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Future Technology which will change the world -2022 technologies

Future Technology in our life The touch of future technology has made our lives a lot easier. Again, technology has poisoned our lives. People’s lives are improving day by day for the excellence of technology. Again, people have different perspectives on this technology. Future or future technology is organized...

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Is Fingerprint unique? New Fingerprint Technology Helps to get secret information

How Fingerprint Technology provides secret information “Fingerprint” -Unlike the fingerprints of each individual, there is no similarity to the fingerprint of someone. It’s a mysterious, one-on-one side, and it’s also convenient. The process of collecting fingerprints for criminal identification and imprinting fingerprints left on the offender at the crime...

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ICT – Information Technology – ICT Meaning And Importance of ICT | info | icts

 ICT – Information Technology – ICT Meaning And Importance of ICT | info | “ICT” – ICT meaning –Collection, preservation process, transfers, and recovery of information are possible by using computer software, telecommunication, and presently by the internet. This ICT technology brought about a tremendous change in the world....