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If you are new and want to create a website, it will be a bit difficult for you to know what kind of web hosting plan best for your WordPress you will use. There are different types of web hosting, and there are some differences, and there is also an effect on the type of site you want to create.

Once you know the details about different types of hosting, you will have a clear idea of ​​what kind of hosting plan you will use for your WordPress site or other sites. In this post, we will learn what the hosting thing is exactly and what the types of hosting are. Also, in the end, you will have to advise on how you can choose a company for hosting. So let’s start…

What is web hosting ??

All the websites of the world are stored on some server. A server is one that delivers the contents of your website to visitors through the web. Simply, hosting is a server computer where all content on your website is stored or hosted.

A hosting provider is a company that controls the server hosting your site. Apart from hosting these companies, you also provide other services such as support, domain registration, custom e-mail address, etc. These companies offer different types of hosting plans, called hosting packages. These packages are of different prices and different packages are provided with different services.

Choosing the best web hosting plan for your WordPress or other website is important. Because the security, capabilities, performance, etc. of your website depends on the hosting server. That means if you miss the wrong hosting service, your site will definitely have a bad effect. If your hosting provider does not support you properly, you will find it difficult to grow your site.

best hosting plan for wordpress

What kind of hosting plan Best for your website or WordPress?

The following five things to keep in mind when you are going to cheat a hosting plan or cheat your hosting provider. First, make sure you have all the benefits of the plan. For example:

  • Whether your website has enough storage and can handle your website traffic.
  • Another important aspect of customer service is in hosting providers. When buying a hosting plan, you need to be careful about whether the company has all-time customer support.
  • Whether the server performance is good.
  • Whether the best hosting company has control panel facilities that are easy to use.
  • Finally, you have to worry about the price or the price. Whether your hosting provider is offering the best hosting plan at a better price than others for your regular website or WordPress.

What kind of web hosting plan is there?

Whenever we talk about different types of hosting plans we will understand how much storage providers are allocating storage to the server. Below we will discuss the best hosting plan for WordPress and their benefits.

1. Shared Hosting for New and Small Websites

In this type of hosting, your website will share its server with other users. The biggest benefit of this type of hosting plan is that it is available at a very low cost for WordPress /another website. Therefore, resource and storage space will be less available in this type of hosting.

In this type of hosting, your hosting provider will manage your server on a shared plan. So you do not have to take any tension on the technical issues of the hosting site. If you are not experienced in managing a website then shared hosting is the best plan for your WordPress website.

On the other hand, other websites are also hosted on a shared server, which may affect your website’s impact. Your website may be infected with various malware attacks. Moreover, if other websites read more traffic then your shared server is likely to be overloaded.

Moreover, if other websites on your server are blacklisted for spam or anything else, your site may be penalized for this. Therefore, shared hosting is not suitable for any business or online store or large website. The shared hosting plan will be the best for new and very small WordPress websites.

However, if you are brand new and want to manage your own website, a shared hosting plan will be the best solution for your normal or WordPress website. Because you can launch a website with very little investment. You can check out our ExcelNode Shared Hosting from here.

2. Dedicated Hosting plan for High-Traffic Professional Sites

Dedicated hosting is the exact reverse of shared hosting. In this type of hosting you will find a server where only your website is hosted. In this case, your website will not have any problem with other websites.

But the problem is with its pricing. This kind of hosting costs a lot, up to $ 1000 per month. Dedicated hosting is foolish if you are running a small website. A dedicated hosting plan is the best for large business sites, professional website or big WordPress sites.

Moreover, a dedicated hosting plan will require you to maintain your own website or WordPress. So as long as your website is growing enough, and you cannot maintain your own website, do not miss dedicated hosting. This kind of hosting will be great for high traffic and professional websites.

In ExcelNode you get dedicated hosting with sufficient storage space that can handle websites of any size. Moreover, all-time support and managed benefits are available. So you do not have to worry about maintenance.

3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting for Websites That Are Growing

If you feel like a shared hosting risk, then dedicated hosting seems more expensive then VPS hosting plan is best is for your normal or WordPress website. This type of hosting allows you to share your server with other websites, but in this case, there will be separate virtual space allocated for each website.

For VPS hosting, the server will not be overloaded for other websites on the server. Because in this case there will be separate space for each website. Since it is a shared hosting service, its price is much lower than dedicated hosting.

Best Hosting Service You can get VPS hosting from ExcelNode. Our VPS Hosting Plan can handle unlimited traffic. When your website needs more storage, you can easily upgrade. Moreover, the security and performance of your website are still there.

4. Managed WordPress Hosting for Simplified Maintenance

If you are a WordPress user, you do not have to worry about whether your server is secure and up to date. You yourself have to manage the security of your site and manage core updates for WordPress. So hosting a managed WordPress can make all the tasks easier.

Due to the popularity of WordPress, many hosting providers offer some special plan and offers. For example WordPress Update, Additional Security, Automatic Backup, etc. Even many hosting providers already pre-install WordPress.

These types of hosting packages are shared, dedicated and useful for VPS servers.

5. Other web Hosting Services for Specific Purposes

In addition to the above popular hosting plans, there are some specialized hosting services. For example – cloud hosting, e-mail hosting, etc. Cloud hosting is becoming increasingly popular among these. Cloud hosting allows you to host your website on multiple servers at once.

Best web hosting company for your website !!

In this article, we know the details of what hosting is and what types of hosting plans are available. And which hosting plan is best for your regular website or WordPress website.

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