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Why might the Linux Mint be your first choice?

Linux mint: For those who are new to Linux, the main question is, “Which district will be best for me?” Believe it or not, various people have realized Kali-Linux installed to take the mood, but Kali-Linux ultimately uninstalls due to the absence of complete information. However, Linux is certainly not the same as Windows or Mac OS, it has a flawless flavor, some flavors support the same software and some are completely different types. (Must read: It’s important to know these issues before you start using Linux!)

When such a user comes to me and asks what distribution of Linux he will use, I first try to know what type of user he is. If I see that he is a normal user, then I always recommend using Linux Mint and if I am a little advanced user then I ask to install Ubuntu. Now, why do I ask ordinary users to install Linux Mint, this topic is the subject of today’s article.

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Why Linux Mint?

You may have been a Windows user and now want to switch to Linux, now why Linux? – Of course, there are many important reasons. Of course, Windows is a paid operating system that allows you to use most of the Linux distro, and in terms of security and privacy, Linux has always been and still is. Now I recommend the use of Linux Mint for all new Linux users, especially those who want to come to Linux from the Windows operating system. The main reason for this is that Linux Mint and its accompanying Cinnamon desktop interface are completely similar to Windows. This means that you can use Linux in the ease of using Windows in this case.

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If you talk about Ubuntu, then Ubuntu’s user interface won’t provide Windows Like Fill at all, Ubuntu sounds a lot like Mac OS to me. Besides, I can say for certain that if you are used to running any computer, no matter which OS you can use Mint, you do not need to learn anything new.

Moreover, like any operating system in Windows, you will find the same button in the same position as the app button, which is called the smart menu button on Windows. Mint’s App List Opening Style is similar to the Windows Start menu. However, Linux and Windows are definitely different things. In Linux, you have to use different types of software to work with different file formats and you may also need to learn some command lines, but Mint’s user interface should never be updated.

The required apps are already installed

This is one of the most interesting aspects of Linux Detroit, to me, after installing the operating system where you have to download or purchase individual operating software separately on Windows and then install them. But many L inux distros have a lot of work software pre-installed, you don’t have to install them separately, you can start using the software as soon as you install the operating system, and again it is completely free.

Ubuntu and Mint can run almost all of Simila’s software in two distances, but installing software on Linux can prove to be a challenge for beginners, as many beginners do not even know the names of Linux software, so Linux Mint already has more software installed and more software installed. May prove to be friendly.

Mint also has Internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, LibreOffice, photo editing software GIMF already installed. Where Windows users have to download millions of software and work. Moreover, many more applications in Mint will be available in the first boot.

The Linux Mint is super faster

If your PC is outdated or your laptop hardware is outdated, then installing Windows 10, you will know how much rice in rice. If you install Linux Mint, then your old PC will also provide Linux Mint Decent performance with the old hardware, you can get boot time in just seconds. You really can’t believe your old PC is doing so well.

Now many people may think of using Windows XP on an old PC, but well know how dangerous it can be to use Windows XP now. When you install Linux Mint, you can always use the latest version software and get regular updates of them. And the high performance is free.

Linux Mint Software Manager

That’s fine for Windows operating systems, but the downside is that apps need to be loaded from different websites so it can easily be infected by malware. Not all apps like Android or iOS App Store are available from the Windows Store, so Linux Mint’s software manager, or one that you can compare to the Google Play Store, has a Dissent Job.

Mint’s Software Manager interface is clean and modern, as well as the most essential apps you can get from one place to another and download it in a few simple clicks by using torrent. Yes, a lot of software may need to load the site but not for those who want it. Even if you have never installed software on a computer, you can easily install the software in Mint, as it is easier than getting water.

Easy customization benefits

Almost all of Linux’s distributions can be customized, giving the interface any way you want, but not for beginners. Ubuntu, Fedora, and different Linux distributions all have a GNOME desktop interface, which is a little hassle-free to customize. But that does not happen at all with Mint, you can get many customization options just by right-clicking on Mint.

Easily change the theme, customize window borders, icons, etc. It does not require the installation of a third-party app. If you’ve used Windows before, customizing Mint maybe your left-hand game.

However, popularity does not matter, but when an issue arises on your computer, the operating system that is popular as long as its user community is also less means that the solution to any problem can be found within the community. Suppose you are in a unique problem, maybe someone else has already been in the same problem and find a solution and post it online, so you can get the solution to any problem.

Since Mint is a distraction built on Ubuntu, Ubuntu will be able to solve many problems from the community in Mint. And Ubuntu’s user community is a little bigger!

Download Linux Mint Because it is really awesome! If you use it you will understand what I mean. I don’t know if you are a desktop user of any type and what you want from your PC operating system, but for me, Mint is the best OS, as well as a great OS for any beginners. Ubuntu is definitely a Powerful Dest, but Mint is even more beginner-friendly!

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