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“Web Design and Development” – Web Design means describing what a website looks like. For example, let’s see what the layout will look like. In the header, where the menu will be, whether to have a sidebar, how to display the images and so on. Differently speaking, the web designer’s job is to determine how the information will be displayed, without having to worry about where the website information is and where it is stored. And there are some tools and languages used to design, like PHOTOSHOP, GIMP, and some Markup and HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We can similarly say that web designers are mainly front-end developers.

And web development is the lifeblood of a web site.

There are three types of websites, for example, design or template, content management system and database.

Web developer associates these three things to make the complete website functional and dynamic.

The task of a web developer is to control the data processing, database control, security creation, user and admin capabilities, make all application features functional and dynamic, and control the functionality and usability of the entire system.

To be a good web developer, you need to know about PHP, MySQL as well as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, Bootstrap.

What is web design?

Web design is about creating an external look for a website. The basic task of a web designer is to create a template for a site, there will be no application. For example, login system, newsletter signup, pagination, file upload and save to database, image manipulation, if there is an advertisement on-site, change the advertisement every time the page loads these applications, web applications. These are created by programming language. Creating a site without any kind of application is a web design, such design can be called static design. web design and development are not the same.

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What is web development?

‘Web Design and Development ‘-Web development is the creation of applications for websites. There are thousands of such applications mentioned above, web developers will have to create these applications. If you are freelancing then it may be necessary to create an application that does not exist on the client’s needs. This is more challenging and dynamic. That means you have to design the application. So web development can be called more specific web application development.

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Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer-

Many people do not understand the difference between design and development. But the two are completely different things. One becomes visible and another life. For example, how Facebook looks, where the picture is, where the chat box is, where the home button is, what color it is, etc. is the work of web design. And by typing the status on Facebook it will reach everyone, log in with email password, click login, click on Like will add a Like and Notification of the Like to the owner, etc. Development work.

In a word, if you are creative, if your choices are better than a thousand, then you can do well in web designing. Otherwise, it’s better not to go in that direction. The competition is very high in the design sector. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be that much creative to be a web developer.

Learn web design and development:

Now we know what to learn for web design and development,

  • First, you need to have an idea of ​​what design and development are. You have to understand that.
  • Must have a lot of patience and energy. That’s one of the reasons I saw so many going backward.
  • Must have the ability to think creatively. Of course, creativity can be achieved by working.
  • It will take enough time. If you do not have the time, you will not be able to succeed.
  • To know English However, it is fair to know. Because it will help you to understand the needs of clients when working next.
  • Must have a mindset to work.
  • Besides, there is some important software. For example, Notepad ++, Sublime Text II or Adobe Dreamweaver. However, my personal advice is to use Notepad ++ only when it comes to elementary beginners.

What kind of qualifications does a web developer have?

Personal skills are more important if you want to work as a web developer. In many cases, there is no educational qualification, but hiring depends on personal skills. However, if you want to work as a web developer, the qualification is institutional, but usually, someone with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering is employed. In some cases, you may be hired even with a diploma degree in computer engineering. In most cases, the degree is mentioned in Information Technology or IT, Computer Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering. In addition, in most cases, the degree mentioned in the recruitment notice is relaxed for recruitment based on old experience and common sense and knowledge. In many cases, you will be hired based on your concept of coding and programming, not just a specific subject but only a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In this case, the subject is absolutely institutional and you can get an appointment even if you do not have a degree in computer engineering. Although in most cases the degree is not required, in some cases the master’s degree in computer engineering may be mentioned. All these qualifications are needed for web design and development.

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Experience is the key to working as a web developer. A minimum of 6 years of experience is often mandated to obtain an appointment. In some cases, 3 to 5 years of experience may be required. Usually, only 1 to 5 years of experience is available as a web developer;

Hiring a female or male applicant to work as a web developer is generally mentioned disjointedly and there is no such responsibility. Because the work carries the same weight and meaning for both men and women, both men and women can work as web developers without any priority;

What you need to know to learn web design:

  1. You need to know HTML or HyperText Markup Language. Its purpose is to create web pages using tags. These people can read. The programming language is not a fluent HBO-RL language. Some familiar words are used in these. HTML is called the skeleton of a webpage. This creates the structure of the webpage.
  2. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet. The default webpages are designed with it. If you create a webpage with HTML, it will show only some text. But to give that webpage a nice look you will need CSS. HTML is the skeleton of web pages and CSS is flesh, skin, etc. on top of that. Understand, without CSS, HTML would look like a skeleton. CSS shapes HTML’s structure.
  3. Adobe Photoshop: That’s all you know! The basic thing to learn here is to create HTML to PSD (PSD to HTML) from PSD but to create a website banner, background image, button, etc.
  4. I need to know HTML5 and CSS3. These are basically new versions of HTML and CSS respectively. To learn them, you must first learn about HTML and CSS.
  5. Also learn CSS framework, responsive design, etc.

Some Important things to know about Web Development:

  • Have a basic idea of web design and development.
  • You need to know JavaScript. This is a client-side scripting language. It is also called the browser language. You will move to a new chapter in web design and development when learning JavaScript. You must learn JavaScript to be a good web designer and developer.
  • jQuery needs to know. A Javascript library. JQuery is easy to use JavaScript on the website. To do the program you need to write 3-line Javascript, you can do it in one line with jquery. If you can javascript, then learning jquery will be easy for you. To learn jquery first you must need to learn about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • You must need to know about PHP. It’s a server-side, cross-platform. Scripting is another synonym for the program. This is a set of instructions that automatically runs when you run something. When someone visits a PHP web page, the webserver will process some of the PHP codes such as the image that needs to be shown (picture, content, etc) and the one that needs to be hidden (math calculation, file operation, etc), and finally converts the HTML into the user’s web. I will send to the browser.
  • You need to know about the database. How to connect a database with PHP, you need to know how to create a database-driven site using SQL.
  • You need to know about any one of PHP’s frameworks such as CodeIgniter (there are other things like Cake PHP, Zend Framework, Symphony, Wii II, Kohana, etc.). You can build a web application without any framework, but it will take longer and write more code.
  • XML to know. This means that the eXtensible Markup Language is used for transporting and storing data. It is very important to know but very easy to learn. This allows you to easily compile your own data. By itself, it means that the writing inside and the outside tag can be done as your own. You need to know HTML and Javascript before learning XML.
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Other things to know to improve Web Development

Need to know about CMS. CMS is the “Content Management System”. CMS is very important for web design and development. That is, it can control the website without any coding. Suppose you need a website that you add new things to every day. Now, it is not possible to edit the website code every day and add something new. In that case, you can use different CMSs. These CMSs are coded in such a way that you will not have to do any coding later. You can easily control your website. Many popular websites and blogs are created with CMS. Some popular CMSs are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. WordPress is the most popular of these. Because it is very easy to use and user-friendly. To become a web designer, you must have at least one good idea of ​​CMS.

Web Developer jobs Where and How?

web design and development in Online marketplaces like upwork.com, freelancer.com, fiverr.com web page designers and web developers are in great need. In these markets, you can earn a minimum of $ 2 to $ 1 per hour. In addition, you can earn millions per month by selling your web applications created in marketplaces like themeforest.net, codecanyon.net. The big advantage of this sector is that you can work in good science in software companies without having to study computer science.

Where do you learn web design and development?

If you want to learn web design and development on your own, you must take help from online. In this case, youtube.com is the best. Apart from that, there are many tutorials and articles on web development on my own w3programmers.com, you can also get help from them.

What is Web Developer Salary?

A Web Developer can be established as a Software Architect at any company starting from Junior Web Developer or Junior Software Engineer. In the initial stages of this profession, very little salary is available for Tk. If you do well at entry-level jobs, the salary as a software engineer and software architect after 2 years can be from Tk 1,000 to Tk 1 lakh. Later it may increase to 2 to 3 lakhs. If you have the skills and qualifications it is possible to get remote job opportunities outside the country. Out of the country, many people are earning Tk 5-7 lakh through remote jobs.

Who can learn web design and development?

Anyone who is least educated, who knows the basic knowledge of the computer. This is not to say that a lot of English should know well or a lot of software and then anyone can learn web design and development.

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