Blogger Vs WordPress | Which is the best platform for blogging for you?

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress: Especially blogs when you are thinking of creating your own website; Then a question must come to your mind that, with Blogger? Or with WordPress? And since there are already several articles and tutorials on WordPress on WireBD; So I should write in a little detail about these many questions asked. You may be thinking about online blogging or writing, but it is very important for you to know which platform you are actually using. Because the other side of this platform depends on the design of your own blog or website, what content you can provide on your website, what benefits you will get on your website, and how much you will earn from your website. (WordPress Introduction)


Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google. However, the first Pigeon Lab-created it in 1999 and was initially called Blogspot. Blogspot was one of the earliest free blog posting platforms on the Internet. In 2003, Google bought it from Pigeon Labs, thinking about its future needs. Then in 2006 Google brought Blogspot under their own server and turned it into a free blogging platform without any subscription charges. Google later changed its name from ‘Blogspot’ to ‘Blogger’.


WordPress is a free PHP and MySQL based open source web content management system. Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress, released this special content management system on May 27, 2003, to create a blog website. Where Google Blogger is hosted on Google’s servers; There you have to download WordPress from and install it on your own web hosting or web server. WordPress is currently ranked as the best web content management system in the world.

In today’s article I will discuss basically which platform will be best for you Blogger vs WordPress; And what are the benefits of Blogger and WordPress and what is not.

blogger vs wordpress

The cost of your website

When you choose one of the two as your blogging platform, here is a question about the lifetime of your website. Simply put, how long will your website be live on the Internet? This is much easier for bloggers. Because Blogger doesn’t have to worry about hosting your website; Because Google has taken the responsibility of hosting your website here. So if you create a website with Blogger’s default domain; But as long as Google comes, as long as there are bloggers, your website and blog will remain intact.

Since you can also use custom domains on Blogger, your site will be active forever if you can renew your domain regularly. So your annual cost for Blogger site will be 8 $ -12 for domain only; Depending on which domain you are buying. The dot com domain will cost you $ 8 -12$ per year.

Blogger vs WordPress

On the other hand, in the case of WordPress, along with the domain, your web hosting plan also needs to be renewed regularly. Once one of your domain addresses and hosting plans is closed, the website will no longer be visible to website readers. Many times if you have a dedicated IP for the website, you may still be able to access the site even if the domain is gone; But what will happen to the readers? So the WordPress website will remain active as long as you are spending money behind the website.

In the same way, the cost of a domain like Blogger will be the same here; In addition, you can buy SSL certificates for your website, which means a secure connection to your website. You can read more about SSL Certificate in this article.

However, you can add CloudFlare’s free SSL to any type of site, see the detailed tutorial here!

However, SSL certificates can cost from 5 5 to 100 100 a year, depending on which SSL Certificate pack you are buying. But now you can get a free SSL service called ‘Let’s Encrypted’ on your web hosting panel; And it will also work as a free secure connection for your WordPress site. Let’s face it – most important to you is the cost of hosting your site; And in this case, your cheap can cost from 5$ to 50$ per month at a very premium. Self-hosted WordPress site hosting selection!

Theme for the website

Google has some default themes for Blogger, but in most cases, you may not like it. No problem, there are many third-party themes for you that you can use on your Blogger website; There are many free themes and many paid ones. Blogger themes are usually called templates. However, the features available here are much less than the WordPress theme.

WordPress’s huge developer-friendly environment and its functionality allow WordPress theme developers to add many more features. And technically, Blogger themes are loaded faster than WordPress themes, mainly because they are HTML and JavaScript based. The thing is, there are a lot of themes that are available for WordPress as well as Blogger.

Blogger and WordPress Functionality

Using WordPress, you can also create social media like Facebook!

WordPress is far ahead of Google’s Blogger in terms of functionality; Where you can find over 20000 different plugins for WordPress; The wizards found in the Layout section of Blogger are far behind. There are many plugins for WordPress theme customization, various feature control. And by using these various plugins tools, the experience of using WordPress can be taken to a different level. WordPress has a user registration system; Which is not in Google Blogger; Here the admin has to do it manually.

Now there are many blogger themes where you can see that there are many features like eCommerce. But it is very limited; Here are just a few of the features that are part of the theme. WordPress, on the other hand, has official plugins like eCommerce to create something great like eCommerce. ECommerce is an official plugin created by the developer company of WordPress that makes your WordPress site completely eCommerce ready (create an e-commerce site with WordPress in 5 minutes). In terms of functionality, there is a new plugin called Pipso that allows you to create a complete social media like Facebook using WordPress!

Which is better for blogging? Blogger vs WordPress

Speaking of which, which is better, just blogging or writing? But in that case, both are good. Rather those who are simply looking for a means to spread their writing among others; them, I would say bloggers are good. Because there will be no cost for you here; If you only take the domain then only the domain will cost. Many simple design websites are good for blogging; And for that, I would say that you will find many simple and completely free blogger templates in Blogger, which you can use to create a very beautiful website.

On the other hand, just for this, WordPress may seem to cost you a lot of time. But if you want to get more addictive functionality besides blogging, WordPress is good for you. Blogger is not for you if there is more demand than blogging; WordPress for you then.


In the case of Google AdSense, WordPress is more convenient than Blogger!

But if you have income in mind, WordPress is best for you. You can also get Google AdSense on Blogger blogs, but in that case, the AdSense that you get after reviewing your website by Google is ‘Hosted’ AdSense; Which means AdSense for sites hosted on Google’s own platform. And basically Google will take ay from you here; Because here your blogger site will take about 40% of the money from AdSense, And the rest of the money will give you. On the other hand, in the case of your own hosted WordPress site, the AdSense you will get is ‘non-hosted’ AdSense. And here you get 6% of your income. So if you have income in mind, WordPress is the best.

There is another point here, search engine optimization or SEO in short form, which is some strategy to bring visitors from search engines to every website. Blogger sites are a bit difficult to make search engine friendly, it may require manual site editing, but WordPress has different plugins for each task, so just install them and you can easily fix SEO.


Google’s Blogger is far ahead in terms of security. Being hosted on Google’s own cloud server, you leave the matter of security in Google’s hands. So Google Blogger can only be hacked if your Gmail account is hacked (Google Account security). Although the WordPress platform is quite secure, since it is self-hosted, the website can be secured by using 3rd party plugins for security.

Both Blogger and WordPress are great platforms in their own right. There are differences between the two platforms in terms of features day and night; In the same way, there is a difference in their benefits. A user does not have to spend a lot of money to use a domain (it does not cost money to use a domain); Again you have to spend a little more money to use another. However, if you provide regular quality content, you will get a lot more readers in the future; But in that case, you will be more successful by using WordPress. And even if you take blogging very seriously, WordPress will be the best for you.

I hope you understand some of the differences between Blogger vs WordPress through today’s article. Maybe this article of mine will help you with which platform you will actually use. Thanks!

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