What is ping test? Is bandwidth speed everything on the internet? ping test

“what is my ping Your ISP or broadband company sells your internet at a rate of kilobits or megabits per second. There is another important term in any internet connection besides Kbps or Mbps, and that is ping or latency. “Ping” is actually a measurement standard that helps you measure how long it takes you to connect to an Internet server from your client device (laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile). Ping can also be called just a command line, which is present in every major operating system. For example, you can test “ping” by opening a command prompt on a Windows PC.

No matter what you do on the internet — download any file, do online gaming, read articles from Wired, you have to face Ping with every click of your browser. Of course, a low ping rate is of the utmost importance to connect to a web server quickly, no matter how many Kbps or Mbps connection you are using, but once connected to the server, the packets (images, text, code) from the server are quickly transferred to you. Kbps or Mbps has a role to play in reaching the device. So let’s try to climb the important information from today’s topic.

Where is ping used?

“Ping” means not only when two computers are connected, but also how much time each packet is received from one computer to another. If you don’t know about packets, you can read the article on how the internet works. As you may have noticed, when you click on a website to open it, it does not load immediately, but once the website is opened, it takes some time to click on another page, and that is latency.

what is ping test

Let’s take an example to make the matter a little clearer, suppose you put a hose in the mouth of a water pump, to water the trees in your garden. As soon as you start the pump but the water will not start flowing through the other end of the pipe, first, the pipe will be filled with water first and then the water will start flowing through another day. So the delay in getting water from the mouth of the pump to the other end of the pipe is latency. Ping measures the latency of the connection between the two computers. Many people think that “ping” and latency are the same, but in fact, two things are not the same. “Ping” is a map for measuring latency and “latency” is the time between the server and the client.

How important is the ping-rate test

As I mentioned earlier, pinging is the most important way to quickly connect to a server or a website. Suppose your office internet speed is 20 Mbps, but the ping-rate of that connection is 200 ms (milliseconds). Suppose your home internet speed is 10 Mbps but the ping-rate of this connection is 20 ms, then which is better? In fact, it is not possible to give the correct answer to this question depending on the ping-rate or bandwidth speed. It depends on what you are doing with the internet connection.

If you do online gaming, the importance of low ping-rates is much higher, not just bandwidth speeds. If your ping-rate is too high, it will be too late for the input you provided in the game to reach the game server. The result is that in an action game you shot but someone shot you before, you may have shot at the right time, but your command is too late to reach the server — because your latency or ping-rate is too high. And for this, online games or multiplayer games show ping-rate or latency on the screen.

On the other hand, if you are a normal internet user, that is, you use the internet for normal internet browsing, downloading, video streaming, then you will need more bandwidth speed. If your ping is high, it may be a little late for each page to come, although it will not be late to load, the bandwidth speed will be the most important thing when you download a file or play a YouTube video. It may take a while for packets to connect at higher pingrate, but once connected, bandwidth speeds will work to get to your computer faster. But here’s the thing, suppose you have a lot of pages open in the browser at once, and some pages are refreshed in the background, but to do this your computer has to deal with a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic at the same time. You can’t browse the web. Ping-rate is more important here.

How does ping work?

It works on a very general term, the method of working is given below;

  • Your computer, the server sends smaller amounts of data to the computer than anything else.
  • The server computer accepts the request and verifies whether a reply has been requested and whether it is qualified to receive it.
  • If all goes well, the server computer sends you the necessary packets again.

In fact, single ping works in the above method, you can check it yourself. Open your Windows PC command prompt and type “ping wirebd.com” (without commas), then see

Pinging wirebd.com [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=778ms TTL=42
Reply from bytes=32 time=739ms TTL=42
Reply from bytes=32 time=593ms TTL=42
Reply from bytes=32 time=718ms TTL=42

The data above is displayed in your command prompt. Here your client computer first finds the IP address along with the domain and sends a 32-byte request packet to that server computer. Then see if your computer is receiving some packets from the server, and “time = 778ms” is the time latency or ping-rate.

Why is the ping-rate low or high?

Many things depend on the ping-rate or response time or latency of different ISPs or different servers. If the server from which you want to receive packets is far away, the rate may increase. Again, if the connection between the server and your computer is bad, such as fiber optic cable, the pingrate can be increased. If the rate of your broadband connection is 1 ms, you can connect to any server at 1 ms ping-rate, but that is not the case. If the rate of the server is high or the server is far away, your 1 ms ping-rate is still profitable. See below trying to give proof.

In the screenshot above I checked the bandwidth speed of that server from my cloud server in the USA. The ping of the server’s internet connection is only 1 ms, which is a really great ping-rate. Its connection latency is supposed to connect to any server in just 1 millisecond, isn’t it?

But you see, when I requested to connect to the server of this site from the same server, it took 103 milliseconds to get the data back from the Wirebd server. In other words, it has been proved here that not only will your ping-rate below, but also the rate, connection, distance of your connected server will be correct. But I want your ping-rate to be lower. I hope I have understood the matter.

Is zero ping-rate possible?

In a word, zero ping-rate is never possible. According to physics, just as it takes a certain amount of time for each object to come from somewhere, so too do data packets take some time to move from one computer to another. No matter how close your server is, even if you ping your home server or a computer on your local area network, it will take 1-2 milliseconds for a response.

No matter how much you use advanced fiber optic cable, data packets will not be able to come faster than the speed of light. However, if you manually on your own computer using the ping localhost command, the ping-rate is zero when test online. However, this is not true in practice — because it takes some time for the computer software to process your command, even if that time is very small, it cannot be zero.

So it can be said that zero rates is not possible in any ping speed test, professionally, scientifically, or theoretically. However, there is no doubt that in the future we will be able to create a better and more suitable internet by reducing the network latency.

Last word

So this was today’s post, I know maybe some things were a little tangy in nature, then maybe I was able to successfully explain. By now, you know that you don’t need more bandwidth speeds, you need fewer ping-rates website. So what is the bandwidth speed or ping-rate of your internet line and what is your experience with it, let us know in the comments below.

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