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Unfortunately, for users of Android devices, this operating system does not have the standard tools for record video from the screen. What to do if you need to? The answer is simple: you need to find, install, and then get started using a special app created by third-party developers. We will talk about some such decisions in today’s material.

The Android screen record System

There are so many programs that offer the ability to record screen video on android smartphones or tablets running green robots – all of which can be found in the Play Market. They are paid for, paid advertising solutions, or for those who want to use root rights, but there are free solutions that work without some restrictions, even without them. Next, we consider only two of the most convenient and usable applications that allow us to solve our problem in the context of the article.

screen record on android

Method 1: AZ Screen Recorder to record your mobile screen

This app is one of the best in its segment. With it, you can record videos from a smartphone or tablet screen on Android in high resolution (native on device). The AZ screen recorder can record sound from a microphone, display keystrokes, and let you improve the quality of the final video. In addition, there is the possibility of pause and playback going on. We’ll tell you how to use this tool to record video from the screen.

The Android screen recording System

How to record your screen After Download the AZ Screen Recorder on the Google Play Store

  • Install the app by clicking on the link above and clicking the appropriate button on its page in the store. When done, click “Open” or turn it on later – shortcuts will be added, or from the main menu on the main screen.
  • Tapping the AZ Screen Recorder shortcut does not launch its interface, but adds a “floating” button to the screen through which you can access the main function. In addition, a toolbar appears within the screen, providing the ability to manage quickly and easily screen record on android.

In fact, you can now start recording video, for which it is sufficient to first tap the “floating” button and then label the video camera with the image. You can enable recording via the notification panel – there are also required buttons.

screen record

However, before starting to capture images on the AZ screen recorder screen, it must provide a suitable resolution. To do this, simply click “Start” in a popup window

  • After the count (three to one), the video will record from the screen on android. Perform the actions you want to capture.

To stop recording, drag the notification bar, find the line with the AZ screen recorder tools, and click the button “Stop” or, if you plan on continuing the recording later, “pause”

  • The recorded video will open a popup window. You just need to tap his preview to play. In addition, it is possible to edit and transmit (the function “share”). Also, the video can be deleted or simply turn off the preview mode.
  • A separate item will consider some of the additional features and settings of the AZ Screen Record app on android:
    Disable the “floating” button.
    To do this, simply click on it and, without releasing your finger, move it to the cross that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Take a screenshot: The corresponding button, which allows you to create a screenshot, is available in the “Floating” button menu and on the toolbar on the screen.

Watch the game broadcast: Many users of the AZ screen recorder not only record the screen with it but also broadcast the passage of mobile games. By selecting the appropriate category in the Application menu, these broadcasts can be viewed.

Creating game broadcasts: Accordingly, in the AZ screen recorder, you can not only see other people’s broadcasts but also create your own organization.

Quality settings and recording options: In the app, you can fine-tune the quality of images and videos, determine the output format, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and image status.

Built-in gallery: Screenshots and video clips recorded with the AZ Screen Recorder can be viewed in the app’s own gallery to record on android.

Timer and time: In Settings, you can activate the live recording time display on the created video, as well as turn on a screen capture on the timer.

Display taps, logos, etc: In some cases, it is not only necessary to show what is happening on the smartphone or tablet screen, but also to define a specific area. The AZ screen recorder lets you do this, it lets you add a watermark to your own logo or image.

Change the way files are stored: By default, screenshots and videos are stored on the mobile device’s internal memory, but you can place them on an external drive if you want – a memory card.

As you can see, record video events on the screen of an android smartphone or tablet with Android in the AZ screen recorder is not a daunting task. In addition, the app we considered not only allows the image to be captured, but it can also be edited, quality changes and perform other equally interesting activities.

Method 2: DE Recorder to Screen Record on Android

The following application, which we describe in our article, provides almost the same features as the AZ screen recorder described above. The screen record of the android mobile device is performed according to the same algorithm and it is simple and convenient.

Download the DU Recorder in the Google Play Store

  • Install your smartphone or tablet app, And then launch it right from the Store, Home screen or Menu.
  • Immediately after opening the DU Recorder, a pop-up window will appear on the device for use with files and multimedia. It must be provided, which is, click “Allow”.
how to screen record on android

The app also requires notification access, so you need to tap on its main screen to “enable” and then activate the corresponding function in Android settings by moving the switch to the active position.

  • After exiting the settings, the DE Recorder welcome window will open, where you can control your own key features and controls.

We are interested in the main functions of the application – record video from the android device screen. To get started, you can use the “Flatting” button, like an AZ screen recorder, or a control panel that will appear in the blind. In either case, you need to click on a small red circle, which starts at the beginning of the recording, but not immediately.

First, the DI recorder will ask for permission to capture audio, for which you press “Allow” in the pop-up window and then – access the image on the screen, for which you need to tap “Start” at the corresponding request.

In rare cases, after granting permission, the app may have to restart the recording video. Above, we have already talked about getting this done. When capturing the image on the screen, video recording begins, just follow the steps you want to capture.

The duration of the project created will be displayed on the “Floating” button, and the recording process can be controlled both from its menu and screen. The video may pause, and then continue, or otherwise completely capture.

  • In the case of the AZ screen recorder, a small pop-up window with a preview of the finished video is displayed, after the recording of the DE, the recorder is completed. You can view, edit, share or delete the built-in player directly from here.
  • Additional features of the application:
  • Create a screenshot;
  • Disable the “floating” button;
  • A set of tools for writing, available via the “floating button”;
  • To see who is from the game broadcast company and other users;
  • Video editing, GIF conversion, image processing, and coordination;
  • Built-in gallery: Advanced settings for quality, recording settings, exports, and more. Like the AZ screen recorder and even more. (screen record on android)

The app described in the first method, such as a video recorder, not only allows record video from the screen of an Android smartphone or tablet, but it also offers a number of additional features that will surely work for many users.

The conclusion About screen recorder

It will be the end of us. Now you know which apps you can record video from the screen of a mobile device with Android and how it is done. We hope our article is helpful for you and helped you find the best solution for the task.

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