COMPUTER ENGINEERING | What is the work of computer engineers ?

What is computer engineering and why?

Computer engineering is electrotechnology so that the components of electrical engineering and computer science engineering are well-coordinated. Computer engineers have special education and expertise in electronics engineering, software design, and hardware-software consolidation. Computer engineers have contributed in various fields, including computing microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputer designs to circuit designs. These engineering devices and devices play a role in the use of various embedded systems (for example, some embedded computer systems use different parts of the motor vehicle to control and monitor).

The computer science field is taking a lot of fields in its own right. For example,

computer engineering

In the medical field: diagnosis (x-ray report), high blood pressure diagnosis, blood test, eye operation, caesar, etc.
In the field of agriculture: diagnosis of paddy disease, spraying of chemical fertilizers at low time, cultivating land in an automated manner, etc.
Contact information: Mobile technology, almost everyone knows how much contribution it has. Like – Android phone technology has brought many benefits to our hands.
Construction: In order to bridge the gap between pillar construction, build building design, etc. In the field of chemicals, for the diagnosis and purification of the drug, etc.
Vehicle field: To determine the airspace on the plane, send a rocket to space. Electronics field: Wireless data transmission, creating a signal system, CC camera, mobile, computer, etc.
In the garment industry: Fire informing the fire office automatically when the fire is detected, the design of the clothes, etc. In the case of buy-sell, different dot com, here is dot com, tech shop, bidi, etc.

What is the work of computer engineers

“Computer Engineering” The general functions of computer engineers include software for general and specialized computers, firmware writing for embedded microcontrollers, various VLSI chip designs, different analog sensor designs, various circuit board designs and operating system designs, etc. Computer engineers are suitable for robotics research, which is totally dependent on the digital system for the control of various electrical systems such as motors, communication systems, sensors, etc.

Major Courses

computer engineers


Programming: Computer Science is essentially the first to come into programming. Programming is the way to talk to the computer, making a fooled computer work with it arbitrarily. Since the computer does not understand the language of the person, it is understood to be in a special language, which is called programming language. It is possible to learn software programming, make websites as well as solve mathematical problems, to determine the direction of the rocket, quantum mechanics can be researched, possible DNA analysis. In essence, the knowledge of programming is the superpowers of the modern age by which it is possible to control the world. (computer science engineering)

Algorithm: Do you know how many millions of websites to find useful data in the eyes of the eyes? How to find millions of terabytes of the DNA sequence is the secret of life. This kind of problem-solving is started in the algorithm course. The algorithm is the different steps to solve a problem. Algorithm courses are basically taught in Problem Solving Techniques. Here are some of the ways to solve problems on the computer and spend less time on the computer. (computer science engineering)

Data Structure: How does Facebook store so much information? There is a problem finding quickly in a random way, so there are some techniques to save data. Keeping the papers on the drawers is easy to find, as well as following some specific structures, saving data, it is easy to find the time. These are conceptualized in the data structure course. (computer science engineering)

Mathematics: Students in computer science need to know better mathematics. The reason is not clear to everyone. Mathematics is needed to determine how well they work when designing new algorithms or data structures. One problem can be solved in many ways, which method is best, which will work less in less memory. For these calculations, knowledge of mathematics is very important. In mathematics, it is necessary to know mainly combinatorics, probability, number theory, geometry, and linear algebra, calculus, etc. (computer science engineering)

Operating system and system programming: Here’s how the operating system works. But it does not mean that Windows is taught to run! Here’s what the internal structure of the operating system teaches. If 10 computers are done simultaneously, the operating system has to create special schedules for 10 work, they are taught here. Then, two programmers wanted to use the printer at the same time, who would be able to learn who would be able to do such resource management tasks. (computer science engineering)

Database: Websites or large software keep huge data inside the “database“. This course is about how to keep data in the database, how to get data from it etc. (computer science engineering)

Artificial Intelligence (AI): It is understood by the name that this course is a very popular topic for the thesis. How to work with robots, the game’s characters themselves decide, how the computer plays chess, all of these kinds of interesting interactive AI topics include AI. Programming these techniques is also done in the lab. You can learn great things like neural networks, genetic algorithms. (computer science engineering)

Compiler: The compiler’s work in plain language translates into a programming language so that the hardware can understand it. Compiler Course, How to Work Programming Language, How to Create Your Own Programming Language Instructions in a programming language are taught here on how computers work with machine codes. (computer science engineering)

Graphics: We see such beautiful graphics in computer games or animated movies, behind them a lot of mathematical theory. For example, lighting in the games, how to make shedding realistic, there are many theories behind it. There is a lot of geometry needed here. For example, if a 3-D box rotates 45 degrees, the co-ordinates will be changed and these calculations are to be done here and according to the graphical program written in the lab, so the learning is not limited to the memo. If you have learned the curve of the straight line, you can stay in college, learn how to create a graphic using them. (computer science engineering)

Networking: How to connect to a computer with more than 10 computers, how the internet works, how to send data packets to the network and receipts on the other side are taught. Network securities are also included in this topic. Learn about LAN, DNS server, IPv-6, cryptography, etc. (computer science engineering)

Distributed systems: Large tasks that require lots of memory, energy, and many computers work together in those tasks. Large research is done in this way, many servers work together on websites. This course is about how to design a distributed system. (computer science engineering)

Software Engineering: Modern Software Design Technique is taught on this topic. It’s probably not at all university curriculum. (computer science engineering)

Computer engineering

Now come on some of the hardware related issues. Computer science has taught a lot about hardware. In computer architecture, the basic structure of the computer is taught. How to get information on computer data or “data bus”, PCI differences with AGP, cache memory, etc. are taught. Computers like electrical circuits have special digital circuits, they are taught with the digital system top. Apart from adding different devices, how to communicate with the computer, these are taught in the hardware part.

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