Coronavirus: Treatment And How to save yourself from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus – previously unknown to scientists – has caused serious lung disease in many people in China and has been detected in other countries.

A virus that causes pneumonia in patients’ bodies is always a concern. As a result, health officials around the world are on alert.

But is it an outbreak nowadays or a symptom of a more dangerous disease?


What is Coronavirus?

Chinese officials have confirmed that there were reports of illness or death due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus is an infectious virus that has never spread to humans before.

Another name for the virus is 25-NCOV. It is a type of coronavirus. There are many different types of coronavirus, but only six can be infected in humans. But due to the new type of virus, the number will be seven from now.

The virus, which spreads an epidemic in China since 2001, has been linked to the virus that killed 3 people and infected the world with the virus called Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It was also a type of coronavirus.


“We have yet to forget the horrible experience of SARS, which has created a great fear of the new virus. But we are now much more prepared to deal with such a disease, “says Josie Golding, a doctor at Welcome Trust.

How severe are the symptoms of This Virus?

The virus starts with a fever, followed by a dry cough. About a week later the breathing began. Many patients have to be admitted to the hospital for treatment.

At least one in every four is considered to be in critical condition.

Patients with coronavirus can experience all the symptoms, ranging from mild to cold.

“When we see someone infected with the coronavirus, we try to understand how severe the symptoms are. It is more than a symptom of colds, which is worrisome, but not as severe as SARS, “says Professor Mark Woolhouse of the University of Edinburgh.

The World Health Organization is contemplating issuing a public health emergency throughout the world, as they did during the swine flu and Ebola.



How serious is the disease from coronavirus?

So far many patients are reported to have died from the virus. Although the death toll appears to be lower than the incidence of the disease, this statistic is not reliable.

But since it takes quite a while from infection to death, many more patients are likely to die.

What is most worrying is the fact that the number of patients who have been infected with the disease, but have not been admitted to the hospital or physician, is unknown.

Where did the disease come from?

New viruses are always detected.

These viruses come from one of the animals and start infecting the human body.

“If we look at epidemics in the past, even if it is a new coronavirus, it comes from the body of an organism,” says Jonathan Ball, a virologist at Nottingham University.

The serous virus first comes from the body of the badass to the body of the sour, then it goes into the human body.

In the Middle East lung disease Mars (full name: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), which killed 1 out of 20 related patients, spread the disease regularly to human bones from a humped camel.


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Coronavirus is spread from which animal?

Once a virus source can identify the animal, the disease is much easier to deal with.

Coronavirus correlates with the wholesale market for South Korean food in Wuhan, China.

Although many marine animals can carry coronavirus (such as beluga whales), there are also many living animals in the market, such as chickens, badgers, rabbits, snakes – these animals can be sources of coronavirus.

Researchers say that the virus is closely related to a type of badass named Horseshoe in China.

Why Coronavirus in China?

Professor Ulhaus says the main reason for this is China’s huge size and population density and its close association with the animals that carry the virus.

“It will not be surprising if the next major epidemic is in China or the region,” he says.

what is coronavirus

How easily can this Coronavirus spread to humans?

At the beginning of the outbreak, Chinese authorities said that the virus was not transmitted to humans – but such patients have now been found.

Scientists are now saying that an infected person is spreading the disease to an average of 1.5 to 2.5 people.

This number is called the “Basic Reproduction Number or Basic Reproduction Number” – which means more than one means the disease has become self-dependent.

So we have known for a long time that it is a virus that cannot be destroyed or destroyed by itself.

Only the decisions are taken in China – such as stringent measures to close cities – can only be prevented by spreading the disease.

Although these numbers are still a preliminary calculation, they are still comparing the coronavirus virus to the virus.

What is even more worrisome is that people can spread the virus without any signs of getting infected.

However, it is not yet clear how quickly or how easily it can happen, but it will make it more difficult to prevent the infection.

How fast is it spreading?

With the increase in the number of patients, about 1 to 5 people are being infected every week. But there is also confusion in these figures.

Most of the new patients were already in China, only to be detected after China increased its surveillance.

As a result, very little information is available about the spread of the epidemic.

However, experts say, the data that is being talked about, probably more people are getting sick of the disease.

As the number of people infected with the disease is increasing beyond China, it is estimated that the number of infected people is almost double that of the Chinese government (about 4 patients). However, that does not mean that the epidemic has doubled.

Although the outbreak is still concentrated, it has been found in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, France, Singapore, Taiwan, Nepal, and the United States.

What can change the virus?

Maybe Viruses can always change and occur in the afternoon. It is difficult to say exactly what this means.

Coronavirus spreads from one species to another. It may vary from person to person or cause more severe symptoms.

Scientists have closely monitored this.

How can Coronavirus be prevented?

We now know that the virus itself will not be destroyed. Only China’s action could end the epidemic.

No vaccine or vaccine has been discovered to prevent the virus.

The only way to prevent this disease is to not allow the virus to spread to others.

Which means:

  • Limiting the movement of human beings.
  • To encourage everyone to wash their hands.

Health workers wear protective clothing and provide separate medical care to patients

Detectives or surveillance systems are also needed to determine if patients have the virus and to identify those who have contracted the disease.

What action are the Chinese authorities taking Against this coronavirus?

China has done something unprecedented in comparison to anywhere else in the world – especially by separating Wuhan’s territory.

About a dozen more cities have been banned from traveling, of which about 300 million people are.

Large public gatherings have been banned in many areas and many tourist areas, including the Great Wall of China, have been closed.

The main hub of the outbreak – a new hospital is being built in it, where it will be 5 beds.

How is the world taking action?

Most of the countries in South Asia have arranged for travelers to come from there. World Health Organization has called on hospitals around the world to prepare for the outbreak of the disease.

Singapore and Hong Kong have arranged tests for passengers arriving from Wuhan. The United States and the United Kingdom have called for similar measures.

However, the effectiveness of these measures remains in question.

If the symptoms take five days to manifest, one can easily rotate half the earth and pass these tests before feeling ill.

How worried are the experts about this virus?

Dr. “Until we get more information, it’s difficult to say how concerned we really should be at this moment,” says Golding.

“Unless we can be sure of the source, it will not be easy.”

Professor Ball says, “We should be concerned about any virus that is infecting the human body for the first time because it is spreading beyond the first row.”

Once spread inside the human cell and replicated, it begins to transform rapidly. As a result, it can spread better and become dangerous. “

“We don’t want to give this virus a chance.”

Is there any antidote or cure for the disease?

No, no.

However, work is being done to prevent the disease. It is hoped that this research will go a long way in preventing the discovery of the anti-MARS virus (a coronavirus).

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    Sometimes , however not often , a coronavirus could infect both animals
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    cold – causing viruses do , through infected people
    coughing and sneezing , by touching an infected person’s hands or face , or by touching things
    like doorknobs that infected people have touched .

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