Recover Deleted Files Windows 10 | Microsoft Releases File recovery tool

Recover deleted files windows 10 | Microsoft Releases File Recovery Tool

Microsoft recently uploaded a special app to its Microsoft Store that will help you recover deleted files from Windows computers. Such third-party software tools have been on the market for a long time, but this time Microsoft has officially released something like that. “recover deleted files windows 10”

The app is called Windows File Recovery, a command-line utility that will help you recover deleted files. This app is capable of recovering deleted files from internal and external hard drives of Windows computers as well as USB devices. You can even recover deleted files from SD card.

Recover Deleted Files Windows 10

It can work on NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems. Not only that, but it also supports many types of file formats, such as; Supports JPEG, PDF, PNG, MPEG, Office files, MP3 and MP4, as well as zip files.

The tool basically works in three operations. Default, segment and signature for data recovery

If your file system is NTFS and you have recently deleted a file, the default mode is recommended to recover it. If a file or content has been deleted a long time ago or you have mistakenly formatted the disk, you can use segment mode first to find the file, otherwise signature mode. Microsoft says the signature mode is ideal when you work with FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems. “Recover Deleted Files Windows 10”

The bottom line is that what percentage of this recovery tool will work correctly depends on how long ago your file was deleted and how much you have used your computer since then. This is because when a file is deleted from your computer, it is not deleted. Windows just mark that place as empty space. But the file is still physically there. When you write a separate file, that file is deleted from there. Once a file is overridden, it is just lost!

Download Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery Tool from here!

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