What is artificial intelligence? Concept of robotics and artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence? Definition and The concept of AI and our position

Computer or any machine is a fool box. Need an intrusion to use them. Using programming languages, we give some instructions on computers or machines, they work on computers or machines.
In this machine we will do the instructions, the machine will work accordingly. I cannot do anything from the outside. The machine needs some purity to do something for yourself. Machine intelligence correctness we say artificial intelligence (AI). If you think of a robot, robot intelligence is artificial intelligence (AI).


What is the point of intelligence?

Intelligence is the knowledge gained and the ability to apply it. Common programs can acquire knowledge. But the machines that are made in such a way that they can learn something manually, we call them intelligent programs or intelligent machines. Such a Google search program is an intelligent program. When we search for something, it shows our search results based on our previous search history, age, location, etc. The aim of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make people like computers or machines. Giving people the power to think like.

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If we can improve artificial intelligence (ai), it is the best chance or the most awesome change. Even our existence could be destroyed. We, humans, are intelligent, Curious. We want to see what the future should be like. That’s the intellect. And for this, we are developing AI. We will try to make people feel like a computer. There are three categories of  Artificial Intelligence according to various experts.

ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence: ANI is a specific area expert. As the machine can play glasses, he will be able to do just like Dubai. Playing glasses from Ludu game is easy to play him in glasses instead if Ludu gives the game, he can not. ANI is called weak AI and. We can say that artificial intelligence (AI) is the first step.

AGI or Artificial General Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is the second step AGI. It is called Strong AI, or human-level AI and. At this stage, the computer can think like a human, plan like people, solve the problem, despite the new environment, in addition to the ability to adapt to the environment, power capacity is available.

ASI or Artificial Super Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is the third step. When the computer is intelligent from the people, I will call Artificial Super Intelligence. What will happen if the artificial superintelligence system is created, the human will not be good or bad, researchers are worried about it now? Although there is still something to worry about, we still have to read ANI. As far as intelligent machines or programs are run, all of them are composed of a combination of artificial narco intelligence.

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Uses of AI (artificial intelligence) –

There are many ANI programs in our handset smartphones. The most successful ANI program on the phone is Syria or Cortana. There is also a great application of Google Aloe ANI. If you do not use ALLO yet install a little. Chat with Google Assistant Understand how AI has been improved. Examples of successful implementation of Google Self-Driving Car ANI Facebook itself is called the ANI factory. Amazon or the use of all major web sites Ai Managed every flight ANI system. ANI system is used to handle nuclear plants. The highest damage that an ANI can make is the plane cross, the nuclear plant crash, the Google Self-driving car is available, the smallest accidental, etc.

Allan Turing is called artificial intelligence. Alan Turing, known in the 1950s as a tuning test, has been asked to test whether a machine is intelligent, to test it. At the time, many studies have been done with AI, but after many days AI  Research is closed. Computational power is considered as the main reason. The computers of that time did not have so much power. AI with computer processing power home A few days ago Facebook, Google, Amazon has signed an agreement with AI for research. Alon Musk formed the Open AI platform. The main thing to create an intelligent program is that knowledge is represented in representation and logic. And how well the brain’s brain works for the representation and re-evaluation of knowledge, scientists are trying to imitate it.

We researched space. I dream of making people’s colonies on Mars. All this is the use of this brain. We can learn a lot from far away in space. But how does the brain work, yet we just do not understand? As soon as we have realized, we are trying to create an intelligent system using it. People made up of brain neurons. Our brain has about 100 billion neurons. These are connected to one, like a network. The artificial neural network has been created to imitate this biological neural network.

Artificial Neural Network is a part of AI. Basically this is a branch of machine learning. And machine learning is a subdivision of artificial intelligence. Other types of AI without machine learning

To learn about artificial intelligence (AI):

  1. Udacity’s Intro to AI course is great for getting the initial idea. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach is taught in all the Universities. The book can be bought from Nilkhet. And along with the book is Peter Norvig is Google’s Director of Research Team. And instructor with Udacity’s course at the instructor. Peter Norwich has a great article. Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years Those who did not read, once asked to read. Apart from this course, there are some courses in Udaasii, such as machine learning, etc. They can also see.
  2. EdX’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) course can also be viewed. After learning the basics, there are many resources online to learn. Dare to start with.
  3. Stanford’s AI course outlines, the slides can be found here.
  4. If you have lots of patience, you can see videos made by MIT. Besides, lecture slides can also be downloaded and read. Do not expect more than that to start learning. (create a website)

You can see these for entertainment by studying Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Ex Machina (2015)
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • I, Robot
  • Matrix series
  • Chappie
  • Transcendence
  • The Terminator series
  • Star Trek series
  • Tron series
  • Her (2013)
  • A.I. 

TV series:

  • Person of Interest
  • Human
  • Intelligence
  • Mr. Robot

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