Popular Websites And Top 10 most visited websites in 2022

Even though the internet and the web are different things – we spend most of the time on the web. There are various popular websites for various purposes. There are some web sites in the world that you may never have imagined. However, in today’s article, I will discuss some of the best popular websites that are not strange, but I use these sites for many, many, many different tasks.

Today I will talk about some popular websites that can help you. The list includes everything from very popular websites to just fun websites. Maybe many of you already know about these popular websites and are already using them. If you already know or already use the names of the websites mentioned below, you can skip this article. And if you don’t know, read on to the end. Hopefully from today’s article, you will know the names of at least some popular websites that you may need in the future. For more information go to This website.


This is quite a fun website. The website is wrong, it’s a full-featured web app. Your only task here is to make paper planes and fly them to the sky. However, when making a plane with paper, you have to give the paper a sealed location. Then your plane will fly with thousands of other man-made planes after it flies in the sky. Then if anyone else can catch your plane in the thousands of planes using the net on the site, then he can open the plane with another seal of his location next to your location seal and launch the plane again. Then, if anyone else finds the plane, he will be able to provide another seal with his location. That way it will continue.

popular websites

After you launch your plane, you will be able to catch one of the thousands of other planes by yourself and open it and seal your own location, and you will see who else has captured the plane you are holding and their location seal. And you can find out who got caught and sealed the plane you created and launched from the My Planes option. This web app is intended for fun but is a great way to spend your leisure time. The user interface of this web app is also very nice. By using it you are bound to be fascinated. But to use this web app, you must visit the smartphone.

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YouTube TV

This is another YouTube interface. This is a YouTube optimized or TV optimized interface for TVs. However, you can use this interface in your web browser if you want. Video thumbnails are a little bigger with a dark background arranged on this YouTube interface. If you’ve ever used YouTube on Smart-TV or Android TV, you may already be familiar with this interface.

YouTube TV popular websites

In my opinion, the full-screen of this YouTube interface is the best for Best Viewing Experience when watching YouTube videos. In addition, this TV optimized interface on YouTube is much more responsive than the regular YouTube interface. If you watch a lot of YouTube videos and visit YouTube, you can visit this version of YouTube once. Hope you like it.

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Can you draw a perfect circle without using any kind of instrument or compass? Probably not. I can’t either But on these popular websites, you can test it. Here you basically need to draw a circle in the freehand using your mouse cursor. Each time you draw a circle, you will be shown how many perfect circles you have drawn. Here you will not be tested just because of how much your circle is accrued.

It will also show how long you have taken to draw the circle and how many dots you’ve used while drawing the circle. If you try to draw a circle this way, you will see that you can slowly draw more acute circles with the mouse cursor. It’s not too much of a necessity, but it’s great to try on leisure.

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This is a required and popular websites. You may already know about this website and may have used it many times. But for those who don’t know, listen, this is a stock image website. In the last episode of the Best Website Series, I discussed the Pixabay website for stock images. It can be said that Pixabay is another popular websites, whose image library is almost as large as Pixabay’s.

best website

The images you find here are 5% copyright free. By downloading images from those popular websites you can use your website, your blog, youtube channel and wherever you want. You do not have to give any credit for using the images downloaded from this site and you will never have to worry about any copyright with these images. The search bar on the homepage of this website allows you to search and download the image according to your keywords. You can also browse and download by category.

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These websites are also very popular. This website does not have a pair for downloading APK files or installation files for Android apps manually. On this website, you will find almost all the popular Android apps. Not only that, you will find almost all variants of Beta version of Android apps, Experimental version, Unrealized version, etc. Even APK files of built-in apps made by different manufacturers will be available though not sure if you can install them.

most popular website

For example, if you search on Facebook, you will find all the previous versions and all Beta versions, including the latest version of the app on Facebook, as you will never find in the Google Play Store. You can also get the default camera app made by Samsung or OnePlus for example here, although you will not be able to install it on all devices. The user interface of this website is also beautiful. Besides, you will not find any more trusted third party websites if you want to download the Android app manually.

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These popular websites allow you to distinguish the background from any image. If you are a NOOB like me about Photoshop, this website will be extremely helpful to you. Often, a lot of heavy programs like Adobe Photoshop need to be used to remove the background from an image, and if you don’t know how to use the Pen Tool or any of these other tools, it is not possible to actuate separately from the image. However, on this website, you can remove any background image or change the background or make it transparent with just one click.

best websites

Yes, it may not be as perfect as professional software like Photoshop, but you will surely be surprised to find out how much this website can safely remove backgrounds from pictures with one click. If you need to do a photo background transplant for any reason, you can try uploading this website once before Photoshop opens. If the result is as you expect, you will save at least 3-5 minutes’ time. Again, it is quite accurate, but not as perfect as Photoshop.

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Sometimes we need to delete many online accounts. Maybe you have an account on a website or web service or social network that you no longer want to use. So you want to delete your account or deactivate it. But the process of deleting accounts can be different for different websites. There are times when we want to delete or close an online account, but we can’t find the process of deleting the account or the link to delete it.

top websites

In that case, the AccountKiller website may be useful. On this website, you will find step by step guide for deleting accounts of all popular websites and social websites. You can also search the desired website name and follow the process of deleting the account and follow it. Although not always, this website may require a lot of time.

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There are times when we see a font that we like very much, whether online or on Facebook or anywhere. However, because we do not know the name of the font, we cannot search or download the TTF file of the font by searching Google or otherwise. In this case, these popular websites can be extremely helpful.

most visited websites

By uploading any image on this website, you will be able to know the text of that image in any font. You don’t need to know anything about the font, nor even any hints. Just upload the image and you will be notified of the font used here. If the font is free, you can download it from here. And if the font is paid you can buy it from here.

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This website will assist with the printing of the original. Often we do not print any article or content online if we find it necessary. However, simply printing any webpage may result in different textual content and images inside the printed file that is unnecessary to us or has nothing to do with the content we want to focus on. Such unnecessary content only worsens our printed content.

print friendly popular website

These popular websites allow you to make any website printer-friendly before you print it. That means you can exclude the extra content you don’t need from the page. Also, the printer-friendly version will also have the text better organized so that it can be read more easily. If you need to print a webpage, a link to the page will be available on this website and a printer-friendly output will be available.

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Now let’s talk about a useless button that is very interesting. Opening this website will bring you a black screen, and no matter what type you type on your keyboard, the screen will scroll through the green color random codes, as if you were a big hacker and a serious hacking project.


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Of course, these codes are for viewing only. They have practically no use and these entire websites just for fun. Open this website and press a random key on the keyboard to become a skilled hacker and show your friends, butts are just for fun! This website will never help you become a hacker. Whatever you see or show on the screen, everything is FAKE!

I hope to discuss five more popular websites in the next article of the Best Website series. Finishing here as it is today. Hope you enjoy today’s article. If you have any questions or comments please let us know in the comments section. And if you have a collection of more popular websites, some of them can be shared with us in the comments section.

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