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Internet browsing becomes really scary when it involves personal information. Entering a password, credit card number, or any other personal information on the Internet can be really scary — because you know how many computers the website you are providing your information to, then it goes to your specific web server? Any information you enter could easily fall into the hands of a hacker, and you must have the ability to imagine what could happen next. However, there are many ways to keep your website users’ information secure, the best of which is the SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer).

What is SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that you can buy at any organization or on your own. This creates a secure connection between your web browser and your web server. The details of your organization are enclosed in a cryptographic key. This certificate contains the certificate holder’s name, serial number, expiration, the certificate holder’s public key, and a digital signature provided by the issuing authority of the certificate. Having an SSL certificate on a website means that you can trust this site, no hacker can look at its information.

what is ssl certificate

The certificate encrypts all your information and sends it to the web server, and the webserver does the same. Suppose, you want to send money to a friend in a remote village, there is no mobile banking facility or internet. If you want to send money there, it will reach your friend only after the money is handed over to some people. Now if you ask someone to reach your friend’s address with money, he goes some distance and similarly hands over the money to someone else, think about how much your money is at risk. But if you lock the money in a box and send it away, no matter how many people hand it over, there will be no fear of it being stolen — because the lock will only open with your friend’s key.

This is exactly what the SSL certificate does. This allows all the information you have entered to reach the server securely. HTTPS can be found at the beginning of the URL of all websites using SSL. HTTPS is a mixed version of SSL and HTTP.

Where SSL Certificate used?

It is primarily used to create confidential and secure connections between your web browser or mail client or a mail server and web server. It authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts all information using SSL technology. The SSL certificate assures the security of any web session. This means that any information you send will reach the website absolutely securely, and no hacker or cracker will be able to hack that information in the middle.

Generally, online banking websites, social network websites, email service providers, and admins of any website who want to secure all the information of their users can use an SSL certificate. If you have this certificate on your site, your customer or your user will receive a notification in their browser, so that they understand, your site can be trusted.

All online banking websites including Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. use SSL — because they each deal in a lot of sensitive information.

Is it necessary for your website?

In fact, the answer to this question depends on a few things, if you host a web server where people share their highly sensitive and personal information, it is best to have an SSL certificate on your website. Because having this certificate not only means that all the information of your users will be safe but also that your users will trust your website.

If you want to use this, you must first order it from an organization. First, you need to set up your webserver properly and update your WHOIS report. Now you need to generate a CSR from your server, it is a certificate signing request, which contains the encrypted text block and it is sent to the certificate issuing organization so that the server information is later registered in the certificate.

ssl certificate

However, before getting the certificate, you must keep in mind that Zeno has a unique IP address for your server, after which your domain will be suitable for getting the certificate. After the certificate issuer issues the certificate to you, you need to install it on the server.

The price of different SSLs can vary depending on your website and your security level. I will try to show you later in a tutorial on how you can get a free SSL certificate. But buy a certificate from a good provider like GoDaddy, Symantec, etc.

Last word About SSL

It’s really hard to trust a website without an SSL certificate, especially where you’re going to enter confidential information. So if you have a large website, where user information is constantly exchanged, I would strongly advise you to use SSL, and trust that your users will like your site.

Have you ever used SSL on your website? Share your experience with us in the comments below

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