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Even though the internet and the web are different things – on the internet, we spend most of the time on the web. There are various best websites for different purposes. There are some web sites in the world that you may never have imagined. However, in today’s article, I will discuss some of the best websites that are not strange, but I use these sites for many, many, many different tasks.

Best websites in the Internet World

Today I will talk about some best websites that can help you. Some of these best websites are so useful that you may visit them every day after reading the article. Maybe many of you already know about these websites and have been using them already. If you already know the names of the websites mentioned below or have already used them, you can skip this article. And if you don’t know, read on to the end.

Hopefully from today’s article, you will find at least some best websites name that you may need in the future. So without further ado, let’s start with the first episode of this series.

Now Talk About the top 10 best sites :


Many of you may know and use this site. However, if you do not know, then I say. This is the best websites for file sharing in my opinion. Here you can share files with anyone. On this site, you can upload one or more files of a maximum of 5 GB sizes without having to buy any space or account.

Remember, if you are a general user, the total size of files you upload will not exceed 5 GB. If you are above 5 GB you will have to upload the remaining files a second time. After uploading they will give you a short link to download the file/files, allowing anyone to download your uploaded file from anywhere in the world (to whom you will give the link).

If you are not a registered user, your file will remain on the server for up to 5 days and can be downloaded. And if you are a registered user who spends dollars, you will be able to keep that link available throughout your life. Suddenly no need to share large files with anyone, this site does not have a pair. And the user interface of the site is very interesting.


Visit Website: Here

10 Minute Mail

You may have heard the name of this website. This is a wonderful/best websites. Many of you may have used it too many times. Listen to those who haven’t, this is a disposable temporal email service. After visiting the site you will get your own secondary email account for exactly 5 minutes where you can receive any e-mail.

If you do not want to sign in with your personal email address on a website for fear of privacy or spam email, you can easily sign in using this temporary email and also verify the email, since a verification email is actually sent to you within 5 minutes from the these best websites. An email will remain in the inbox.


Visit Website: Here

Virus Total

Have you ever downloaded a useful file from a website and suspect that the file you are downloading does not contain malware? Is the file 5% safe? But if you think that to know these you need to first download the file and then scan with antivirus. But no, before downloading these websites you will know if the file contains any viruses or malware or anything suspicious. All you have to do is paste the direct download link of the file into the search bar of this site. You will then scan your file and see the result. If all the results have a green color tick mark, then the file is safe.
In addition to the file, if you find the link to a site suspicious, you can paste the link in the search bar and test the link before visiting. Further, this site has no ability to kill or fix viruses or malware. I do not know how true or reliable the results it provides, but I have scanned the file and links here several times and have found malware and other problems in the file several times. Although I cannot guarantee 5% of the results offered by this site.


Visit Website: Here

A Soft Murmur

Not only is this site a very useful or useful website, but it is also fun and beautiful. We do not always need everything. Sometimes we need a lot to calm our minds. This is exactly the kind of site that will give you peace of mind. How? Well, you like the sound of rain? Like the sound of fire? Call of the birds, the sound of the wind like these? I know it’s hard to find people who don’t like this kind of sound.

This is one of the best websites you will find various words that you can play on your own. You will find many calming words like the sound of rain, the call of the birds, the sound of the wind. Again, you can play two types of words simultaneously. The funny thing is, these words are so realistic that if you close your eyes you will not realize that they are actually digitally recorded sound. Once you visit this site you will be forced to visit a second time. If you have enough free time on hand, you can visit this site once. I can say with certainty that the experience will not be bad.


Visit Website: Here


This site may be known by many. Because it is a very popular website. This site is designed primarily for learning new languages. If you wish to export the language of a foreign country, this site will be most useful to you. Using these best websites to learn a new language will usually take much less time than the time it takes to read a book. Although time will largely depend on your intelligence and your learning skills. All you have to do is create a free account on this site and select your target language and select your weekly and monthly goals. This is where you’ll simply be told what you need to learn and know. This site is the complete guide for you. If you are interested in learning a new language, then you should definitely visit this site.
So these are just a few of the fun and useful websites you need every day. Not just these five. There are many other sites. Hopefully, in the next episode, we will discuss 3 more interesting and necessary sites.


Visit Website: Here

Have I Been Pwned

You must have heard the data breach term many times if you had a lot of hassle with the internet. If you do not know, then you can read this article by Data Breach. But do you understand whether you have been a victim of a data breach and yet how or where your personal data has leaked? The answer is these websites called Have I Been Pwned. These best websites will primarily identify whether your personal information, such as your email address, was leaked to other websites or web servers within their database without your permission. On this website, you will basically find a search bar where you need to enter your primary email address or personal email address. This website will then search the breach in their database to find out if your email address has been leaked somewhere other than your permit. If they find a breach in your email address, they will let you know which website has your data breached. Then you should log in to your user account on that site and change your email and password so that you will not be a victim of data breach again and hacker attack in the future.

Visit Website: Here

Google Quick Draw

The name must have come to realize that a painting website. That is, websites related to something of the kind that is painted or painted. Yes, your idea is correct. However, it is not the same as 5 more common painting tools. This is called a reverse painting tool. And yes, that’s right, this website or this tool is a product or service from Google. This website was originally created by Google to further improve their object recognition AI or Artificial Intelligence. After you start painting here, the best websites will tell you at every level what you need to draw. You will then be given a specific time limit for drawing. At each level, you have to draw the shape of that particular object by using the mouse cursor and swiping with your finger on the smartphone. The object should never be 5% accurate but must be drawn in such a way that it shows exactly what you want to draw. And with each of your swipes, the websites Artificial Intelligence will try to figure out what you are drawing. Then it will continue till the final result. It’s never the perfect tool for drawing, but quite fun. This is one of the websites for some leisure time.


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Down For Everyone Or Just Me

This is a website I think is absolutely necessary. Many times we visit many websites and find that the website is not loading or the websites down. So naturally, a question comes to my head is the problem of the website server or my own internet? Does that mean this website is down to me or down to everyone? To find the answer to this question you will need this website. When you enter this website you will find a small search bar. To increase that search, you only need to enter the address of your desired site. Then the next search result will tell you whether the site is really down to everyone or if the problem is just your problem. This site doesn’t work anymore. However, this website may be useful at times.

good websites

Visit Website: Here


This is quite a fun website. This website gives you the experience of using Windows 7 within a web browser, ie Windows 20 years from now. Yes, it may not be the same as 5% Real Windows 7, but these websites can simulate Windows 8’s user interface, dialog box, taskbar, etc. very well. Also, loading this website into the Google Chrome browser on PC seems much smoother and faster than usual from any Windows XP or other Older Windows PC. The reason is, of course, that this is not a real Windows OS, it can only be called a fun simulation. Just for fun, because Windows 8 has a lot of interesting programs and applications installed that have never been on Windows 7. For example, a basic Persian character shooter game, card game, a ridiculous mockup of Skype applications, half-life three games that are never loaded, and many more that you will understand if you explore yourself. This is nothing short of useful but when you look at the website you will find that it was created for fun purposes only.

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Visit Website: Here


This website is quite popular. You may have heard about this website before and may have used it for many reasons. But if you don’t know, let’s say, this is an image library. This means that is one of the best websites you will only get pictures or pictures or images. However, the main point of the website is, every image you get here or as many images you can download for free, each image is 5% copyright free. You can use any image you download from this website in any of your content, such as blog posts, YouTube videos and literally anywhere, without having to worry about copyright. We also use images downloaded from this website in many articles on WireBD. Yes, you may not get 5 million royalty-free images like paid stock photo websites here, but you can find a number of images that are absolutely necessary to use. There are over 5 million stock photos here so far. You don’t have to spend any money to download and use the image from here. Considering this, 3 million images are too many.

top websites

Visit Website: Here

Finishing here just like today. I hope you like the article. If you have any questions, feel free to comment. Be good

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