How To Make Money On YouTube-You Must Need To Know In 2022

How much money can you Make on Youtube In 2022

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. It’s tough to discover a single person who isn’t familiar with this video-sharing platform YouTube. The use of YouTube is unique in almost every kind of work, from teaching to learning. Now this is one of the most famous platforms to make money on YouTube

Suppose tomorrow is your Exam. Don’t you like reading? Tutorials on that topic can be seen on YouTube.

Or a cultural event in the school. Teachers have said that wearing a sari is compulsory. But how to wear saree? No worries! There is YouTube.YouTube is helping us like Aladdin’s monster in our day-to-day needs.

The example of successful YouTubers comes first. Many celebrities are roaming the YouTube world using their skills and abilities on YouTube.

Well, never came to the head of the video uploads to YouTube, where is the profit? Yes! There is certainly a profit. There is a famous proverb in English “If not good at something, never do it for free”. Therefore you can understand that not a single person uploads videos to YouTube for free. Of course, there are profits behind this. According to a survey of 28, Ryan’s only child, who is just 5 years old, owns the US $ 22 million by showing toy reviews on YouTube. Then In the second place, the person named Jake Paul, a young man with an income of 21.5 million.

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How much do YouTubers Make YouTube?

Sure!!! But the way to make money from YouTube may not be known. It sounds complicated, but not so complicated. Today we will learn how to make money from YouTube very easily.

1. Need to know how do you make money on YouTube:

Each company adheres to its own rules and regulations. YouTube is no exception. To make money on YouTube, you must have a good idea about YouTube’s rules and regulations. YouTube will not accept videos of any kind that are controversial, such as religious, political or personal injury, or offensive or obscene material, infringement of copyrighted material, etc. Therefore, before opening a channel on YouTube, it is best to know about YouTube and to comply with its policies.

2. YouTube channel opened:

The question may become that “How can I open an account on this YouTube platform?

Very easy! First, create a Gmail account. With your exact name, age and phone number. Login to YouTube with this account. There you will find ‘Create Channel’. Create your own channel through it. Now add a good profile picture and cover photo. And upload any footage you create with your own camera. Diameter, 5 percent of the work was created in Nisei.

3. Field Definition:

This is very important in terms of make money on YouTube.

It depends on a person’s skills, hobbies or interests. Whether a person likes to make such videos or if he or she will lack new ideas in making such videos in the future, things should be taken into account.

You might know a good dance but nobody knows it except your family members? Do not delay the world now!

Again it was observed that one reads his younger brother or sister in the evening every day and they come to him for fun. Here they discourse about different types of talk, murder, fun, etc. He can highlight these beautiful moments through YouTube.

how to make money on YouTube

Love reading books or watching movies? Excellent! You can make funny reviews of these.Do you know how to make great makeup? Whenever there is a ceremony in the neighborhood, everyone comes to dress you? The diameter is gone! Instantly create a tutorial video. Or you can give makeup product reviews.

Do you have a pet dog or cat and you love him very much? Show people how to love animals.

4. YouTube Monetization:

You must monetize your channel in order to if you want to make money on YouTube.The word monetization comes from monetizing, which means earning money from an asset or business. YouTube monetization means the amount of hard work and talent we earn by uploading videos. That is, YouTube monetization on video, and make money on YouTube, is called YouTube monetization.

Earlier YouTube monetization was very easy. This was done only after the channel was opened. But to avoid some unexpected events, YouTube offers some new policies along with 20. Method of monetization:

Video link:

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube

Let’s take a look at the ways in which we can make money on YouTube.

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Google YouTube AdSense:

To start AdSense you must first apply for AdSense. In this situation, the right information

and data must be given. But, to get AdSense, the channel has to qualify under the 20 guidelines. For example, 4,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch view and that should be within the last 5 years. That is, your YouTube channel must have a minimum of 3,000 subscribers and the watch view on the channel must be at least 3,000 hours. The Gmail you send

You must be 8 years old and your channel must have a channel icon in the Gmail that will apply to AdSense.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing:

There are several business companies that presently sell products online.

For example, there are many other sites like Amazon, Alibaba and you can register. Then they will send you a link that you will give to your YouTube video subscription. You will then receive a commission as a commission from the price of the product that you purchase through this channel link.

YouTube product reviews:

There are presently a number of business companies that offer this facility. Assume that you will give a few seconds a brief about their product details in one of your YouTube videos. In this situation, their product will be promoted through your YouTube video, and they will pay you a good amount of money for this promotion. However, this kind of offers is existing only to quality and high-view video owners.

YouTube sponsorship

Sponsored video only publishes more than you can make money on YouTube Ad or Affiliate Link. In this case, different companies will contact you to make a sponsored video of the product or service on your channel to increase the sales of their product or service and you will be given the product or service. Publish it to YouTube by creating a video outlining its features and benefits Will be on, In this case, your fan follower will be interested to know about the product. In return, the company will pay you a certain amount each month.

However, usually the more popular channels get the benefit of this kind.

Revenue Growth Strategy:

So far we have learned about ways to make money on YouTube. Now let’s know some strategies that we can use to earn more revenue.

Regularly try to upload a new good quality video. Channel viewership will continue to grow.

After uploading the new video, please explain the video below. And Then YouTube can easily get an idea about your video content.

After publishing the video, the video can be shared on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, etc.

You can also link to your video URL on other well-known sites about which you have made videos. It will also get a lot of visitors to your video from there.

Another way is to use the SEO technique. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, SEO is the technique of promoting a website in various search engines, including Google. Effective SEO is careful to be one of the first top ten results after giving a text or video title, description, and tag. And there are some small ways to follow. Such as using certain words repeatedly, using some hashtags, or using common words that people of all categories will use to search.

Lastly, I want to tell you something which plays a vital rule in your YouTube career. But after making the channel, the money does not come in handy. Be very patient and continue to work on your own. And without forgetting that no such video can be shared by hitting YouTube policy.

So guys! For those who have no curiosity to make money on YouTube, start now without delay. And keep in mind that any kind of obstacle will not be solved in danger

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