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How Secure is Linux Really?

Suppose you were asked to explain to someone why he or she would use Linux for Security instead of Windows; How do you explain it to him? If the person in front of you is an average computer user, meaning he uses a computer just to browse the Internet or play media, then he certainly doesn’t know what the operating system is! Well, suppose he meant, Linux is an operating system just like Windows. – Now he’ll surely ask you, “Okay, I understand, what’s the real point of the bat, why install Linux?” In answer to this question, you have one answer and that is a lot more secure than Linux Windows Security! Yes, Linux Security is the main point of using Linux. In today’s technological world, security is something that comes to the forefront of human minds. And everyone you visit, website or blog, everyone will appreciate the security of Linux. -But how secure is Linux really? – In this article, I’ll try to look at and understand the issue. So let’s get started …

Linux for Security

Linux Security to secure your Computer

If, in a word, there is no system in the world that cannot be infected with malware, which has no validity. Technically all operating systems have errors, and hackers must attack if they find it, whatever operating system it is. You may have been in the news or on various websites, the official database of some country has been hacked, or some web server has been hacked; Since most of the web servers, databases, and supercomputers on the Internet are Linux dependent, Linux is hacked when you hear of something big being hacked.

kernel Linux

Linux Mint

Linux Operating System

But hackers do not target Linux desktops as much, as the user is very low. If they spend that time and money on creating malware for Windows, they can make more profit instead. And here is another thing, in most cases, those who use Linux based operating system are usually computer experts, or at least know best what can happen. Now Rahim, Karim, Mofiz don’t use Kali Linux anymore, do they? In Windows, users are often infected with the virus because of their own guilt and lack of knowledge of what they are doing.

On the other hand, you might be using Linux for Security, and sitting on your feet thinking, smoke! It is not possible for me to be attacked in any other way (the way Windows User Antivirus is installed), so welcome! You’re totally wrong. You will be protected only when you follow all the security practices. Yes, your operating system is very strong, so okay, that’s a plus point for you. The bat will never forget it, yet it can be attacked. Suppose you clicked a phishing link in a phishing mail, didn’t think about security, “hey there is no Linux!” – No operating system in the world can save you and your data from hacking your online account and other information. Again, you run a command to install software from the malicious website, which is not available for Linux, so your system’s backdoor will be built, and anything with that backdoor can be accessed on your computer. See, I’m not talking about words or thinking; On February 27, when you downloaded the Linux Mint install download page, it redirected you to a separate ISO link, which would have created a backdoor creation on your computer (can’t believe it? Try Google!). Keeping up with the latest security news, and getting updates right away, can save you from real danger.


What’s the most worrying about Windows computers? Of course, there are different types of malware; Viruses, Trojans, worms — and so on? However, in most cases, if you do not install them manually or run malicious commands, they do not work. Windows OS contains Malware Malware. But in Linux World, the numbers are absolutely negligible, but let’s not forget, though not trivial, but not at all. So it is important to be careful.

Windows malware can’t do anything about Linux in this way, but if you have wine installed on your Linux (Windows programs can be run on Linux), your computer may be infected. So after installing the wine, you have to be careful just like a Windows computer, because all the malware on Windows will run on your system. But one of the good things about Linux is that it has a file permissions system, which is a very nice feature, which allows the malware to be invaded. Once malware is infiltrated on a Windows computer, it can run the entire system if desired, as in the case of ransomware, encrypts all your data. But in Linux, if a program or any part of it is attacked, it is attacked by the limited, the rest of the parts cannot work because there is no permit.

But here is another thing to keep in mind, malware in Linux works on user permissions. But once the malware gets root (Sudo; SUDO) access, the whole system can play twelve – because Linux malware is designed in that style. So for security, you would say, as much as root permits are avoided. In the case of Windows computers, the administrator account is better to useless.


When it comes to networking, all the operating systems in the world work in the same style. And to operate in the same style, the computer of any operating system can be connected to a different computer and the network is complete. If you do not have a network firewall on your computer, it is like an unlocked shop – it can come in and out of whatever you want. So a firewall is essential to monitor your computer’s entire traffic and especially to control incoming traffic.

However, in addition to the firewall, it is important to take special care of the software you are installing. You may have been tricked into installing malware. And you know about Linux, you have to install the software using the command, if the software is from a different source, then you must check before installing. If you use Ubuntu there are definitely software centers (which you can think of like the Android Play Store), install the software from there. Be careful when downloading and installing separate packages using torrent. And of course, try to download any software or package from its official website.

The last word About Linux Security

As mentioned earlier, no operating system in the world is absolutely bulletproof, but if you use Linux you should know the basics about Linux for security, but you can be safe. But if security is your main priority, then you should definitely try Linux, hopefully not be disappointed.

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