What is Hacking? How to become a hacker and learn hacking easily in 2022

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Almost all of us are less familiar with the term hacking or hacker. Many of us want to be hackers. Many of us have a hobby or dream of becoming a major computer hacker in the future or just now. Again, many think that being a hacker is much easier. If you think so, then you are completely wrong. In fact, hacking is one of the most difficult and complicated tasks on earth. You can’t be a hacker if you want to.

To be a complete hacker, you will need an extraordinary knowledge of computers, the Internet and above all the technology and a proper guideline. Hackers can never be in one day. To be a hacker you have to practice for a long time. All kinds of hacking tools and software etc. will have to deal with for a long time.

There is no guarantee that you will be a hacker after all this. And in all cases, hacking is not a very good thing. You can even go to jail because of hacking. So all kinds of hacking activities have to be done with caution and privacy. If you can’t first confirm that security and privacy are strengthened, then hacking is not for you.

It’s not like you can become a hacker after reading the RAE tune. In this tune, I will discuss only a few points and a few things that you will need first of all if you want to be a hacker. So let’s get started with no introduction.

What is hacking?

Hacking is a process where someone enters a computer or a computer network without any valid permission. Those who are hacking are hackers. You know almost all of these things. We all know that hacking means just hacking a web site and hacking ideas of many means just hacking a computer or computer network, is it really? No, it’s not. There can be many types of hacking. Use of your mobile phone, land phone, car tracking, various electronics and digital devices without valid permission is subject to hacking and hacking. Hackers usually hack into these electronics to fix the bugs.

what is hacking, hacker
what is hacking

Now, who is the hacker or what is hacking?

Hacker: The person who practices hacking is called a hacker. The system they will be hacking knows all the information, including the system’s structure, function, how it works. Earlier, there was not much circulation of the computer then hackers hacked phones. Phone hackers are called Phreaker and this process is called Phreaking. They hacked various telecommunication systems and used them for their own needs.

In order to be a hacker, you must first know what kind of hacker there are in the world and what is hacking. There are mainly three types of hackers.

  1. Black Hat Hacker
  2. White Hat Hacker
  3. Gray hat hacker

In Details About what is hacking and three Types oF Hacker

  • White hat hacker: Everyone thinks hacking is a bad thing, doesn’t it? No hacking is not a very bad thing. White hat hacker Hackers prove that hacking is not a bad thing. For example, a white-hat hacker fixes a security system error and quickly reports the error to the owner of that security system. Presently the security framework can be a PC, a PC organize, a site, a product, and so on.
  • Gray hat hacker: Gray hat hacker is a two-faced snake. Let me explain why this time. When they find out the faults of a security system, it will act like their mind. He will do what his mind wants at that time. If he wishes, he may report the security to the owner of the security system, or view or destroy the information. Again he can use it for his own benefit. Most hackers fall into this category.
  • Black hat hacker: And the worst hacker ever is a black hat hacker. When they find out the faults of a security system, they quickly exploit those errors in their own interest. Damages the system. Various viruses spread. The way he enters himself in the future, he keeps the way. After all, those subsystems under the system try to get into them.

How hacker legitimately make money Throw Hacking

In the summer of 2016, Pranav Hiveraker tried to find out where the weakness was in the latest Facebook feature. He is a full-time hackers. Eight hours ago Facebook announced that they would allow users to post comments with videos.

Pranava used to identify hacking weaknesses. Those vulnerable or in the hands of wrong criminals can break a company’s network and steal information and data.

He received the code and there was a weakness in the code that could be used to delete any video from Facebook.”I found that I could use the code myself, and even delete the video that Mark Zuckerberg uploaded,” Pranab Pune, an ethical hacker, told the BBC.

He told Facebook about the vulnerability through its Bug Bounty program. Within two weeks, he received a one-digit digit prize in dollars.

Bug Hunters

Some ethical hackers are now making big money and the industry is growing too. They are young and two-thirds are 18-29. They are rewarded by big companies finding weaknesses in the web code of the company.

A bug or an error that could never find anything as it has never been found in the alliance means big bucks, even millions of dollars. Those who do such good things are called Ethical Hackers or White Hat Hackers.

“The prize is the only source of income for me,” said Shivam Vashist. The Ethical hacker from northern India made a profit of 25,000 dollars last year.”Legitimately I hack a major organization on the planet and bring in cash. It was fun and challenging.”

Learn Ethical Hacking

It is a field of work that does not require formal education or experience. Shivam, like many others, says that he has learned this from online resources and blogs.”I spent numerous restless evenings finding out about hacking and assaulting. Even in my second year of university, I dropped an ear.”

Like American hacker Jesse Kinser, he has already found an interesting career.”I was interested while I was in college. Then I started extensive research on mobile hacking and digital forensics,” Kinser said in an e-mail.

Big money

Experts say the bug bounty program is playing a role in encouraging these hackers.

“This program is a legitimate alternative opportunity for technology enthusiasts who otherwise could be exposed to harmful practices, especially through the hacking system and the sale of hacked data illegally,” said Terry Roy, chief technology officer at data security firm Improve.

Digital security firm HackerWan says programmers in the United States and India get the most elevated prize cash in 2018. Some of them can earn up to three and a half million dollars a year.

Sandeep Singh, now in Hacker World, known as ‘Gikboy’, says it’s a matter of hard work.”I had to work six months and 54 reports to get the first valid report and award money.”

Strengthen security

HackerWan, BugCrowd, Signac, or similar companies are running bug bounty programs by big companies, even the government. They provide ethical hackers, verify tasks and secure privacy for clients.

The hacker woman grew up among three big bug bounty farms. They have about five and a half million hackers and pay almost seventy million dollars, says Ben Sadeghipor, the company’s head of hacker operations.

“The bug bounty is nothing new. But the amount of rewards is increasing as part of a consolidation of security measures for companies.

Organizations realize that in the event that they don’t make enough move it can make an open door for programmers to assault and accordingly uncover significant information that can cause major financial misfortune.

“In recent years, cyber-attacks have increased by eight percent while the number of security talent is on hand,” says cybersecurity firm Signac.

What is Internet Of Things

what is hacking


There are also some other hacker types. Below I will introduce you to some more types of hacking:

  • Script Kiddie – They do nothing but execute using various tools or scripts created by others. They are not real hackers. They have no real knowledge about hacking. They can be downloaded or purchased by Warez and then used for hacking.
  • Neophyte or nOOb – These are hacking students. They are just learning to hack. In other words, they can be called Beginners or Newsboys.
  • Blue Hat Hacker – They are not really involved with hacking. Before starting any software or system, they try to rectify the bad or malicious aspects of that software or system.
  • Hacktivist – They are mainly involved in political affairs, religion, social attacks, etc. However, most hacktivists are mainly involved in DOS attacks or D-DOS attacks.
  • Anarchists: Anarchists are all hackers who like to break into various computer security systems or other systems. They look for any target opportunity.
  • Crackers: Many times malicious hackers are called crackers. Bad hackers are crackers. Their shock is to break the password and create Trojan Horses and other malicious software. (Are you one of them? Then you are the King of Hacking) Warez is malicious software. They use this malicious software for their own business or sell it for their own profit.
hacking, hacker
what is hacking

Hackers are hacking in many ways. I’m talking about some types of hacking:

  • Pishing: Almost all of you know about Pushing. I am sharing some of the links below so you will know better if you read them and can protect yourself from phishing.
  • Denial of Service attack: Denial of Service attack, In short, DoS Attack is a process where hackers lose their ability to access a network without having access. DoS Attack increases net connection or router tariff.
  • Trojan Horses: is a program that destroys other programs. It is known by everyone as a virus. Other programs using Trojan Horses pass the hacked passwords or other information to hackers in a secure way.
  • Back Doors: Back Doors Find out which hackers use a system. Back Doors are easy-to-manage administrative routes, configuration errors, easy-to-understand passwords, and unsecured dial-up connections. They find these errors with the help of a computer. It uses a network without these and other weak places.
  • Rogue Access Points: Hackers use Rogue Access Points to get to a remote system.

There are many other ways hackers can do hacking which they will gradually find out. I intend to inform you that your computer or network system does not have such errors. I’m not a hacker I’m an anti-hacker. My job is to prevent hacking or hackers.

Let’s see what you need to know or what to look for in order to become a hacker.

Bad: You can read this tune just to get some ideas about hacking and just to know. I do not support hacking in any way. This tune is not intended for any kind of damage.

There are more than 100 programming languages ​​on earth. And to be a hacker, you have to first learn to code. If you do not know the coding you can do almost nothing of hacking. For hacking, you may have to create different programs or create different types of software. And to be a hacker you don’t have to learn all the coding languages ​​like C, C ++, Python, etc. Some coding languages ​​are very good if not all coding languages. In order to be a hacker, you must be an expert about coding. There are various easy-to-use video tutorials on the Internet for learning programming, with the help of which you can easily learn coding. Besides, you can buy books of various types of coding which you can easily learn coding.

Use Linux instead of Windows or OSX

If you have been using computers or laptops for a long time and have good ideas about operating systems then you have probably already heard the name of Linux and many have even used Linux. 96.55% of the world’s web servers use Linux. You will find Linux on various flavors. For example Linux Mint, Kernel Linux, Ubuntu, etc. You can use any type of Linux OS on your PC without having to install Linux. Using Linux will provide you with the various benefits that are most needed for hacking. 99% of the world’s hackers use Linux as their primary OS.

Work with open source software

Open-source software is software or programs for which you do not have to be an employee working in that company to participate in development. Anyone can work on the development of open-source software. If your target is to be a hacker, then you must first work with such open-source software or be a beta tester of the software. Examples of some open source platforms are the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox, the popular blogging platform WordPress, and the operating system Linux described above. You need to know about all these and many other open-source software and work with them.

Follow the Def Convention or take part if possible

Def Con Convention is a hacker’s event or conference held annually in the city of Las Vegas. The world’s largest hackers, computer experts, and security experts participated in the convention. This event discusses various hacking topics and tips or tutorials or opinions of everyone. If you want to be a hacker, you should follow this convention every year or, if possible, physically visit this convention in Las Vegas. This will allow you to know better about hacking skills and gain different types of hacking knowledge.

Learn about different types of hacking

To be a hacker, you must know how to hack. All the hackers around the world are hacking different ways. To be a hacker you have to know those ways and practice those methods yourself. Here are some popular ways to hack:

Distributed Denial Service Attack

This attack is usually used to hack a website or down a website. How these attack works are that hackers send numerous types of malicious commands to the website or web server. The web server cannot process these commands and eventually goes offline or goes down.

DNS Cache Poisoning

This hacking method is also called DNS Spoofing. The way this method works is that hackers track your computer in such a way that your computer shows you that it is connecting to a specific secure website, but in fact, it connects to the hacker’s own website, which you may not even know about. This way hackers can get your personal data or even have some control over your computer.

Buffer Overflow Attack

This method allows hackers to gain complete control over your system. This is done by hackers with the help of temporary storage space. If you install any programs and software created by hackers into your system, then those programs will give hackers full control over your system.

Not only these three, but there are also thousands of other ways of hacking. There is no reason to think that you can easily find all of these ways, including the three above. As told earlier in the tune, you have to try and practice for many days/months/years to learn about hacking. If you want to be a hacker or you know all about hacking methods, you have to go through various tutorials on the internet, watch different types of hacking videos on YouTube, read different hacking books. After all, you have to read about it to be an expert about it. But, in my opinion, there is no reason to waste time on this hacking task. If you spend time researching hacking and use it for a better purpose then you will be better off. If you are a smart person, stay away from hacking thoughts.

Some Essential Tricks to Avoid Hacking from a Hacker:

  • Even if your friend refuses to download or use any unfamiliar software (not all friends, whom you trust, don’t trust again). If a software starts downloading, search the net first. Take it
  • When logging into a site, check the address of the SAT well. Avoid logging in with the link provided by mail.
  • If you are a developer, you must know better security than ordinary users.
  • Give the password more than 8 digits at all times. Key generator software can break more digit passwords with ordinary computers. Avoid entering passwords with as many numbers. And now almost all sites support Unicode, so if you use any word then use the word country itself which is easy for you to remember. So don’t think I’m asking you to use words. Avoid using words as much as you can. Don’t say the English word altogether.
  • Avoid logging into unfamiliar sites.

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