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IP ADDRESS TRACKING: When a computer is connected to the Internet or any network, of course, a virtual address is required, which is called an IP address. Each network interface also has another physical address, called a MAC address, but that’s a different story.

Suppose someone is annoying you by calling you, in which case you can get a lot of important information from the caller number even if you don’t know anything about the person behind the call. Similarly, when a hacker tries to run a malicious activity from his computer on your website or on your computer, the hacker’s IP address remains with you.

When a hacker tries to hack your website, your site firewall stores that IP address. While you don’t have to track or tracking someone directly from the IP address (IP address tracker) in that way, you will still be able to extract a lot of important information from thereby tracking the IP address.

When a big hack attack occurs, or a hacker enters a system or a bank server and steals a lot of money, the police have the IP address of the first hacker and try to move forward based on his clues. In today’s article, I have discussed in detail the complete IP address tracking methods or IP address tracker. Yes, professional hackers or government officials have more professional quality tools, but you can also find all the important information from the free tools. But how? – Just keep reading the article!

IP address Tracking

IP address tracking

According to the rules of networking, you must have a unique and valid IP address to make a connection to any computer or any website on the Internet, and your IP address will always be published. Currently, hackers use many methods to hide their IP address, but even then one or the other IP address is stored on the server or computer

Suppose you are connected to a server using a proxy server or VPN. Now your computer has basically two types of IP, one is the local IP address or private IP address and the other is the public IP address or internet IP address.

Your Internet IP address must be displayed to everyone, which is why it is called a public IP address, provided by your Internet service provider.

First, find out the IP address from your web server firewall that tried to carry out a malicious activity or run a Deeds attack on your site. In particular, that type of IP address is available from the blacklist of the firewall. If you think your computer has been hacked, you can try using the Warsark software tool to see what type of data your computer is sending to which IP address.

If it appears that the computer is sending important data to an IP address, it may be the IP address of the hacker’s computer. So this is how you get the IP address of the hacker or IP address tracker. Now you need to start IP address tracking or IP address investigation/ tracker.

Finding IP address Location

An IP address is not just four sets of numbers or three dots to divide these numbers, if you have the right knowledge, it is possible to find out a lot from these numbers. By tracking the IP address with the tracker, you will find a lot of important information yourself, which you can use to report against that IP address or take the next step.

As you may have seen in the movie, the police tracked the cellphones and found the exact location. While a lot of exact locations can be traced on a cell phone, tracking the IP address does not make it possible to trace the exact location. Mobile numbers, IMEI numbers are added according to a person or device, but the IP address is never registered in anyone’s name, in that case, you will only need to get the name or address of the ISP from the IP.

Although you will not get the geolocation of the hacker directly from the IP, the hacker is using the internet from any ISP, you will have to get this information from the potential city or country of the hacker. The IP addresses of each ISP are added to the geolocation database, so cross-verifying multiple databases at once will give you a rough idea of ​​the location. As you can see, I am checking my IP address from infosniper.net in the image below, although the exact geolocation was not found, still a lot of information was found.

There are many such IP geolocation finder websites online, from each you will find different information. And by combining all the information you will get a pretty good idea.

In my opinion, the best online tools for finding IP geolocation are, IP2Location, Geobytes IP Address Locator, MaxMind GeoIP, IP Tracer, IP Tracker’s Lookup Tool, What Is My IP Address – There are many tools in this tool that provide premium service. , Maybe you can get some more information.

You will find millions of websites or online tools by Google, which provide IP location, different tools will have the same information and you can get some new information. You will need to find the correct ISP name from any IP address, the correct country, and if too much up to the city, you will not find more information, you may need to contact the ISP to find out which building or area the IPT has been issued.

Track IP to VPN or proxy detect

Today, hackers are not so stupid as to try to commit a cybercrime using a real IP address. Usually using a proxy server or using a VPN to hide the IP address, try to hack or track with the virtual IP address.

However, many times hackers hack into personal computers or computers of ordinary users like you and me without changing their IP address, maybe the hacker thinks we can do nothing, but if you get the real IP address then tracking or track becomes much easier. Goes.

After getting the IP address you must check whether it is a real IP or proxy or VPN IP. The three best online tools for proxy detection are IP Intelligence, FraudLab’s IP2Proxy Live Product, and IPQualityScore. In IP Intelligence you just need to enter the IP address, then pass the Google re-captcha test and click on the lookup button.

Here you will find the value between 0-1, as a result. As their official website guideline, if the result score goes above 0.98, it is probably a proxy or VPN IP. If the score is low, then it may be a real IP address.

You don’t have to rely on just one result, you must scan and verify these three tools in a row whether it is a real IP address or a proxy, VPN, or Tor IP. Not only can you detect a VPN or proxy IP, but it can also detect any temporary email address from the IQ Quality Score result.

Moreover, you don’t have to look at any score here and understand yourself, it will be written beautifully, whether it is real IP or not. See my IP result screenshot below.

Now if the IP address is a VPN or proxy server address according to the result, then there will be no benefit. by increasing the location or continuing the forward tracking process, but yes, you at least know that the hacker has hidden the IP address.

Now you can contact the VPN provider with the help of law or in any other way, only they will have to help you in the next step. If the IPT is the real IP of the hacker, then you need to know the hacker’s ISP, country name, city, etc. by following the above steps first.

Search the website by IP address tracker

Typically, when you enter a domain name into a web browser, the website is displayed in front of you, searching for the IP address from the domain. But on the contrary, you can find out which domains are attached to it from the IP address.

There may be many domains attached to the back of an IP, if web server software is installed on the hacker’s computer, you will easily get those domains, and you will find a lot of information about the hacker from the domain. Reverse IP lookup for finding domains from IP.

There are also many online free tools that help you find the domain name attached to an IP address. Hackers can often hack using a remote computer, and it is normal to have a domain on a remote computer.

IP address

Especially in shared hosting, many websites are hosted behind one IP address. I am listing the names of some of the best websites in which you just have to put the IP address you found. The tool will then automatically encrypt all the previous domain names.

To check or track the reverse IP address you can use the online tools like ViewDNS.info Reverse IP Lookup, What is my IP Reverse DNS Lookup, Domain Tools Reverse IP Lookup – etc. To confirm the results, you must scan one by one with two or three tools, the new domains may not be caught in any scan list, but one or the other will be caught. If you find the domain from the IP address, then you can easily find the name, address, mobile number, email address, etc. of the domain registrar by checking the whistle record of the domains.

IP spam / blacklist check

When you are tracking the IP address, you must check if the IPT is blacklisted or flagged as a spam IP address. Many times hackers carry out attacks to hack more computers from hacked computers without hacking from their own computers or from their own servers.

These hacked computers are called zombie computers or botnets. Spam mails are usually sent from botnets, so those computer IP addresses are flagged as spam IPs, and many companies blacklist those IP addresses to run many types of malicious activity from computers.

If the IP address you found shows both spam and blacklisted results, it may not be the hacker’s computer, but the hacker who tried to hack you from the botnet, no matter what the real IP address, you will not find the hacker.

There are many free IP blacklist/spam checking tools online, where you can easily check IP health. Here is a list of some of the tools you can try, but you will find many more tools online if you want. Tools like MutiRBL, IPVoid, Metadefender – etc. will help you to check the IP address blacklist or spam list. These sites scan a lot of databases at once and then show you the results, you must use multiple tools to get the best results.

Moreover, to check if there is any malware hosted in your targeted IP address, you can scan the virus from Total website.

Report to hacker’s IP address

Internet service providers know very well when and where an IP address was given to a person. And after running the above investigations, you must have got a good idea about the IP address.

The next step will be to report the IP address to the ISP. You can mail to the ISP with your firewall log and screenshot of more attack credentials. You will get the contact address related to IP especially from the whistle of that IP.

I entered the IP address in general from Domain Tools in the screenshot and got the email address to contact the ISP from Whiskey Records. This way you can easily get them, and you can mail them with a certificate, which may ban the hacker’s IP address.

Phone numbers are found on many whiskey records, you can call there and talk directly to the ISP. If you receive spam mail, you can mail it to ISP by attaching the log file of your spam mail. And the big hack attack must be reported to the police.

Hopefully, today’s step-by-step process of IP address tracking or investigation article has been very useful to you, I may have learned a lot of new information, and the first IP address tracking experience may have been yours.

I will discuss more advanced IP address tracking in a future article, try to go deeper, but until then you have to stay with WireBD! You can comment on me on any of your questions below or on social media.

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