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The app to download music for free

If you are looking for download music from youtube for free, here is a list of apps and websites to make it easy

Downloading music, games or movies is a profession that we have been devoting some time to forever. The various tools available on the network have given us the opportunity to facilitate this trade, however, thanks to different media enhancements, as well as simple and secure platforms, allowing you to download music from youtube free via our mobile apps.

As well as traditional programs such as Spotify or iTunes have become obsolete thanks to new tools, we can download unlimited music from youtube we want for a small subscription fee each month.

Similarly there are pages that allow you to do this very easily and quickly with few steps, but it seems that the pirate industry will be displaced within a few years as these platforms cost very little and are very safe to use because they do not have the risk of virus or illegal tracking for the user. .

Here we show you a variety of tools or applications for downloading free music, and are currently recommended to make the free music download from youtube experience easier:

Download music from youtube to Computer

How to download music from youtube

This section will be divided into two parts, page and app, as there are many options for download song from YouTube as it is the main platform used for watching and listening to videos in the world.

However, all of the options we show basically copy the video to the song we want to download music from youtube and automatically display our download options.

Page to download music from youtube

All pages displayed in this field can be used on both your mobile and your computer


The great feature of this page is that it allows you to download music from youtube in different formats, so it is most effective.


According to its users, it is the safest of viruses and its main feature is that you can not only keep the song but also keep the videos fast, unlike other pages whose process is more complicated.

The app to download YouTube song for free

One of the specialties of the music downloaded from the app is the fact that they do not appear in the Play Store. Because they protect copyright, there are other search engines that you can download music from youtube and which is very easy to use.

Download YouTube music from TUBEMATE

It’s an app you want to get fat on, but it also has an integrated YouTube search engine that gives you the opportunity to search for the content you need.

Download Youtube music using VIDMATE

The most complete of all the applications because it allows you to download music not only from YouTube but also from platforms such as Instagram and social networks like Instagram.

It also has an integrated YouTube search engine, and the weirdness is that videos can be downloaded from this app.

What kind of audio format exists?

You may not know it, but there are several audio formats, so you should know that these are the songs you want to download from youtube.

When you need to know how to make a difference Download free songs on MP4, MP3 and AVI What is your difference?

Music in .MP4 format

The download music from youtube in this audio format will truly be “MPEG-XNMMX Part XNMMX”. Really all the parts contained in the MPXNMX file are independent, the audio goes on one side and the video on the other

Audio format is most often used in “AAC” and is most commonly seen in video “HXNMX MPEG XNMX” X

These allow you to transfer through the internet and have a better quality.

Music in .MP3 format

This audio format was created to cover all requirements A small variety of save files, and then be able to listen to them. The summary for MPXNMX is “MPEG-XNUMAX Audio Level 3”.

Download the song in MPXNMX format works by reducing the size of your original file. This is the reason why an MPXNMX player needs to be able to compress the file and listen to it, it cannot be heard because of the audio signals being trimmed.

This allows you to reduce the space occupied by the original file by 85%.

True, the audio quality is somewhat diminished, it is easily overlooked by human ears. Thank you when you can download music from youtube for free.

Music in .AVI format

It was created to store videos, movies and songs in small formats but with the highest quality.

Like other MPXNUMAX formats, it allows you to store several audio and video attachments separated by a codec.

The AVI file can be stored in these video and audio formats: DivX, ACXNUMAX, and even MPXNUMAX format, which MPXNMX does not allow.

The app to download mp3 music from youtube for free

We all have a smartphone that we hold in it almost all day long and we want to have top music in it or a song that brings us memories. If all you want is download song from your cell phone, you can try these amazing and simple apps:


Its main feature is its huge library and ability to search for songs according to the search criteria that suits you.

There is also the possibility of creating your melody with songs downloaded using a simple tool

Music puzzle

It has the specialty that it is in complete English, but we let you listen to the song before downloading it so we know we are comfortable with its version and have an extensive library that makes it extremely competitive.

MPXNMX Music Downloader

It gives you a player for the music we downloaded, in MPXNMX format and we can download music from youtube too.

It’s easy to use, and the disadvantages are the ads, but don’t overlook the ones that don’t make the experience weary.


This is a new app where you can download song and music from youtube even when offline (offline), it is great quality with a large library of songs as it is constantly updated.

This is for Android only and you must do it from its website musiCall.

To download the program for free

Some of these programs you have used at any time of your life, even the memory will bring you.

However, some programs are not recommended because it leaves the door open for viruses that can harm your computer.


One of the most common of always downloading free music, its main feature is that users share their information. The biggest disadvantage of this is the possibility of a virus on the computer, but it’s still a favorite among all those who still prefer programs over paid add-ons or download platforms.


Like Arias, its activity is based on users sharing music so that others can enjoy it, it is very easy to use, practical, safe and reliable, but it also depends on the users’ interest in accessing the content. Preferred.


One of the best programs; Its operation is simple and has its specialty that it does not show ads, is lightweight and very dynamic.

A bet is more than recommended.

It has an internal chat and you can download not only audio files but also images and videos and music from youtube.

free mp3 music download sites

One of the disadvantages of search engines is that they are able to deliver music to users depending on the library, which can be very complicated when it comes to avoiding piracy. There is something beyond this page that skips this step that benefits or damages the user because it limits it. Here are some of the things we know most about you:

download music from youtube

mp3 music search engines to download songs


It is one of the largest libraries in which it is most commonly used and its method is very simple. Just play the song we want to download and we can see the options.

EMP3 World

It also has a fairly large library, with the option to display the most listening and downloaded songs right now.


Your main feature of more than 1.000,000 songs in your library against them is that they are trying to share as much legal content as possible; Yet at its public request it kept the most played songs in its library.

Best pages for download free song from Youtube

If you do not want to download applications or platforms and download music from youtube from your mobile, you can use these search engine pages which are quite efficient because of how regularly they update their libraries.


Beyond its simple use, this page features that its library is comprised of songs in languages ​​other than Spanish, so it’s perfect for when you want to download a free song in English and also music from youtube.


Probably the easiest to use, just enter the song you want to search for in the magnifying glass displayed in the main menu and the option to download it will come up.


This is a popular page to download this free music. How it usually incorporates urban themes from its library into its library themes, which allows it to be updated with the songs of the moment, is very easy and quite safe according to the user.


This website already has millions of registered users in addition to millions of audio files.

This platform is growing more and more in the future, with the permission of Spotify, audio compulsion can be a compelling platform to download.

Although this platform covers uploads, it is useful for many artists to upload their models so that they can meet them.

This means that anyone will be able to access your file and download it to your mobile device in addition to being able to download it for free and also music from youtube.

Things to consider when downloading free music online through apps or programs to phone or computer

We have already told you some programs for downloading MPXNMX songs and a few pages for downloading free music, which is why we also want to tell you what the consequences can be by downloading songs to some programs.

You should know that there is some risk as something free and this is what we are going to tell you.

Invalid synonym: As we said in the title, downloading a file is completely illegal. You know they can throw a penalty if they discover you. So that should not happen, you should only do this to download the song without copyright and music from youtube.

Bring the virus for you: Some programs, such as how they share the file, are often infected with viruses, so it is advisable to keep antivirus active at all times.

Help others: There are many pages that work with user support, so when you finish downloading a song, you should not turn it off, since other users will not be able to download the same song before opening the program.

It is advisable to keep the program open for at least a few hours so that others can enjoy downloading MPXNMX songs.

This may affect your computer’s speed: Many monthly searches on how to download music from youtube but rarely tell you how it affects the speed of your PC.

The truth is that you can get your PC back at a much slower pace, as they take on a variety of resources, so it is advisable to do so at night only when it does not affect your work or study so much.

Attack of the hackers: You should always protect yourself against these attacks, use your VPN, or always be in incognito mode so they don’t really understand where you are connected to.


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