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my name is fahim 0

my name is fahim

fahim is my name Dhaka, Bangladesh – Over 100 Bangladeshi drug dealers have surrendered to the authorities at a pre-scheduled ceremony in a coastal town seeking clemency and vowing to go back to a normal life. The unprecedented event on Saturday was prompted by a Philippines-style massive anti-narcotic crackdown,...


Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality | AR VS Vr |Learn About AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, what is it? Does not eat or give in the head? For years we have been hearing about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Many heard this again. What are these technologies? In this post, I will discuss how they...


How To Screen Record On Android Easily | Android Screen Recorder 2021|

Unfortunately, for users of Android devices, this operating system does not have the standard tools for record video from the screen. What to do if you need to? The answer is simple: you need to find, install, and then get started using a special app created by third-party developers....