What is a Humanoid ? Humanoid Definition And Humanoid Robot

Due to my strong interest in humanoid Robot and Artificial Intelligence, I spent three days trying to write a robot, I hope you like it.

Often seen in movies, robots take over the world. They are treating people as their servants. Seeing all these robots is totally human. Those who read science fiction know a lot about robots. Yes, robots that look like humans are called humanoid robots.

3 Types of Humanoid Definition

  • a machine with the appearance and characteristics of a human
  • a humanoid being: a nonhuman being with attributes, (for example, the capacity to walk upstanding) looking like those of a human
  • having human structure or attributes

Before talking about the Humanoid Robot, let’s talk a bit about the robot. Simply put, a robot is a machine. The person who does the program for any purpose or purpose does the job well. Robots can be of two types, one is mechanical and the other is virtual. The main components of these two types of robots are a machine and a specific program to use. Robots say that we all feel like a human being at the base of a machine, in reality, but it is not. Robots can be different, keep in mind that a robot is a machine, whatever the form may be. Which is most commonly used in industrial factories, confiscations, boredom, and risk-averse activities?

Advances in the humanoid robot industry have gone a long way. Exciting news that has been appearing in blogs and magazines for a few days with the robot is the participation of NASA’s Lunabotics Mining Contest. The team is headed by Shibali Imtiaz Hasan from BRAC University in Bangladesh with their BRACU moonbat. A report published by the BBC on May 15, 2011. NASA will send robots to the moon on May 25.

Here are some examples of how humanoid robots are used for high-performance reasons.


Humanoid Robot in the factory

Robots are made by people who can’t do all the work in an industrial factory. Moreover, humanoid robots can work very fast and hence the use of robots in the industrial field can increase production.

A robot used for melting solid metals. At extremely high temperatures, this humanoid robot is working with precision and speed, where people cannot even think about working away.

A robot used by Weldy’s. That can do many welding at one go.

I gave only two examples of robots used in the industry, many of which are difficult to do with robots.

Humanoid in the medical field

In the medical field, the use of humanoid robots is noticeable. Last year, I read in the newspaper that a robot was under construction that was so small that it would be injected into a human’s body through a syringe and destroyed by a virus or bacterium. The main purpose of this robot is to destroy the cancer cells. As you all may know, there is no better antidote to cancer. And millions of people die every year on earth only because of cancer attack and lack of proper treatment, in that case, if this robot is made, a revolution in medical science will happen. So now that the robots are not being used in medical science.

Laparoscopic Surgical humanoid Robot.

A laparoscopic surgical robot. One can easily perform the laparoscopic operation of a human being. Someday this humanoid robot will find itself well in the complex operation and treatment of humans.


The robot has already been used as a goblin. The very first robot was created to help Govan. There are many tasks that a typical scientist would spend years doing on his own, but with a robot that could be done in a few days. Other than that, NASA has been regularly using robots, and much of it is in space exploration. There is a lot we can learn about the space between robots and modern telescopes. Now the humanoid robots and robots are being used in agriculture, where the soil is tested using robots. What kind of crops can be grown on the ground, what fertilizers, pesticides to use, these 3 robots are saying?

Robots in the field of education

We do not like our teachers for any reason, except for a few exceptions, what if a robot came to our teacher’s place at this teacher’s place? Don’t know how, but robots have started teaching in South Korea.

The robot named Engkey is teaching.

None of the above robots are like humans. So there is no robot-like human? What do I see wrong in science fiction and movies? No, there are robots like humans. Humanoid robots are called robots to look like humans. Those watching the Terminator movies can get a good idea about the appearance of the Humanoid Robot.

Looking at all the Humanoid Robots now, it seems that one-day science fiction and movies will become reality. Android is the real proof of all these robots. These are synthetic organisms that look like humans. Synthetic Organism is cre ated with the help of Synthetic Biology. Synthetic Bangla stands for Synthesis which is coming from Synthesis or Synthesis. Synthesis or synthesis is the process of creating a new substance in the connection of two or more substances. And synthetic biology or synthetic biology is a special branch of science, employing science and technology

together. We have gone far beyond the original discussion. Let’s go back to the original discussion again.

In science fiction, the word Android is more commonly used. The humanoid robots that look like humans and have six sense or sixth sense like humans are basically Android.

One thing everyone will love and enjoy is the Humanoid Robot, which is divided into sexes like men or women. Android is called humanoid robots, and Gynoid is called female or female humanoid robots.

Gynoid or Female robot robots look just like girls or women. These are all the characteristics of girls. Whether that be able to do the story with you. May your grief be sad, and your happiness and share again. But if I was grieving myself and sharing happiness, I wouldn’t let a robot. ? The ones whose girlfriend is in Fendi can get one.


Need a Gynoid?

You will never mess with Android again with Android software. Because Google has a software company called Android that provides software for mobile devices. Apart from that, the company, named Android, has a mobile operating system which is very popular all over the world. You can find out more by visiting the Android web site. Visit http://www.android.com/ for any of your Android support sets and you can download and use Android 3.1. Again I have gone too far

Anyway, back to Humanoid Robot, Humanoid Robot robots are free. These can adapt to the environment themselves. If they are sent to a target, they think of themselves as obstacles in the way and reach the target with necessary action. And this is the main difference between human robots or human robots with other robots.

Some of the characteristics of human robots:

Own maintenance

The ability to learn independently – which is a great danger. Because they themselves can learn from the environment without the help of anyone else.

Avoid anything harmful.

There is artificial intelligence, which allows one to make informed decisions about the environment.

Humanoid robots are created by imitating them in such a way that humans can perform regular tasks that robots can do. Humanoid robots are made up of many types of scientists and specialists, such as doctors, progenitors, linguists, all together. Since they are duplicated by humans, their system is independent and much more complex than other robots. Among them are many systems, including senses or senses, the ability to adapt to the environment, the ability to think independently in a hostile environment, the ability to actually manage oneself at the end of power.

There are many differences between humanoid robots with industrial robots, and one of the major differences is movement. Industrial robots cannot operate or are within range and range. But humanoid robots can use their legs like humans and operate independently. But the point is that these robots cannot jump like humans. It’s a big problem.


The robot’s name is Enon, which can serve as a human assistant.

The International Robot Exhibition will feature TOPIO 1.0, which is a humanoid robot.


It had 3 legs in it. This was followed by the second version in 20.


The TOPIO 3.0 was showcased at the International Robot Exhibition held in Tokyo that same year.


TOPIC is the full version of TOSY Ping Pong Playing Robot, a robot-maker organization TOSY. The TOPIO robot can play table tennis with people. Details about TOPIO can be found here.


The Honda Company debuts another humanoid robot called ASIMO.

What is most needed in the robot industry is Achilles Artificial Intelligence, in short, AI. The way the robot industry is improving day by day, hopefully, one day we will get robots just like us. You will be happy to know that the Humanoid Robot was created in Bangladesh. Feroz Ahmed Siddiqui is debuting a robot named Aerobo, sitting in the ghetto of the Dhaka campus of the International Islamic University.

Firuz Ahmed Siddiqui, an inventor with Robo.

You will find many more such videos by searching YouTube. From which you can learn a lot about humanoid robots.

In one of the words above and there is no match for my given headline, why did I give this headline? How to fight a war with humans or really fight? Yes today, maybe robots are using their own business. But what will happen in the future? In the future, humans must fight and survive with robots. The fact that artificial intelligence is improving day by day is proving that.

There is a lot of science fiction because everyone is interested in robots. One of the most used images in most science fiction is human warfare with robots. At a rate that is slowly increasing worldwide, humanoid robot practice will become a reality. Isaac Asimov has a lot of science fiction about robots, those who read his science fiction will find that he is writing a lot about robots because most of his science fiction is robotic. Robotics is the term of the knowledge or division of the robot. In the story ‘Run and Round’ written by Isaac Asimov, he first used the word robotics, and in this story three robotics sources –

  • A robot will never come to harm human beings and will not allow humans to do any harm to them.
  • A robot must act like a human being (unless the first formula is violated in any way).
  • If the first and second sources are not violated, a humanoid robot must protect its own existence where its existence is threatened.

After these three formulas, Azimov provides another formula, known as the zero formula of robotics. The formula is that the robot will not do any harm to the human race and will not allow the human race to do any harm to it. And many of his stories are used in the same way.

The formulas are limited to science fiction. But if these formulas are obeyed when programming modern humanoid robots, then people will probably be less likely to fight robots.


Robotics is one of the best things about the present. And now the country that goes further in this regard, the improvement of the country will increase many times more than other countries. We are the students from another country. We should do something. For those of you who have little interest, get down to robotics. Now is the best time It is not right to waste our time.

Be sure to thank you if you like. Technology blog info-technology-web.com Invitation to everyone. Thanks, everyone. Be good

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