iphone vs android -Check out what is comparatively advanced!

iPhone vs android -Check out what is comparatively advanced!

Recently, Apple has announced the features of their new iOS 11 and Google and their new Android and Android O features. Together, the two new platforms will be for the modern era of smartphones, the combination of a much more efficient feature than ever before, which will give new experience to the users.
But then the question is, what is the best feature smartphone platform Android and IOS-11? Let’s see, however, a few more details.

In order to answer, we must say that Google’s Android and the best platform of today is compared to Apple IOS-11. Because of the features that Android and Android O are ahead of is-

Any WiFi password can be copied through the camera, which will be a feature of Google Assistant Apps.
Let’s look at some features of two platforms –

Android O Android- and its features:

As a floating thumbnail, the video or Google map can be shrugged, so that you can also look at other things, including the feature called Picture in Picture.
Auto Selecting for Copy Paste
Multiple speaker musics plays
Google Voice Assistant is a great feature from Apple
WiFi password through copy camera
Easy Voice Reconnaissance
Feature of iOS 11 iOS-11

Payment system apple pay
Multiple speaker audio plays
Indoor Map
New camera feature
All of the above information shows that there are attractive features in both platforms, but if you want to verify then Google’s Android and Voice Reconciliation and Voice Assistant Service is much better than Apple’s IOS-11.

Speaking about the design, Apple has tried to make its interface easier to use than ever before, in the new iOS-11. Together with Gool and their interface, there is a lot of easy change.

IOS has all the new lock screens, then the control center panel has been made more user-friendly.


From Apple to Android, there are certainly a couple of steps ahead in virtual technology. For Google, there are Google DayDream features, tango and technology, and Google’s new standalone headset is announced shortly.

But Apple has announced that they might reveal some new ARKs for the real-time reality technology at the end of this year.

Finally, Apple’s new platform from Apple is really ahead, but Apple’s scope is more attractive for buyers and users, because Apple’s iPhone may have a new look on the occasion of the 10-year anniversary.

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