What will be the future technology and future tech in our daily life

What will be the future technology and future tech?

Flying cars, Jetpack or body parts attached to the latter being the Cyborg, science fiction, and it was all our imagination. In the Future all these things add-in technology. But it is not too late, in the next 25 years, we are moving forward to join our daily life. Let’s see them today.

future technology

Flying Car future technology

Waiting for 50 years to see the flying car, then suddenly the project of creating three flying carriages came in front of your eyes. The first one is in Bhahane, the Airbus company started their project with battery-powered and only one seat flying car. It can fly without a runway. The time of the flight will open its wings and it will show it like a normal car when driving on the road. The second project of the flying carrier is to work as a taxi in Dubai, to avoid traffic jams in the UAE. These two-seat flying cars are two seats and fully adjustable. Within 30 minutes, we can go to any head of Dubai city with these wandering catchers.

But if you really want to get the taste of science fighter flying cars, you have to fly in Israel. These flying cars made by Urban Aeronautics fan crafts do not have any wings, even helicopters do not have any rotor. It was possible only through the helicopter before it was raised vertically, but it would also be possible due to its remarkable aerodynamic design. The light but the extremely strong engine of 160 km / h faster than you can navigate rides the future technology.

JetPack future technology

Want to fly in the sky like birds? Want to roam the sky as you wish? New York’s Martin Aircraft Company is doing research to give you that benefit. This vehicle of a small car is a smaller but extremely strong fan instead of a jet engine. You can not help that era fleeing graze for half an hour if you need to use a parachute to come down. It has been successfully tested, but it will take several more years for the public to open.

Cyborg future technology

In many respects, people have already gone on the path to cyborg. Let’s talk about the contact lens, which eliminates the symptoms of hypertrophic. Or the cuckaller implant, which removes the deafness of the ear. Even with artificial limbs, people with physical needs can live a normal life. But the next challenge is to create artificial limbs, through which we can feel everything like normal organs. Facebook, Alon Mask, and the United States defense firm DARPA are on the list to work with artificial brains. Many other organizations have been successful in controlling artificial limbs by installing electrodes in the brain. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh with a paralyzed person’s sensory cortex has been linked to a robotic arm, the hand of the man with the sense of touch is different!

US companies in the US discovered the site Orion seconds device, through which the blind people through the camera has Darsananubhutira. By this, the camera is attached to the brain behind the visual cortex. The Orion device predecessor ‘Argus II’ could help blind people see white-black images. Even with the Orion device, it is possible to have a colorful view, but its power is very weak. But the project’s chief Dr. Greenberg hopes, in the next 20 years, blind people can be seen as normal people. Maybe even more, where zoom-out will be possible with the help of the camera.

Robot Khansama future technology

Do you believe that when artificial intelligence will become intelligent than human beings in our daily life, then these problems can be solved easily break out, or it will destroy mankind? Whatever happens, AI is going to bring a revolutionary change in the world soon. But we still could not make a robot that made a cup of tea that would rise above the stairs and serve it to us.

It is true that AI chess, cubes or other minor mathematical problem-solving Rubik Asia have already exceeded the woods, but we do this, “like Mejia (Artificial General Intelligence) can be converted on the robot will be able to think like humans? Where the robots can use language as a human being, can think complex, cope with the new environment, and understand the human emotion in this materialistic world?

A person who thinks that, yes, we can. He became Professor Jürgen smidahubara, who has discovered Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), which was created through the use of Google Voice, like Amazon Echo the future technology. Smidahubara expressed the hope that within the next 5 years to improve the Neural Net like edifice can be converted to the same people, but that will have to wait until 2050.

Quantum computers future technology

The revolution in the world of electronic discovery begins IC chip, the size has to be smaller, cheaper and more powerful. To increase its capability, it is being researched ‘Quote Bit’. Caltech scientists have already achieved success in quantum computing by storing data using light. Only one photon is tied in the equivalent memory of red blood cells, the quantum chip discovery is a matter of time now. But creating Quantum Computer for the public is still a matter of a few eras.

3D hologram future technology

What we can understand with 3D hologram is that the two-dimensional images created using laser lights are three-dimensional images. We can easily create these 3D holograms by using some kits at home. But now the scientists are talking about 3D hologram, the 3D hologram and this 3D hologram is not one. We talked about 3D holograms that they are small, in small light, and not touched by hands. But now scientists are thinking of creating 3D holograms, we can see them in normal light, touch them if needed, and move from one place to another.

For instance, in Microsoft’s Halen’s words Here, in the vicinity of the glass, different artifacts are presented before the person’s eyes, which makes the person feel real and can control them through its movements. Many other companies including Microsoft are currently working on this project, and each one’s main goal is to realize these histograms in real-time with the real-time realm of real-time, with the real-time realm of real-time realizations. As noted in the Tom Cruise Minority report, working in the house thousands of miles away from work!

However, there is no way to get so happy with such a hurry, the reality has not yet reached us in the form of transforming this fiction. There is still a lot of ways to go with this 3D hologram. The laser ray has always been used to create holograms before, but technicians at the University of Munich researchers are now using microwave radios emitted from powerful WiFi router to create halogens. Since the WiFi can penetrate the walls and enter the other room, they think it’s easy to see what’s going on inside from the inside of the house!

Mind-reading machine future technology

Mind readings have so far been seen only in science fiction, but waiting times are going to end soon. Carnegie Mellon University’s psychologist and professor Marcel Just and his team have been working on creating a Mind Reading Machine for a long time. For this reason, they are using fMRI or functional magnetic resonance imaging in the brain.

When we talk or think about anything, our brain then exhibits different patterns. Using the fMRI, we can extract those patterns and analyze them and find out what’s going on in our brain. He said, “Each of us works the same way, even if we are a different language, a machine built for understanding the mind of an English language user can understand the mind and heart of a man.”

But in their opinion, there are some complications. Patterns are almost the same for the terms of near meaning in the patterns that are available with fMRI. The same type of signal is available for such sentences as ‘I’m angry’ or ‘I’m bored.’ As a result, it is difficult to retrieve the sentence accurately. Therefore, one of their teams is working using the EEG machine to overcome this problem, which can be cost-effective and work efficiently from FMRI. Just and his team are optimistic, not 10 years, but within two years they can announce the end of their project and give a mind readings machine to the world.

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