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There are so many people who are wanted to buy a brand new laptop. But, when it comes to recognizing a good laptop within budget, many do not do it well. So, in this article, I talk about the laptop buying guide.

So, before buying a laptop, it is important to know well beforehand, but it is very important.

I didn’t know anything about a good laptop before. And, after buying my first laptop, I was very sad Because that time I didn’t know so much about the laptop.

Because, before buying that laptop, I bought a guide from someone.

But now I know what to look for in a good laptop or how to identify a good laptop.

NOW, I guide you to buying a laptop without knowing anything about the laptop can also help you. In this case, using a laptop can be very difficult for you and money will be wasted.

However, I bought my second laptop with knowing how to know a good quality laptop or what we need to know before buying a laptop. And, I’m very pleased with my second laptop and this laptop works much faster and faster. Moreover, the display quality is impressively good.

laptop buying guide

So, before you buy a laptop, you should compare and compare the different laptops as per your needs, budget, and demand.

The laptop will have a better configuration, take it. Moreover, before buying a laptop, I must meditate on the following items. In it, you can choose a good quality laptop for yourself.

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How to pick a laptop And What are the ways?

To make yourself aware of which laptop is best or how to choose a good laptop, you need to know the following 9 things.

Because these 9 things are the best things that can make the difference between low quality and a good laptop. However, remember my guide depending on your budget or how much money you are going to buying a laptop, it will also depend on many cases.

Moreover, depending on what you intend to buy a laptop for, but the good or bad of a laptop depends on you. Depending on the purpose of buying your laptop, whether playing games for general typing, entertainment and browsing the internet, or running heavy software.

However, in order to pick a laptop that has a fast, fast, good display quality and urgent features, no matter what your budget, before buying a laptop, you need to know the following guide:

9 essential things to know before buy laptop-

How to pick a laptop

1.Latest Windows OS:

Most commonly used on a laptop or computer, “Windows Operating System”. So, before buying a laptop, you should check whether you have been given the latest Microsoft Windows OS which is guide number 1.

Today the latest Windows OS is called “Windows 10”. Also, make sure your laptop does not have older Windows versions such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.

But the performance of your laptop will change a lot.

This is because Windows 10 is much better quality than many older versions of Windows, and many variations have been made in this version in different issues.

So, to get your laptop working faster and faster and to keep its performance up to date, some of the latest versions of Microsoft windows like “Windows 10 pro”, “Windows 10 home” or “Windows 10 professional” should be on your laptop which makes your laptop faster. Will be

2. Screen / Display quality

I see that Maximum low-priced laptops have low quality or low-resolution display. This type of display has a resolution of 1366 * 768 or less where you will not get a more clear or clear display.

Hey, this kind of display is best for general tasks. But, you won’t find that fun while watching movies or playing games.

So, before buying a laptop, you should see that it has Full HD (1920 x 1080) or a 1080p resolution display 2nd guide.

In it, you will find many high-quality HD displays where you will enjoy watching videos, playing games or working. Moreover, if your budget is a little higher, you can buy a laptop with better display quality or resolution.

E.g., Retina display (2304 x 1440), QHD (2560 x 1440) or 2K. The price of a laptop having such a high-quality display may be higher.

3. Laptop screen size

I won’t say much about the laptop screen size. Because it depends entirely on your own needs.

However, I have used different sizes of laptops. And, for those who work more on laptops and travel more with laptops, I think a 12- to the 13-inch laptop is best.

This is because a laptop of 12 to 13 inches size is very light and can be easily taken anywhere.

Moreover, if you are buying a laptop for watching movies or playing games, then a 15-inch laptop would be best for you which is a guide number 3.

Laptops with a 15-inch size are common among people, and if you want a bigger screen, this size is best for you.

However, keep in mind that these 6-inch laptops will be slightly heavier, and carrying them all the time can be a daunting task for you.

Lastly, if you are just taking a laptop to play high-end games or watching movies and you do not put your laptop in one place or move it, you can take a 17to 18-inch laptop. But keep in mind that laptops with this size will be heavier. And, passing it on can be very difficult for you.

Therefore, laptops should always have a screen size of 13, 14 or 15 inches.

4. Laptop battery backup

A laptop means using it without a designated place. And, in this case, it is not possible to run a laptop with power all the time.

So, whether you are buying a laptop for work or for entertainment, you will surely want your laptop to run for about 7 to 8 hours without the backup of its battery this is guide number 4.

And so, be careful when traveling or anywhere at any time with only a battery backup so you can run your laptop for 7 to 8 hours.

And for that, you must know about battery backup before buying a laptop. But it is important for you to know in advance.

laptop buying guide

5. Keyboard & Touchpad quality

Laptop keyboards and touchpads, but you must look. Often times, people do not see this before buying a laptop, and then face major problems with keyboards and touchpads.

So, you can see what the quality of the keyboard, whether the buttons are easily available in your hand, the quality of the button and whether the touchpad is convenient.

6. Laptop Processor or CPU

The performance of a laptop depends on the CPU or processor of your laptop. 70% of us do not verify the processor so my guide checks the processor or CPU on the laptop when buying it.

And, due to the low or low-quality processor, our laptop doesn’t work fast or fast. Remember, the better the quality of your laptop’s CPU or processor, the faster and better you will get.

Remember, the CPU on your computer or laptop will constantly get well performance if you have dual-core or more core such as quad-core in your computer or laptop. I suggest that you Never buy any laptop with a single-core processor.

If your laptop has Intel Atom, Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron dual-core or AMD A6 processor, then this CPU is enough for simple work. If your budget is a bit high and you want to buy a high-performance laptop, you can buy a laptop with Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen series processors. This kind of processor can easily do multi-tasking with good graphics like gameplay, full HD video viewing, video editing, and some heavy heavy software.

So, the better the quality CPU or processor you have on your laptop, the stronger and faster the laptop will work. Besides, a new generation processor gives you better performance and the less battery power it will use.

So, always know if the latest generation processor is available.

7. Other Hardware Specifications – (RAM)

For a laptop to work faster and smooth rather than hang from time to time, the importance of RAM on a laptop is immense.

Always remember the one thing that, If you have more RAM on your laptop then the extra power it can have. With more RAM, you will get hang free and lag-free performance.

Due to the high RAM, your laptop will work much faster, process any program faster and faster, reduce the chance of hang-ups and multi-tasking easily.

So, Always try to buying that laptop which has at least 4GB to 8GB of RAM this is guide number 7.

Lastly, keep in mind that the higher the RAM frequency and DDR range, the higher its performance.

Therefore, the RAM of the laptop has DDR 3 or DDR 4 range.

Present but the era of DDR 4. And this kind of RAM works but the most advanced and fast way.

8. Laptop Storage Capacity

In general, after buying a laptop, you usually put some movies, games, software, music or photo into the laptop. Besides, we also need some space in your computer or laptop hard disk to install Windows OS.

Therefore, I think 500 GB storage or hard disk is more than enough for these simple things.

However, to hold more GB games or movies on a laptop, 1TB hard disk is more than enough.

As such, we cannot put extra storage or hard discs on a laptop as differently as a desktop PC, so it will be best for buying a laptop with more storage space first. For example, 1TB hard disk, guide number 8.

There is one more thing that is related to storage and hard-disk. Nowadays, advanced quality hard disk is out. And, those are called SSD (solid-state drive).

This type of SSD hard disk works very fast than normal HDD storage.

However, the cost of SSD hard disks is much higher than that of ordinary hard disks. Therefore, you need to have a laptop with such SSD storage only if there are a great need and budget.

Moreover, a simple 1TB hard disk will suffice for you.

9. Other features & functions

After paying attention to all 8 points, Now look at some of the other common features of laptops.

First, check if your surviving laptop has a USB 3.0 port. These kinds of USB ports can transfer files much faster than other external storage.

Second, you also need to check the DVD writer. But, nowadays a DVD disc is not used so much. But, I think it’s important to have a DVD drive on the laptop.

Besides, with your laptop, you are given a DVD disc to install software for different hardware easily. And, if you don’t have a DVD drive, you can’t install them on a laptop.

But hey, you can download and install the online driver software, though it is not possible to do this properly for everyone.

Laptop brand matters for best buy laptops

So I know, before you buy a laptop, you must think about the brand of laptop. But let’s say, nobody or anyone will take the company’s laptop in the low-cost cycle.

The special reason for this is the effect on the warranty.

As a good brand like Acer, Asus, Dell and Lenovo, these laptops will get their service center anywhere.

And, the good service and response of the good brand’s laptop company service centers are very good. Moreover, a good brand is always trustworthy and the hardware parts of the laptop are trusted and original.

So, before buying any laptop, be sure to look into its brand or company’s last and final guide from me.

In this, you will not have to face difficulties in the future.

Our last words For laptop buying guide

So, friends, you may have become knowledgeable about how to buy a laptop, how to know a good laptop or what to look for before buying a laptop.

Remember, the better the laptop’s processor and RAM, the better and higher the frequency, the better your laptop will perform.

Moreover, meditation is also important for some of the common emergency features and functions. If you have any questions or problems, then please feel free to ask us or comment below.

Lastly, if my guide to buying this laptop has worked for you, be sure to share it with others.

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