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What is nanotechnology And Nano Tech ? Nanotechnology Definition

What is nanotechnology And nano Tech? Nanotechnology Definition Nanotechnology (nanotechnology or abstract nanotech) is the study of changing and controlling molecules at the molecular level. Generally, nanotechnology works with structures that are at least one dimension smaller than 5 nanometers. Nanotechnology is multidimensional, its boundaries range from conventional semiconductor...

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Is Fingerprint unique? New Fingerprint Technology Helps to get secret information

How Fingerprint Technology provides secret information “Fingerprint” -Unlike the fingerprints of each individual, there is no similarity to the fingerprint of someone. It’s a mysterious, one-on-one side, and it’s also convenient. The process of collecting fingerprints for criminal identification and imprinting fingerprints left on the offender at the crime...

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What is Nanotechnology? And Top 10 applications of NanoTech

Nanotechnology-What is Nanotech? Nanotechnology definition -Nano Nanotechnology is science, technology, and technology. That is operated on a molecular scale. Nanotech is the alteration and control of substances at atomic and molecular levels. Nanotech works with a small structure of 100 Nanometers. In the medical field, the nanotechnology of energy...