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I have personally seen, there is a great curiosity on the people of Darknet or the Dark Web, a year ago, I published an article on the “hidden section of the Internet” – and seeing your reaction there was a lot of awareness in everybody about this. And now you will see the article on TV news, newspaper, and millions of times on the internet. The Internet is really a curious place, and since many people say this section of the Internet is banned, we are more interested in visiting it. In fact, my own interest in this matter is not less, and I have done some research from that interest, where I have made some clear answers to some questions!

So, is the Darknet really a heaven for the hackers? Can you really do whatever you want, or are the NSA or the FBI looking at your activities there too? Is it really illegal? If you are a real tech mom, surely the answer to these questions is no less than finding a gold mine. In this article, I tried to cover the whole thing clearly.

Darknet definition

The first thing that needs to be understood to understand about the Darknet or Dark Web is “Invisible Web” – You know, there are two parts of the Internet, it’s the Surface Web or the Visible Web and another invisible web. You may be stunned to know, a huge amount of internet data is not actually seen in search engines. You can not even enter that URL by entering the normal URL or dotless domain. If you talk, how big is this hidden data on the internet, so the answer will be thousands of times bigger than the WEB web? Anyway, in this article, I have shared a lot of knowledge in this article, now let’s come back to the main topic. Then, in a way, the part of the Internet that we do not have access to, and search engines can not even index the data, it’s the invisible web.


How Hacker use This Dark Net

Now the question is, how much is the relation between Invisible Web with Dark Web See, the invisible web is the entire region of the Internet that can not be easily or inaccessible, and the Dark Web also hides, so Dark Knight is just a small part of this invisible web. Although two things are almost the same, there is a difference between them. If you have placed any data in Google Drive, then a search engine will not be able to index it, or it will not be able to access it by link, as long as it has permission for anyone. So here’s your data in Invisible Web. But remember now, you have built a site that requires special addresses and special web browsers to enter and there you are doing some illegal work, so it is in the invisible web, but actually goes to the darknet section.

Darknet is basically a small part of the Deep Web which is used to perform various types of illegal activities. Illegal drug trading, illegal tool trading, hitting Hitman to kill someone, even working for renting a cybercriminal or black hat hacker here. If it comes to the validity or illegality of the word, then the web site or the web is valid, if the bad side is omitted, then to protect your privacy, the best place this web. But the Dark Web or Darknet is totally illegal! But is it also illegal to visit? Let’s try to find the answer from the paragraph below.

How to access the Darknet?

Reading this article, that means, sure enough, Google search or the search engine of any web site will not be able to enter you on the Dark Web. There is no scope to go into the Dark Web in the wrong way, as long as I do not try to go there. The Dark Web is usually accessed using a special protocol, where the Deep Web may be a bit like a Surface web but access permissions (username/password) may be necessary. By typing the traditional URL and accessing the darknet from the common browser, you must use a special web browser client to access this area, and many also know the name, “The Union Router” which is called Tor Browser.

Use Tor Browser for Access the DarkNet

Tor browser basically does two things:

  • Firstly you or any user connects to the web web site with the subset network Dark Web.
  • Secondly, your connection is cross-connected with different servers of the world and in each part, encrypted data is encrypted and sent to the main server.

As a result of this process, your ID will be hidden, and this is the main cardinal of the headline.

dark net

But to keep things in mind: First of all, you have downloaded Tor browser to visit the Dark Web, this does not mean that you are planning to do something illegal, this browser is completely valid, downloading or installing the police will not catch you. Many people use their VPN as a substitute in Tor Network to protect their privacy. And in this case, it is a very useful tool. The second thing is, you’re using Tor, it does not guarantee, you can not trace it. Although using this tool will make you traceable difficult, but it is not impressive. Keep in mind that downloading or using this tool is certainly not illegal, many say it is illegal to use Tor, or it’s not right. You can of course download and use it in curiosity. But since then it will start to become invalid when you enter the Dark Web and do any illegal activity. Until then, it is a fully valid tool. Hopefully, I have been able to explain it clearly.

Who uses Dark Web or Dark Net and why?

If it is realistic to see the whole Dark Web is not illegal but it is not illegal. Yes, it is a very secure place, it is very difficult to trace the details of the website or visitor’s website, and this is why there is an illegal chat. But if you see another, then the darknet does not look so bad. Think about the Criminal News reporter, whose news coverage has to keep in touch with the various criminals, and some data is transmitted to them, for which the Surfaces Web is never safe, Dark Web is a very secure place for them.

For example, it can be assumed that the Silk Road, Silk Road was the biggest market place in the Darknet which was closed in 2013. Illegal drugs were sold at this market place, it was totally out of the law, but the daily work items were also sold, in which there was no illegality. Although it is currently closed before the closing, it has traded more than 1 billion worth of goods. Actually, what you’re doing in Darknets is that you’re legitimate or invalid. If you buy some illegal things with Bitcoin from Silk Road Market or try to access an illegal image or document, which may become public, then there is a loss of that person, of course, you are doing illegal work here. But when a journalist communicates with your source or if your privacy is not broken, then if you use the Darknet it is not illegal.

It has two backs, as well as the Dark Web and Tor network both good and black. It is legal or illegal that you are there, depending on your usage. Hopefully, you have succeeded in reading this article, you have tried to clear all the issues here.

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