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