Refurbished Phone | Should You Buy Refurbished Phones in 2022?

Refurbished phone these days – you must have heard this name many times. You may have heard this name more often when buying a smartphone online. Because these phones are sold more online. You may have noticed that the prices of refurbished sales in the online market are about 50% lower than usual.

Looking at these, you may think that these are actually fake smartphones or clone smartphones. It’s normal to think so. Because it is not possible to give at such a low price if the phone is not fake. But this idea is completely wrong. Refurbished phone means but not fake phone or clone smartphone. This is the subject of our discussion today.

Refurbished Phones

What is a refurbished phone or smartphone?

Suppose you bought a Samsung smartphone a few months ago. Normally you get a 1-year service and replacement warranty with the smartphone. After using the smartphone for 3/4 months, a problem appeared on your phone.

Maybe your battery backup went down a lot or your phone’s speaker or microphone stopped working or something like that happened and you took the smartphone to the Samsung Repair Center and didn’t fix the smartphone, you demanded a replacement for the smartphone.

Now Samsung Corporation can fix your smartphone but they are obliged to give a replacement of your smartphone, as they have given you a 1-year replacement warranty. They will replace your phone. But what will they do with the damaged smartphone that you submitted to them?

All they can do is repair the problems you had with your smartphone and resell it. Now this smartphone is a refurbished smartphone. In other words, these are used smartphones that are being re-sold after repairing the problem. But you definitely don’t want to buy this smartphone at the same price as a new smartphone.

This is exactly the reason why the price of these smartphones is much lower than a new smartphone. But that doesn’t mean the phone is fake or cloned. The phone is, of course, original, only the phone has been used and repaired. Some parts or components inside the phone may have been replaced. But the smartphone is not fake.

Refurbished phones are usually of two types. One type of phone is directly refurbished by the manufacturer. This is the kind of smartphone that I talked about so long ago. And there are other types of phones that are refurbished by third-party manufacturers.

That is, if the smartphone you bought no longer has a warranty and you sell it to a third party manufacturer at a much lower price, they can repair your smartphone and resell it online or offline as a refurbished phone at a slightly higher price. This is a smartphone refurbished by a third party manufacturer.

Advantages and disadvantages of refurbished phones

Now I hope you have some idea about refurbished phones. Now let’s get straight to the main topic. Should you buy a refurbished phone? The answer to this question depends on a few small things. Before buying a refurbished phone, you must first know exactly what kind of refurbished smartphone it is. That is, is it a smartphone refurbished by a first-party manufacturer or by a third party manufacturer.

At this time more priority should be given to the smartphone refurbished by the first party manufacturer or company. Because if it is repaired directly by the company, there should be fewer problems in that smartphone.

Refurbished Phone

Although it is foolish to expect that this smartphone will not have any problems or will look like brand new, but if the smartphone is refurbished, the smartphone can be trusted a little more. Again if you are directly referred by the company you will often be given an official warranty of 6 months or 1 year or more with the phone.

This means that even after being a refurbished smartphone if there is any problem with your phone after purchase, the company will repair the phone for you. But you don’t usually get this kind of benefit on a smartphone refurbished by a third party manufacturer.

But you can never rely 100% on these smartphones. Before buying any such smartphone, think once and for all that this phone is being refurbished and sold because there was a problem with this smartphone before.

So you have to assume that in the future this phone may have different types of problems again. If you think that you can use the smartphone by accepting it, then only buy a refurbished smartphone.

Things to keep in mind before buying Refurbished smartphones

Even after knowing all the things I said about these smartphones above, if you want to buy this smartphone, you must keep a few things in mind before buying. E.g.,

  1. Must buy the smartphone from any reputed online/offline shop. For example, if you buy online, buy from a reputed online store. And before buying the smartphone, you must check the user reviews and seller reviews of the smartphone. If possible, contact those who bought this smartphone from that seller directly and get their opinion. If this is not possible, check what the people who bought the smartphone have commented on the site about the product.
  2. I will say again, make sure that this smartphone is directly refurbished by the official manufacturer or by a third party manufacturer. In this case, you must give more priority to the phones refurbished by the official manufacturer.
  3. Make sure the phone you are going to buy is actually a refurbished phone. There are some sellers in various online stores who try to sell fake phones or clone phones as refurbished smartphones. Never fall into their trap. The way to avoid this is to look at the seller’s rating before buying a smartphone, keep track of how much buyers are happy with the seller, and check each product review thoroughly. Because, if there is any such issue, you can find out from the product review.

Hopefully, with these things in mind, you can be quite comfortable when buying a refurbished smartphone. But as I said before, that doesn’t mean your phone won’t have a problem. Because, before buying a refurbished smartphone, you have to assume that this phone will have various problems in the future. Hopefully, if you have any misconceptions about refurbished smartphones, I have been able to clarify the matter with you at least a little bit.

I am ending here like today. I hope you like the article. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments section. Stay well.

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