How To Learn Ethical Hacking | Full Ethical Hacking Course Free Part-1

Learn Ethical Hacking this free course– I will continue to post in one episode from Bigner to Geek type so that you can easily learn Ethical Hacking. The love of computing is increasing day by day. Not just love, computers are becoming more and more essential. But from what things can only be obtained, there will be no problem, can’t it? Therefore, things like cybercrime, black hat hacking, deed attack, ransomware, malware – are gaining more prominence in the computing world than ever before. Just as crime is rampant in society, social rulers are needed, just as the cyber world requires security specialists or ethical hackers. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about qualifying or earning a living after studying for years as a college student to become an ethical hacker. By acquiring the right knowledge and training, you will soon become a skilled ethical hacker.

As the name and identity of the first-class end on the first day of school, today’s article will end just as it is today. I have noticed a lot of interest to learn Ethical Hacking. So finally I decided to release the entire course, and see today’s 8th class of that decision! Many people want to be hackers, a good thing – but before learning to hack you must have a good grasp on the topic of ethical hacking. I’m hacking moral; To illustrate the matter, I have already published a detailed article. However, in this introductory phase, I will discuss what we are going to learn in this complete free course, and what our goals will be.

How To Learn Ethical Hacking

Learn Ethical hacking from this free course

If you’ve been involved with this blog for a long time, then you know that information-technology-web has never demanded money to share knowledge, nor will it in the future. And if I say that, then I love to share knowledge, and certainly love to create quality content. I am not a Certified Ethical Hacker. With the help of everything I have learned so far online, I have never taken a paid course. In fact, if you know the basics, then on the open web you will get so much, you will not need to take a paid course, but a paid course may be required for certificates. In this free Ethical Hacking course, I will continue to post in one episode from Bigner to Geek type so that you can easily learn Ethical Hacking. There is actually no end to gaining knowledge, so there is no guarantee as to when this course will end, I will be posting episodes here regularly. And yes, much of what is taught in this course is already stocked on the Internet, but if you learn directly from the Internet, you will become random. I’ll explain everything here step by step. But don’t compare this free course with a paid course, many of the paid specialists are trained by specialists and experts, I am not an expert, but as far as the knowledge I have, I will try to pour in this course. So let’s know, what are you really going to learn from this Ethical Hacking Free course …

Ethical Hacking Free Course: Episode 2; Everything about computer networking!

What is going on in this free course?

Website Hacking – One of the biggest boxes of information stored on the internet on various websites. Highly traffic, Huge database rich websites can easily become the target of a black hat. And the website is not a website. Today, I do not know what kind of language and how many types of scripts websites are created. Today’s most popular website creation platforms are CMSs, such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. And the website created using these CMSs is not the end of the error. In this course, we will master the methods of detecting errors of different types of websites and learn how to fix patches of errors. As well as the details of how to do a case study on a website by targeting it. In the course I will try to discuss the simple things, again and again, maybe those who already know them may get annoyed, but here I have to think about all the readers.

  • Hacking in hand pen and security testing – In cases where it is necessary to show direct practical hacking, screenshots or videos will be made in hand pen. In this free hacking course, I will explain the theory a little, show more practical. Many online free ethical hacking courses show that the theory ends the course only, the bat will not be done here. I’ve already shared much basic knowledge here, so if you know nothing, read them first. (All necessary article links are provided below!) Basic topics will be highlighted when needed, but Practicals will be given more priority.
  • Kali Linux (AZ) – Talk about hacking and Kali Linux won’t come up, what could it be? If you are thinking of becoming a cybersecurity specialist and you are extremely serious with this thought, you must master Kali Linux up to A-Z. This operating system is specifically designed to provide cybersecurity. I won’t say more about this here, but I am saying that without Kali Linux, you should never identify yourself as a hacker. The free course, what happened, there will be A-Z knowledge about ink here!
  • Social Engineering – This line has been mentioned many times in various articles, “Humans are much easier to hack than computers” and social engineering means to hack human brains. Many hack attacks would never have been possible without the help of social engineering. Setting up a large system and coding multiple lines is not as easy as hacking a system, as easy as it is to fool someone into a password. From the first phase of social engineering to the intermediate stage, there will be attempts to discuss. Although I am not a social engineering expert, I will try to write some articles by social engineering experts.
  • Complete network testing and hacking – hacking and networking are the twin brothers of a mother’s stomach. As you become more proficient in networking, hacking will become as easy for you. I’ll try to cover every corner of networking here, at least the essentials. We will learn about any network security testing, detect errors, and gain network access. This course will share a complete guide to bypassing the full network, as well as a detailed discussion on how to fix the error. Starting with firewall testing, packet capturing, packet analysis, WiFi testing, nothing can be missed in this course.
  • Cryptography – There is no comparison to encryption for data sequencing online. Cryptography is a technique that makes it impossible to read in a common language. Since cryptography provides the security of the data we need, it certainly has weaknesses in cryptography that can completely cover the entire data set. The most advanced level of articles in this course will be on this cryptography. We will learn about errors found in encryption and export methods to make encryption more secure. If you want to learn Ethical Hacking then this Free course includes all widely used encryption methods such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), DES (Data Encryption Standard), RSA (Name of the Creators), MD5 (Message Digest -5), SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm). , SSL (Secure Socket Layer) – will be discussed in detail below.
  • Hacking with Android – Don’t think of your Android mobile as such, if you don’t have a computer right now, of course, you can learn a lot using an Android phone or tablet. In this course, I will leave your Android device without having to create a complete hacking machine. I will also talk about hacking using raspberry-pie.
  • Programming (Basic) – Having good control over programming is definitely a plus point for you. Since I’m not a good programmer myself, I can’t share advanced programming here. However, there will be posts discussing just everything. There will be more emphasis, especially on Python here.
  • Database Testing and Hacking – Many companies now have their database installed on a local computer, or accessed the database from an Internet server. And the hacker first targets the database to execute a major attack. Database errors can leak the entire database’s information, so you need to have detailed knowledge about database testing and patching database errors. In this course, we will learn the Security Checking of MySQL and Oracle Database, as well as discuss Database Attack, Database Data Collection, Web Dependent Database Security.
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Say something to you before start learning Ethical Hacking

If you are reading this article and are excited for the next episode, great talk. But I or any other thousand-dollar paid course will never make you a good hacker/security specialist, unless you try to do it yourself. You have to practice all the things properly. Also, if you know a lot about Allergy or you have good control over any of the hacking topics, then help information-technology-web to take this course forward. Such a huge course of ethical hacking is a bit too much to cover the whole thing and learn, covered with a lot of hard work. Although I am not afraid to work or work. But even then your help will take this course to the forefront.

And no hacking technique of this course can be used for black hat work. For hacking websites, databases, mobile operating system hacks, computer access, etc. I will provide the website or database itself where you can do the testing. But hack attacks cannot be run on other websites. The key to learn ethical hacking is to never forget the mantra, you must always be 3% honest. And if you use the hacking methods taught in this course for a dishonest purpose, in that case, its responsibility is solely yours.

I will publish all the courses for free with such difficulty and you will do nothing, but it will not. Of course, you must do something here, for all of us. Of course, you need to share as many articles as possible. I will publish all the episodes as soon as I get the best response from you. You are my inspiration. And it is your responsibility to inspire me.

Remember, the better you can be a specialist, the better you can be. So first read as many posts of this blog as possible, it will become your basic interest. I will discuss the more basic things that will come up in that period.

So this was the beginning of today, you must have got a clear idea of ​​what we are going to get detailed knowledge on. This is a blog, so of course, you have the benefit of opening any questions in your mind. Definitely share with us any feedback you have. Also, subscribe to this blog’s article notification by pressing the bell icon, so you never miss new articles. Episode 2 of the course will be released soon, so stay tuned! ~ Thanks!

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