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Future Technology in our life

The touch of future technology has made our lives a lot easier. Again, technology has poisoned our lives. People’s lives are improving day by day for the excellence of technology. Again, people have different perspectives on this technology. Future or future technology is organized today.

3D hologram the futuristic technology

3D hologram refers to a two-dimensional image created using lights. But nowadays the 3D hologram is what the scientists are referring to as the 3D hologram and not the 3D hologram. The 3D holograms we talked about are small in size, light and cannot be touched by hand. But now the main goal of scientists is to make these holograms real-time, with virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. As Tom Cruise’s Minority Report shows, being able to work at home within a thousand miles away from home!

future technology

Blockchain technology

People are interested in currency technology instead of Bitcoin. In fact, blockchain technology is thought to be capable of bringing about a revolutionary change in many fields. Bitcoin is also like one kind of cash exchange system that can be used as payment. The difference is that it is digital. But in this modern century, everything will be the perfect currency of digitalization. Paying with Bitcoin is like filling a block that records payment data. Everyone should remember that this technology is still perfect and in the development process. Blockchain’s future technology is capable of bringing revolutionary change with time and with the right evolution.

future tech

Mindreader Technology

Carnegie Mellon University psychologist and professor Marcel Just and his team have long been working on building a mind-reading machine. It is a dream of many days of people. One will be able to read the words of one person’s mind. We have already seen how good or bad the subject is in various science-fiction films. Scientists are using MRI or functional magnetic resonance imaging in the brain to invent this future technology. When we say or think something, different patterns emerge in our brains. An analysis of those patterns using fMRI can only indicate a person’s thinking. Marcel Just said, us

Everyone’s brain works the same way, even though we’re not a different language, a Mandarin-speaking person’s mind can be understood with a machine designed to understand the mind of an English-speaking person. However, according to them, there are some complications. The patterns that are available with fMRI are almost identical to the patterns for adjectives. Similar phrases are found for sentences such as ‘I’m angry’ or ‘I’m upset’. As a result, it is difficult to recover the sentence accurately. But in the future, the problem will be free.

Future Communication Technology

Future of driverless cars Technology

All the world’s largest car makers are now investing hundreds of millions of dollars to build ‘driverless cars’ or driverless cars. Many cars have already successfully crossed the road. By 2025, such a car is sure to be seen on the streets of many countries around the world. The advantage of the driverless vehicle is that since there is no driver required, the passenger will be able to pull from the vehicle at all times. It is expected to reduce the number of cars on the road. The cost of driving will also decrease. Future technology Automobile will go a step further with driverless cars.

future technology

Hyperloop technology

Hyperloop is the most surprising vehicle of the future. Elon Musk, one of Silicon Valley’s leading entrepreneurs, dreams of a super-fast mass transit system. Basically some passenger capsules will break through the tube at incredible speeds. The speed at which a bullet train can reach people at a distance is much faster than it can reach people at its destination. It is said to be 120 km per hour. The capsule will release at speed. Everyone thinks that the use of this capsule will play a really important role in the distance.


Jetpack will be one of the city’s most important vehicles in the future, says Peter Coker, vice president of innovation division at a company called Quangchi Science. It will be like an Uber taxi in the sky. Anyone using the smartphone app can call Jetpack. Then the jetpack will fly in the sky with the rider. New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company has already developed a prototype of a jetpack that can run 20 miles at 20 miles an hour with a height of 2,000 feet. Before using this future technology, any accident prevention system will need to be invented.

Floating airports Technology of the future

Speed ​​is a big deal in modern life. The aircraft is at the forefront of the question of speed. But at the airport, I want the airport. As the world is moving towards the future, the space crisis is getting worse. Finding a place for an airport is not an easy task. Keeping this problem in mind, scientists from different countries have been working for a long time. Some scientists have even planned to build a water fleet. But there are some problems with the fleet above the water. Hong Kong and Osaka, in particular, are far ahead in this regard. They are building huge airports at sea. A similar project was taken in San Diego. They also proposed a project to build a floating airport. OceanWorks Development and Float Ink are two companies that are scheduled for this purpose. As part of the preliminary plan, $ 20 billion was spent. Even so far

No project success was reported. An engineer named Terry Drinkard dreamed of that project in San Diego. Drinkard’s consultant and engineer commander Bud Slabert, however, is optimistic about the future. According to him, some governments are already thinking of small-scale airports. There is some work going on in the Caribbean. But in this area, the use of aircraft is very high. That day is not far from where we will soon find the floating airport.


Suppose you change the atom (structure) of an object or the structure of an atom with the formation of an atom of another object using a remarkable technology. This will lead to the emergence of extraordinary materials that have never been in this world before. Nowadays, the latest technology, known as ‘nanotechnology‘, is working on the creation of super-fast processors and extraordinary materials on your computer, starting with new disease drugs, and is one of the most amazing examples of current science and technology. Most of the benefits of nanotechnology may be seen in the decades to come, but even today, this future technology is helping to change our world in many ways. Our bodies act as nanotechnology sources for proteins, viruses, etc.


Virus sterilization future tech

Scientists at MIT are now able to create batteries from viruses! With genetic engineering, specially modified viruses are capable of separating the anode and cathode components from a particular solution. Applying this religion, they created smaller batteries than a single human cell so that all the anode-cathode and solution like ordinary batteries. The battery becomes a little bit soluble and few viruses are released. We will see the practical application of this breakthrough in the future world. This invention can change the look of all the devices we know. Because they are so small they can be added to the fabric, so your shirt can be a mobile charger! Electronic devices will also be much smaller in size.

Future Gadgets

Quietbit is lighter

Boston’s Gofrani and Uzi Nagano created the smart lighter called ‘Quitbit’. This will help reduce the consumption of lighter cigarettes. Since KT is a smart product, its business is also smart.

In addition to lighting a cigarette, the lighter will display the number of times a user has smoked on the lighter display. As a result, the amount of smoking has not decreased or increased, it will be known through this lighter. It will also tell you when the user last smoked a cigarette, how many times he shared a cigarette with a friend.

The lighter has Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, the smartphone will also be able to get all the accounts of smoking. Even information about how much money is spent on cigarettes or how much is being saved due to reduction can be found on the smartphone. Information can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

It is reported that the lighter will be marketed around the world very soon.

P-cell technology

Currently, 3G Internet services are available in different countries of the world. But future technology coming up with a smartphone that can access the Internet a thousand times faster than Four-Z.

The new upcoming future technology is called P-cell technology. By 2022, people around the world are likely to receive this benefit. Technology experts say visual marketing will begin in large numbers from 2022


Future Computing Services

Computing Services will expand further in the years to come. The use of this service is increasing now, from mobile devices to wearable technology products. And increasingly mobile devices are thought to make market-related services more essential.

Internet-related technology services

The use of Internet-related service products, known as the Internet of Things, will increase in the coming years.

Currently, the use of such products is increasing at a significant rate worldwide. Meanwhile, various companies have started research in this sector.

Future of Data protection system

In the meantime, some new technologies have been invented to conserve data. With the spread of the Internet worldwide, ordinary customers are now having the opportunity to store their own information on the Internet.

But the security of this information is a big challenge now. It is expected that in the coming years, the need and use of secure data protection will increase significantly.

Smart headphones

Technology firm Kickstarter is launching ‘SmartZone’ smart headphones. It will also act as headphones and music devices simultaneously. For this, it will have a built-in Wi-Fi Android music player.

As a result, the music can be played directly from the headphones. Smart headphones can be used to listen to music directly from cloud storage over Wi-Fi. In addition, music can be heard from Pandora and Spotify music stores. The manufacturer said that it would be brought to market very soon.

Future smartphones Technology

Believe it or not, future smartphones can be folded. Prominent technology analysts in the world say, there is still a lot of technology left on smartphones. As well as the feature phones that are currently in operation, they will improve. The capacity of the smartphone will also increase. Augmented Reality will also be used on smartphones. It is a kind of mechanical sensation. What we realize using our senses is an augmented reality through a computer-generated sensor. You can also fold the phone if you want. It can even be used as a pen.

Warning seatbelt

A team of researchers from Spain and the UK has created the seatbelt. The seatbelt driver, named ‘Hurricane’, will give him a warning signal only if he is asleep. The seatbelt will monitor the driver’s heartbeat and identify whether he or she is sleeping.

If the driver is asleep while the vehicle is asleep, the seatbelt will wake the driver with an emergency signal and advise him to stop the car immediately. In addition to the seatbelt, researchers have been working to create such a smart seat cover capable of monitoring the physical condition of the driver.

Vitel Bottle

The bottled water maker is launching a French company called ‘Vitale’ smart bottle in the market. The user will be reminded to drink this bottle himself after every hour.

This is why a time counting device is attached to the cap of the bottle. Each time you drink water, the mouth of the bottle will be automatically turned on as soon as the counting machine is placed at the head of the bottle. After an hour of drinking water, a small red flag will pop out of the cap of this smart bottle. As a result, when you look at the bottle, the user can remember to drink water.

My Coach Football

Adidas has created ‘My Coach Smart Ball’ called Smart Football. The firm believes that using this smart ball can easily become a skilled footballer himself.

Because the ball uses special sensors and Bluetooth technology. As a result, the Bluetooth will deliver the ball to the iPhone through all the information such as how loud the ball was kicked and to which direction the ball would fly or how much to bend. For this reason, using the app called ‘My Coach’ on the iPhone is a must.

The ball will serve as a digital coach to improve the skills of short passes, long passes, goalies, corners, freaks or strikes.

References: Times of India, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Mashable.

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