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What is WordPress?

Now WordPress is the most famous blog publishing platform and powerful content managing system (CMS), an open-source blogging software established by PHP and MySQL. Using this platform it is easy to make a specialized quality website without any PHP, MySQL, HTML or any other coding knowledge. So, now day by day the number of WordPress demands and jobs is growing day by day. Now WordPress is the best CMS platform for any kind of website. Matt Mullenweg first published it on May 29th.

WordPress is abbreviated as WP. By using this WP, you can easily modify everything to suit your needs which is fully Free.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS or content management system platform for making and maintain your website. To be more specific, WP is one kind of special online tool created by PHP and MySQL and which is used to make websites. And according to Wikipedia – Word-Press is a free and open-source blogging tool and a powerful content management system based on PHP and MySQL.

Future of WordPress

The future of WordPress is bright in my opinion. The reason is obvious, first of all, slowly you will become a designer from Word-Press Blogger because you will learn HTML, CSS. Then when you learn PHP and MySQL you will find yourself moving from web designer to web developer. What does that mean? You started with Word-Press, became a web developer. And the demand or value of a good web developer, no matter what, is much higher. Secondly, you can earn money and blogging using WordPress site. The most discussed topic at present is freelancing. A good quality web developer appreciates in the freelancing market. You can easily get yourself into a position as a good quality freelancer. Third, if you want to open an IT firm, Mentally will help you, as a developer. Beyond that, there are many other things that I don’t want to discuss here. One can say that the future of WordPress is the brightest and most probable.

what is WordPress

Learn About WordPress

Now using This WP platform you can simply make any kind of website within a short time. Not only for a freelancer but also for commercial and international companies, there is a big demand for WordPress developers. Let us know the reasons why WordPress will learn-

Recently WordPress is the most standard and famous blog publishing platform and powerful content management system (CMS).

Currently, about 1% of the world’s web developers use the WordPress platform. You can easily create any type of site with WP. Now it has so many demands in the current marketplaces.

If WordPress has any common sense of PHP MySQL and HTML, then it can create professional-quality newspapers, corporate websites, personal websites, company websites, e-commerce sites, classified sites or social media websites.

Through Word-Press, all types of web sites including e-commerce sites, business sites can be dynamic.

Because of the many demands of different marketplaces and WordPress theme development, there is a lot of work to be done.

Different web development firms will be able to do good pay jobs.

According to one information, at least 5 percent of the entire Internet world websites are now built on the WordPress platform. Considering tech sites, it would be close to 5 percent.

How to Learn about WP

Being an expert WordPress developer is a matter of time and trouble. No organization can build someone like a skilled developer. Developing yourself as an expert developer in this platform is not an option. However, it is possible to learn if you are well-planned. You must know HTML, CSS to work with WP theme development. And Also you need to know about PHP and MySQL for jQuery, Javascript and backend development for a good developer. And only if you know how to use HTML, CSS and WP framework for WordPress theme customization. As I mentioned earlier, installing Word-Press and doing some customization, one cannot become a skilled developer. That’s why he might be called an expert. To be efficient requires a lot of labor, talent and time. So try to be more than an expert.

How to Learn WordPress

There are countless resources for learning WordPress, with thousands of people talking online. Finding good resources in the midst of this commotion has really been very difficult. So if you want to learn something well, choose a good quality resource, and pay close attention to that resource. Below I am trying to find some of your best resources

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

WordPress Codex:

From the very basics to the mastering level, the best resource is WordPress Codex. Because it is designed in that way considering users. You can also learn about theme design and plugin development.

WordPress Books:

There are numerous books to learn about WP. Understand your own interest and see what happens. What, you do not understand what to start with! No problem, check out the Dummies series “Word-Press for Dummies”. The book quite works. However, no matter what book you read, be sure to thank the author for writing a review on the book’s ending.

The current needs of WordPress:

There is so much demand for this content management system worldwide (CMS) that WP can easily do everything. Starting from small and medium businesses, big corporate and multinational companies are now building their own websites with CMS. And this is why the demand for WP developers is increasing day by day! There are many Word-Press developers who work in different marketplaces including Freelancer and Odesk for $ 30 to $ 40 an hour. A WordPress developer can start working at a minimum rate of $ 10 to $ 12 per hour. That means if a person works for 8 hours a day, then the basic income of a WordPress developer will start at $ 80 to $ 100 per day, $ 1,000 per month.

The same goes for freelancing marketplaces, but if a Word-Press developer wants to do the work of freelancing you can create your own Word-Press product, but you can catch the huge international market. Like creating WordPress themes, you can sell them in different theme marketplaces. Take a look at the Top Selling Themes in the Corporate Category of the Popular Marketplace ThemeForest for theme sales, how much revenue comes from a single theme !! One ‘You Design’ theme has been sold for 950000 $ !! This theme is still being sold every day. Think about how much money WordPress theme developers are making at home by developing one theme. This means that by creating a theme that uses time and your own creativity, there is an opportunity to earn a lot of revenue. A huge amount of money can come to your own home!

Not only products or freelance carriers, but also corporate and multinational companies, there is a huge demand for WordPress developers. There is a huge demand for Word-Press developers in foreign companies, and now the job opportunities for WordPress developers are increasing.

WordPress development is now a field where there is no shortage of work. To enter into this vast field of work is now only required skill. If you have the morale and desire, it doesn’t matter if you have these skills.

Websites that may be useful:

  • http://www.w3schools.com/
  • http://tutorials.tutsplus.com/
  • http://css-tricks.com/
  • http://www.php.net/manual/en/
  • https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/JavaScript
  • http://www.wpbeginner.com/

To be a top developer, you must constantly practice skills development, have the desire to work hard. The process begins with a deliberate focus on education and continues through time with extensive practical experience. So today wait for our next post on WordPress. Everyone will be fine

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