Benefits of Using WordPress Website |WordPress features and benefits

Let’s consider 2 situations to make a WordPress website –

  1. You’re going to start a business or business; You need a website, but it’s not worth the time or money to build a website.
  2. You’re going to start a business. You have an Already website, but that has never been the same. The website did not have the features or performance it wanted. So you need to create another website.

If any of the above two scenarios apply to you, then WordPress is your solution. Benefits of Using WordPress, you can create a website at a very low cost in a short time (it is possible to create a basic website within one day).

In addition to WordPress, there is much other software for building websites. But in this article, we will see The benefits of using WordPress and this is the best fit for you!

benefits of wordpress

Benefits of WordPress is It’s completely free!

Benefits are You can download and install WordPress directly, use it or customize it – no cost.

Only the domain and hosting will cost you some money. However, nowadays almost all hosting companies offer one domain for one year free with their hosting package. I’ve used several companies hosting services including BlueHost, Hostgator, SiteGround. SiteGround’s service has seemed to be the best so far in terms of speed, customer support, and other website services. Their basic hosting service package starts at just $ 3.95 a month, click the link below for details.

According to 2018, almost 30% of all websites in the world are made with WordPress Because of its benefits! Think of it as 30% more than what you think – if you visit 4 websites every day, not one of them is made of WordPress!

Thousands of professional WordPress themes(free and paid)

Other benefits are There are about 2000 free themes in the WordPress theme directory. Also, you can buy and use premium themes from many other marketplaces. WordPress theme is easy to use, so no need to hire a professional web designer to make the website look and feel beautiful!

Any feature can be added in WordPress using different plugins

Just as you can create a very simple blog with WordPress, you can create many complex website structures for the benefits of your business. Thousands of free and premium plugins will help you add customized features. Do you want to build an online e-commerce store? Are there Woocommerce plugins, online tutorials or courses you want to offer? There is a LifterLMS plugin for this. Want to create a contact form on your website? There is Contact Form 7. There are many plugins to add the same feature, so you can choose from them and use them. You can add complex functions without any coding experience.

WordPress is much more search engine friendly

In the words of Google engineer Matt Cutts-

WordPress solves a ton of SEO issues

The benefits of WordPress is code is written by High-Quality SEO Compliance Maintain. Using free plugins like Yoast SEO will make your website even more optimized.

Benefits of WordPress is Safe and its security are very strong

WordPress code is written with security in mind. However, like the offline world, online is always unpredictable. So if you want to use different free plugins to increase the security of the website.

Different types of multimedia file formats can be used

Just don’t text! There is WordPress Built-in support for PDF or other file management in addition to images, video, audio in various formats!

Other powerful benefits of WordPress are that it supports the oEmbed feature. This means that if you copy the URL of content from different platforms, including YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Twitter tweets, SoundCloud, just paste it on the WordPress website and it will be embedded on the automatic website. There is nothing more to do. As you can see in the animation below!

An infinite number of users and different user-roles

The benefits of WordPress has various user-roles like Administrator, Editor, Subscriber, Participant, Author, Contributor. The capability of each user role is different and you can add multiple users (no limit) for each role. With the installation of various plugins, the role associated with that plugin will be created. Such as customer, instructor, student, moderator, affiliate, etc!

The Benefit is it’s a Mobile-friendly and Amp supported

There was a time when people used the Internet only from computers. The number of Internet-using people is increasing gradually in this world. So in this age, when creating a website, it is important to keep in mind that the website works well on all devices including mobiles, tabs, PCs! When using WordPress, this burden is greatly reduced. The benefits of a WordPress website can be browsed from any device.

There is no lack of people to support you with WordPress!

More than 70 million websites worldwide are built with WordPress because of its benefits. There is no shortage of blogs, forums, resources on WordPress because of such a huge user community! Google will come up with a solution to any problems with the website!

Usain Bolt, James Bond, Justin Bieber use WordPress!

As I was saying – any website can be created with WordPress big and small! From small businesses to large brands, many brands rely on WordPress for their online presence.

Check out some other big benefits of using WordPress here!

Easy to install and manage websites with WordPress!

In my opinion, this is probably the biggest reason for the popularity of WordPress. You do not need to be a web developer, you cannot write code in HTML CSS PHP java. (But what’s worse if you have some basic idea of ​​HTML CSS!)


  • You can make any website big or small. Scale-up can be done from small to later.
  • WordPress supports Multi-Language so you can create websites in Bengali or English or both languages.
  • You can transfer the entire website to another hosting company’s server if desired.

Where to learn WordPress? How to create a website ??

We will provide a high-quality course on WordPress for beginners. Following this, the structure of your website can be created within a few hours.

In the course, I showed you how to create a full-fledged website with WordPress. How to install WordPress on a website, buy domain and hosting. How to login to the admin panel of the website, to change the password, to change the URL of the website. We have shown how to create a very stylish website using various free and premium themes. The thing-plugins that excite most of WordPress; Thousands of plugins to choose from, install different plugins and add features or functions to the website. The work of different software for the computer, the work of different plugins for WordPress. I have shown how to install, activate or deactivate and delete the plugin in two ways.

A website is usually composed of several pages and posts. I showed you how to create these posts and pages. How to use images and other multimedia files on the page. Moreover, by changing the theme options, I have taught you to customize your website’s choice.

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