What is cloud computing? cloud computing advantages, benefits, examples

Cloud Computing Definition and Meaning

I’m sure you’ve heard of cloud computing somewhere. You hear about cloud computing, but you have a lot of questions. Is it actually a thing or how can there be a computer in the cloud? Why use cloud computing? Etc. etc. So let’s know everything in one breath.

cloud computing

Reasons for naming cloud computing

Hearing this name raises the question of why the name was kept like this. There is no need to think that there is a computer in the sky or in the clouds. The sky is very clear, and there is no chance of rain, and there is no computer or hovering in the sky waiting for the computer to open on the ground and take you home. So why is this computer named Cloud? If you think about the cloud, that is, its structure, then we know that the water molecules come together to form the cloud. And when it rains from this cloud it spreads all around. After the rain but not fixed in one place. And the same cloud changes its position and rains everywhere. Now this cloud computer is made up of a lot of clouds and its function is almost the same. See cloud computers are made by combining thousands of computers. And it can be used from anywhere in the world. Unlike the computer on your desk, you can only use it from a specific location. So roughly based on this idea, this technology has been named cloud computing. Let’s try to clear up the issue of cloud computing with some practical examples.

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Real Cloud Computing Examples

Suppose you have a computer in your house. And you do all sorts of things with your computer like maybe you create some files or you store some data. Wanting to do. So these things but you can not do comfortably with a normal computer. And if you want to do that, you have to upgrade your computer, and it can cost a lot of money. But tell me how it is? Even if you rent a high-quality computer at a very low cost. So that you can do all the high-quality work and the most convenient thing is that you can control that rented computer from your computer or any computing device.


Yes, friends, this is cloud computing. This is a virtual computer. This means that you will not be able to see the components of the computer but you can use it from any place and from any computing device as a remote control. Where you can configure as you wish and do all the high-quality work through an internet connection. Here you can save thousands of donors. And you can do everything that you do with the computer on your desk. All you need is a good speed full internet connection.

Many people think that only data can be stored through cloud computing. The way we store data with OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. In fact, cloud computing is not just about storing data, it can be used as a real computer. And be able to configure as you wish.

Cloud Computing Advantages

Suppose a company has one thousand employees. They store different information and use it later. Now if the company tries to do this on its own, the company will have to set up a specific server. It can cost a lot later. But if that company rents a cloud computer from a cloud company, it will be able to save all the data very easily. And they will be able to use the software they work with. And it will cost less. There is one more thing here. That is, cloud computing can be upgraded as desired. Suppose the company has more than 500 employees. This will increase the workload and will require more space to store more data. In fact, if you want to do this, you will need more computers or system upgrades. But in the case of a cloud computer system, this can be done very easily. Here you can add RAM or CPU CORE or STORAGE as you wish.

cloud computing advantages

Cloud Computing Benefits

  • Cloud computing services are available from anywhere in the world.
  • It is possible to do a lot of high-quality work through cloud computing. And it is possible to use all the necessary software that you might have to buy with separate money.
  • It is possible to save a lot of data at once. And that data will never be lost or corrupted. This service provider companies have many data centers. So you don’t have to worry about your data.
  • It is possible to upgrade as desired.
  • Cloud computing services are comparatively less expensive. You can buy this service according to your need in different terms. It can be 1 month or 6 months or 1 year or a lifetime.
  • Cloud computing services can be controlled by almost all types of computing devices. Suppose you were doing a project through cloud computing with your home computer, then you have to go to the office, you can do it on the street from your tablet or phone. And when you reach the office, you can connect the cloud with the office computer and do that work sitting in the office.

Last word

Hopefully, I have been able to answer all your questions about what cloud computing is, how it can be used, and the benefits of using it. You don’t need to have a high-quality computer to do high-quality work. All you need is a good internet connection and you can do all your work with the help of cloud computing. Friends, I would like to comment on today’s post. And if you like today’s post, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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