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Artificial Intelligence is the technology that is being used today in several more instances, with the above two examples. AI is the name of a man who is intelligent, a machine that is known all over the world. In today’s article, there will be details on Artificial Intelligence, how it came to be, why it is needed, how you can make yourself proficient in Artificial Intelligence, where to learn it, its many different things, including its application in Bangladesh!

Ever wondered why spam mail is not stored in your personal mailbox? Why do they have spam folders, how does the mail get that spam mail out of the system – who then submits that mail to the spam folder?

Or if you notice on YouTube or Netflix that you see a video, movie, TV series, they suggest more videos, movies, TV series of the same category. How?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In a word, science and engineering are artificial intelligence, especially computer programs, to give machines the same intelligence as humans.

artificial intelligence

History of Artificial Intelligence –

It may seem that Artificial Intelligence is the discovery of that day. There is no doubt that this field has made tremendous progress in the last 2-5 years, but in fact, AI remains at that level. Various studies have started since then. Work h as begun on how to give machines the ability to think like humans. Before the invention of the computer, the scope of this field has only increased since the invention of the computer. A very specific timeline if I say Artificial

Intelligence is from that Greek time!

However, in the civilized world, the work of Artificial Intelligence began shortly after World War II. English mathematician Alan Turing spoke about AI for the first time in 7. From that time onwards, the scientist started working with Artificial Intelligence on his own initiative.

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Turing test

Alan Turing published an article in Computing Machinery and Intelligence in 3, where he talked about the potential of a machine to achieve human intelligence. His claim was that if a machine can think and perform like a human, then it should be called an intelligent!

He claimed that if the machine could effectively pretend to be a knowledgeable observer to human then you should absolutely consider it intelligent. This test would satisfy most people but not all philosophers. The observer could interact with the machine and a human by teletype (to. Avoid requiring that the machine imitate the appearance or voice of the person), and the human would try to persuade the observer that it was human and the machine would try to fool the observer.

Is it possible to achieve human intelligence with artificial intelligence?

First, how do people learn? He is not all learned at birth? Over time, one gains knowledge through various events flows, exertions, mistakes, and so on. Therefore, it is possible for the machine to learn the same way.

Yes, with artificial intelligence it is possible to achieve the same intelligence as a human!

With Artificial Intelligence, is it possible to encompass the machine’s relationship with the human brain!

Yes! Elon Musk’s NeuralLink is working toward that goal.

However, the machine has not yet mastered human learning itself, it has to be taught!

But in the near future, the machine will start to teach itself. Very possible within five years from today!

What is artificial intelligence

Why is Artificial Intelligence Important?

How important is Artificial Intelligence around the world! Every year, how many big companies/investment firms invest in AI?

In just 20 years, this investment will increase by 5% from 25!

Starting from Google, Apple, Microsoft, all the big companies in the world are refining themselves as AI. From this, it shows how important Artificial Intelligence is.

There are many subsets of AI, that is, Artificial Intelligence is the sum of many complex things. Machine learning is one of them. Deep learning is another subset of machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a simple but meaningful way of extracting a lot of data and figuring out what to do next accordingly. Such as spam email removal systems. This system is taught that it is automatically sent to a spam folder only if there are certain words/patterns in an email. For that reason, the system was initially allowed to read thousands of spam emails and was told that if it was a word it would be a spam mail.

Machine Learning:

It’s like reading tea leaves. Because it’s about identifying arrangements in data in order to guess what comes next. Except it works.”

What is Deep Learning?

As mentioned earlier, deep learning is a subset of machine learning. Through this, a lot of information is given to the system at a time, so that the machine can learn from it and subsequently decide on its own in similar situations.

A lot of information is used to enter a system into a neural network. 2

Deep learning involves feeding a computer system a lot of data, which it can use to make decisions about other data. This data is fed through neural networks, as is the case in machine learning. These networks – logical constructions that ask a series of binary true/false questions, or extract a numerical value, of every bit of data that passes through them, and classify it according to the answers received.

Application of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning?

Real-life Artificial Intelligence

The practical application of machine learning

The practical application of deep learning –

At this moment, surely artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are important.

There has been a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning. Where can I learn how to raise questions naturally? In this age of the Internet, it is not impossible to teach anything. A little patience – regular practice and an interest in knowing.

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