What is E Commerce? Starting an E-Commerce Business Easily

What is e-commerce?

Electronic networks, in particular, e-commerce or e-commerce are the sales of goods, transactions and data exchange using the Internet. This is accomplished through e-mail, fax, online catalog, electronic data interchange (EDI), web or online services. Generally, e-commerce is done between one business firm and another business company (B-B), between the business organization and the consumer (B-C), the consumer, and the consumer (C-C). In a word, e-commerce is the name of this almost automated marketing process.

Starting an E-Commerce Business

Directly involved in e-commerce technology. The benefit of e-commerce is that anyone can start this business with less capital. Willpower, creativity, and hard work are the biggest assets of the e-commerce business. Many mediums are needed to manage this business. Traders, retailers, service providers, banks, policymakers, third payment processors and, above all, buyers or consumers are regarded as the means of e-commerce. E-commerce is conducting financial transaction activities by bringing these mediums to a platform. Groundwork is very important for running this business. First, a business management plan with the business model should be formulated.

Things to include in the plan to Start electronic Business:

  • Website creation;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Product or content marketing;
  • Branding of e-commerce organizations;
  • Receiving media support;
  • Advertising;
  • The ability to take pictures and audio-video and upload them;
  • Ability to write about the product and create interesting titles;
  • Research or surveys to track the demand for a product or content;
  • Banks and mobile banking facilities as payment gateways;
  • Transportation of goods;
  • Automobile connectivity with the consumer.
what is e commerce

Creating Websites for eCommerce

To become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur, you must first create a website. Because e-commerce is operated through the website. Due to e-Cab’s initiatives, new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are gradually getting involved with e-commerce.

  • Choosing a domain name;
  • Hosting and domain purchase;
  • Define a platform for website creation;
  • Website creation and security.

Domain Name for your website

To create an organization’s website you have to choose a nice domain name. This is because the name is so important in managing e-commerce. Customers usually search online by imagining the name of the company along with the product name. In this case, search engines display only domains that depend on keywords. However, you need to keep in mind that the domain name should not be too long. In this case, the domain name of the 4-5 characters is good.

Domain & Hosting Purchase

Hosting means the storage of all data/images/videos etc. in the virtual storage of the website. There are different types of hosting. Such as Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc. It is better not to take domain hosting from the same company. However, in this case, it is different if trusted. Because, if for some reason the domain provider takes over the domain, it is difficult to express in words how big the loss will be. In this case, Godaddy is a trusted organization for domain and hosting purchase. Domain prices generally vary by company. The domain is taken for one year and renews at the end of the year. Hosting area Shared Hosting is the cheapest but Cloud Hosting is the best for e-commerce.

Defining a platform for website creation

After purchasing a domain and hosting, you have to focus on creating a beautiful and easy website. There are many organizations for creating websites. However, e-commerce websites can be created at home with their own talent and creativity. Here are some of the best ways to create a website:

Ecommerce: This is a WordPress plugin. Newcomers can easily create websites using it. It does not require any coding database to create a website. Only by activating the plugin, all the benefits of e-commerce are available.

Magento: One of the most popular CMSs currently used for e-commerce sites is Magento. This is a free open source CMS. It is built on the Zend framework. This CMS has a variety of timely features for creating e-commerce websites. Magento has many free and premium themes and plugins. Anyone can create e-commerce websites with free Magento themes and plugins.

  • Gen-Cart: CMS is the top-notch popular in the open-source storage management system.
  • OS-Commerce: OS-Commerce is one of the top online store management software popular in open source commerce or OS-Commerce.
  • Prestashop: FREE is an open-source CMS. Within a few days of the beginning of the journey to Prestashop, it became quite popular. Its main attraction is the design, which is not seen in any other CMS.
  • OpenCart: OpenCart is one of the open-source shopping cart software of easy-to-use and attractive designs.

WordPress is the most used for creating e-commerce websites. Through this, e-commerce websites of any design can be created. Besides, WordPress is very easy to use and the only customization available. Ecommerce, Magento, Gen-Cart, Open-Cart are one of the easiest WordPress to use. But if anyone wants to manage business easily, then using Woocommerce or Open Cart is better.

E-commerce websites can be easily created using the following WordPress plugins:

  1. Woocommerce Plugin (https://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/)
  2. Cart66 Lite Plugin (http://cart66.com/)
  3. eShop Plugin (http://quirm.net/eshop-2/)
  4. Jigoshop Plugin (https://www.jigoshop.com/)
  5. WP E-Commerce Plugin (https://wpecommerce.org/)
  6. Shopp Plugin (https://shopplugin.net/)
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E-Commerce Security

After creating a website, its security needs to be looked at. Regardless of the platform on which a website is created, you must first ensure its security. Hosting must use the CDN Service. Max CDN is pretty good at a premium. However, Cloudflare can also be used. In addition, strong passwords should be used for security reasons. In addition, the Site Lock service and WordPress Security plugin can be used.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to get an e-commerce site up to date on a website search, you need to have an understanding of SEO. Because, the more visitors to the site, the more products can be purchased and sold. A l ist of product items should be prepared to suit the needs of the products to be bought and sold. Media can be chosen for the sale of goods especially social media, national and local print and electronic media.

Marketing plan for managing Electronic Commerce Business

Under the management of e-commerce, a marketing plan should be formulated for the purchase and sale of goods. This is because e-commerce success depends largely on product marketing strategies. Marketing plans can be done in several ways:

  • Customer registration;
  • Product manufacturer registration;
  • Registration of merchants and retailers;
  • Credit card and mobile banking transactions;
  • Create volunteer teams;
  • Form the marketing team.

Customer registration

The customer must take the initiative to buy and sell the product content of the e-commerce site. For this, the site should have a customer registration system. In the first place, members of the marketing team will take the initiative to create a customer using personal identity. The database should be created with the address of each customer. The order of purchase of the product from the customer should be delivered to the specified address immediately. It is important to keep in mind the customer’s confidence through delivery within the stipulated time. The customer will then work towards promoting and spreading the company and this number will gradually increase. Also, contracts can be negotiated with different stores for the purchase of goods. Their list will also need to be stored online.

Product Manufacturers Registration

Since the UDCs are set up in the village, a list of producers of grassroots products has to be made. Registrations must be taken for the sale of their products. Manufacturers of products, especially farmers, handicrafts, cottage industry makers and fishermen, should be members of the e-commerce site. Those who use the website regularly will find it easier to sell the products they produce. Registrants have to create a database. Manufacturers of products can come to the e-commerce center regularly and sell products. Even those interested in purchasing the product can come to the center or by the prescribed product online through card or mobile banking.

Registration of merchants and retailers

A list of merchants and retailers should be prepared to keep in view the customer’s needs. They should be in regular contact with the list. Selling products from these merchants and retailers can be increased step-by-step through e-commerce sites.

Transaction through credit card and mobile banking

The process of buying on a credit card is simple. The bank has a computer server to carry out this activity and the entrepreneurs or companies who make the purchase on their own website will maintain server management. The entire program is handled with specially designed software. When a customer enters a website, likes a product and clicks a certain place to pay, the message will go to the specified bank’s server. If the customer gives permission by using his secret zipcode, the bank will check the customer’s account through the payment gateway and deduct the specified amount. If the bank is not domestic, the number will go to the Visa or Master Card network from the payment gateway. From there it will be approved with the permission of the specified bank and the bank will deduct the money from the buyer’s account and submit it to the seller. Payments can be made through any bank credit card. The whole process will take a few minutes to complete. And in view of the fact that it is not easy for anyone else to collect information, online transaction companies are using https (hypertext transfer protocol secured) technology, which is safe in security. However, many do not have credit cards in the village. They make money on mobile. In that case, the benefits of mobile banking can be effectively exploited.

Creating a Volunteer Team For eCommerce

Volunteer teams can be formed with the youth of the village who are willing to cooperate voluntarily in the purchase and sale of goods. They have to create a database and put it online. These volunteers will be able to assist in the sale of products produced in the village, so they can also play a role in purchasing the products as per the needs of the people of the village. They will highlight the products of the e-commerce site to the people of the village.

Form the marketing team

Initially, a small number of young people may be hired by the organization. They will have to form a marketing team and arrange for the sale of the product. Members of this team create new customers and keep in touch with them on a regular basis.

Banks and mobile banking facilities as payment gateways

Various initiatives and initiatives are underway to make e-commerce effective and popular. The National Payment Switch (NPS) has introduced it, which is very important for e-commerce. Originally, the switch to NPS was introduced to increase people’s involvement in e-commerce and to facilitate transactions. The NPS will remove the restriction on shopping on the Internet using a platform. This is actually a public payment gateway. With the introduction of payment gateways on electronic systems, all types of electronic banking systems, including ATM cards, mobile banking, have come to the same platform. Any bank’s ATM card can be withdrawn using the booth of another bank. Besides, mobile banking, retail shopping point of sale (POS) activities and internet transactions have become easier day by day. Mobile banking of any bank can be done with other banks. Without any international payment gateway, Visa and MasterCard can be purchased regularly within the country.

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