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What is hacking? the hacker news – learn How to Hack

“Hacker”-Hacking is the ability to identify weaknesses in computer systems or networks and gain access by using its weaknesses. Hacking is illegal to access to computers or computer networks. We mean hacking website hacking. But hacking is not limited to hacking websites. Hacking maybe someone’s personal computer, web server, mobile phone, London phone, wireless network, WiFi network, electronic device, and much more !! Generally, hackers usually get these machines, computers, devices, and network errors. Then hack using the error. But in most cases using good programming knowledge, or using hacked programs, hacks them. That means those who make hackers are very mind-boggling and a lot of fun.

If you say simple words, think you are watching TV on your home and remote is by someone else whom you do not know, where or who does not even know. He can change the channel whenever he wishes, as well as the control of the television and has gone into his hands. Here television is a website and that person is a hacker.

If I say a little more

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Hackers are skilled computer experts using their technical knowledge to solve any problem.

When we hear the word hacker, we have a kind of negative attitude. Hackers mean bad, they harm people, try to destroy millions of information from different organizations and try to waste money.

But in the developed world hacking means an industry. In a short time, it is called hacking to solve any problem.

Hacking: In the 1950s and 1960s, M.I.T. Engineers introduced the first hacking word. It is basically started to break the coding of the Mainframe Computer and just for fun. In the next decade, some unrighteous hackers started hacking mobile phones for unethical purposes! Calling on the phone was called Phreaker and the process is called Phreaking. They used to hack various telecommunication systems and use them for their own needs. Hacker’s identity: The person who practices hacking

is called a hacker. They know all data including the system structure, operation, how it works, which will be hacking the system.

Types of Hack:

Hackers are usually identified with a hat. There are people in these three types of good, middle and degraded people. Hackers have also been divided into three categories considering rules and procedures.
White Hat Hacker
Gray Hat Hacker
Black Hat Hacker
White hat hacker’s identity
Hackers who use their hacking tactics for good purposes are usually called white hat hackers. White Hat Hacker raises a network error, warns the owner or company about it quickly. White Hat Hacker is a bank, big companies, and provides cybersecurity to the organization. The main responsibility of white hat hackers is to ensure all types of cybersecurity in the system and network.

The identity of the gray hacker

Gray hat hackers can be compared to people who use it. They can do well or they can also do bad. When they remove errors in a security system, they will act like their mind. He will do what he wants at that time. If he wishes, he can give errors or even destroy the security system owner. You can use it for your own sake. These types of Hackers fall into the category of Gray Hat Hackaara.

Black Hat Hacker’s Identity

These are the most terrible hackers. When they find errors in a security system, they quickly use that error for their own sake. That system is broken. Different viruses spread. Keeping the way in which it can enter the future itself again. Above all, the sub-system under which the system tries to access it. This is the reason that most cybercrime is created and the virus is created by the anti-virus virus on the Internet.

Hikers are very intelligent, it is well known or everyone knows. In a very good hacker life, no bad hacking has done. But they did a hacking to trap or get rid of someone. Then you put him in the above category? He is also Grey Hat Hacker because his hacking depends on his wish or thought.

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Let’s introduce you to a few types of people below

Anarchists are those hackers who prefer to break different computer security systems or any other system. They work to find opportunities for any target.

Many times the harmful hacker is called a cracker. Bad hackers are crackers. Their hobby or profession is broken by multiple passwords and creating Trojan Horses and making other harmful software. Harmful software is called Warez. They use this harmful software for their own use or sell their own profits.

Script kiddies:
They are not real heroes. There is no real knowledge of hacking. They hacked using various Warez, hacking tools.

Hackers make hacking in many ways. In it, we will discuss a few types of hacking

We all know something about pissing. I am sharing some links below and reading these will know better and protect yourself from pissing.

Denial of Service attack:
Denial of Service attack DoS Attack is a process where hackers lose access to a network without getting any access to it. Increases the net connection or router tariffs at DoS Attack.

Trojan Horses:
Trojan Horses is a program that destroys other programs. It’s all known as Virus. Using trojan horses, the other programs can easily get rid of passwords or other information related to hackers by hackers.

Back Doors:
Back Doors finds out which systems the hackers use. Back Doors are administrative easy roads, configuration mistakes, easy-to-understand passwords, and unsaved dial-up connections. These are the errors of computers with the help of computers. Apart from these and using other weak places, no network can be used.

Rogue Access Points:
Hackers use Rogue Access Points to access a wireless network.

There are also many ways hackers can hack what you can learn slowly.


Why do they hacking? hacker news

Hacking is a type of cybercrime, and companies spend billions of dollars every year to prevent these crimes. They need skilled hackers. To prevent people’s disease or to destroy the virus, such as another virus is needed to make antibiotics. In the same way, another skilled hacker needs to be protected from a dishonest hacker.

Is hacking done just for bad purposes or is it used in good work?
In reply to this, I would say, where U. Korea, Russia, and America are employing hackers to spend millions of taka to prevent hacking of powerful countries in IT, where Bangladesh uses underdeveloped technology in important places like Bangladesh Bank. The result was $ 951 million stolen. Sufficient to build a Padma bridge in Bangladeshi money. Hackers can be divided into categories according to their type of work-

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime in the developed world has been ranked top in the list of crimes. The new law has been made, it has been punished.

Cybercrime is different –

Firstly hacking, then virus attack, spread malware.

Harassing someone personal, looting, propaganda, threatening using another person’s name.

Cracking includes a number of important information, such as credit card information, and money-embezzlement from online banks, including cybercrime.


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