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I have already explained in many articles that there are many types of IP addresses. Especially in this article, I have clarified many basics of IP ADDRESS. In today’s article, I will discuss static IP ADDRESS in particular. The term Broadband Connection or Internet Server is actually a term for static IP. Many ISPs continue to call it real IP.
Let’s find out, what is a static IP, why to use a static IP address, its advantages, and disadvantages – everything is discussed!

Static IP address

A static IP address is, of course, an IP address that is manually configured in design to configure the system. The reason it is called “static” is that it does not change, whereas the dynamic IP address changes. A static IP address can be configured on your smartphone, laptop, tablet – everything. However, especially if the router is configured using static IP, the devices connected to the router work using the local IP of the router

Static IP addresses are often referred to as real IPs, dedicated IPs, or fixed IP addresses. However, I will learn from the following paragraph why static IP address should be used.

Static IP address

Why use static IP?

You can compare static IP address to your permanent email addresses or your physical home addresses, which are unchanged. As a result, it is very easy to communicate with this address.

Dynamic IP addresses are used for most mobile broadband internet. When you turn on data on mobile, you get an IP address immediately, but when you turn off the data connection and turn it on again, the previous public IP is no longer there, a new IP address is added to your device.

is my ip static or dynamic

But in the case of static IP address, no matter how many times you connect or disconnect the line, your IP will never change. There are several advantages to having the same IP but always. As such you can easily host any website on your computer. You can create your own remote file server. You can connect different hardware by opening different ports. Since your IP does not change, the system will always know which port is connected to which device.

Suppose a website is hosted on your computer but you do not use a dedicated IP address, then you are in trouble. The domain name is used to access the website, and the IP address is behind this domain name. If the IP is changed, of course, it is not possible to access the site without changing the DNS. Another great advantage of having a static IP is that if your domain doesn’t work for any reason, you can access the site or any server using a direct IP address.

Remote desktop applications such as; Using a dedicated IP on Windows Remote Desktop means you can access the same computer over and over again using one IP. If the IP changes repeatedly, you need to repeatedly connect the computer by entering the new IP.

Static Vs Dynamic IP Address

There is no need to worry, just say static IP address and dynamic IP address – these two are just ordinary IP addresses, they do the same thing. But dedicated IP does not change and dynamic changes all the time.

Dynamic IP is not permanently associated with any device but is associated with certain devices for some time, then returns to the IP address pool so that it can be reconnected with the new device. This is the big advantage of this dynamic IP. If Internet service providers continue to provide dedicated IPs to all users, there will soon be a crisis of IP addresses, with IPs no longer available to new users. When an Internet user is no longer using the IPT, at the same time that IPT is given to another user.

However, Dynamic IP is not suitable for web servers, file servers, or any other service where changing IPs will cause problems in making connections. However, most public IP provider companies offer dynamic IPE. Larger companies use dedicated IPs so that their addresses do not change.

static ip

The disadvantage of static IP

No problem with dynamic IP addresses, just insert the connection to the router and an automatic IP from DHCP will stick to your device. The situation is completely different from static IP address. First you need to manually configure your devices, where some technical knowledge is required. If you can’t configure it properly, the hosted website, file server, etc. will not work properly.

There are some more problems with using This IP

There are other issues with using static IP ADDRESS, but the most serious issue is security related. Since your network IP does not change, hackers will be able to continue hacking attacks on your network using the same address over and over again. There will be enough time for hackers to find the best of your network and device. Or suppose your computer is already accessed by a hacker, then he will continue to have easy access. Where the dynamic IP changes frequently, the hacker has to repeatedly make new connections. However, if you are already a victim of computer hacking, you can read this article.

Moreover, you have to pay more to use a static/dedicated/fixed IP address. In the case of web hosting, along with server bills, many companies also accept bills for dedicated IPs.


By using Dynamic DNS service, you can take advantage of it without using a static IP ADDRESS. This service allows you to set a hostname or domain name on your network that does not change. Dynamic DNS service will always update the IP behind your hostname so you won’t have any problem even if the IP changes. You can say that in this way you can use your personal dedicated IP without paying extra money. In my opinion, No-IP provides much better service.

You can easily configure your computer by using Just No-IP Client. If you have trouble configuring me you can comment below.

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