How to Increase Internet Speed -Internet Speed booster

How to Increase Internet Speed -Internet Speed booster

How to Increase Internet Speed -Due to technical reasons, internet speed may slow down. Which means that the speed is not available, it is not available. Many times it can not be understood, where is the problem, computer or connection? If you have checked the Internet connection in a few steps, the speed can be swiftly made.
In some cases, the speed of the internet can be increased in some cases, knowing some techniques.

Internet Speed test: You can easily check if your internet Speed is running correctly. For this, go to the address website and wait for a moment by clicking the Begin Test. After testing, you can know how much speed.
Virus scan on computer: If the computer is infected with viruses or malware, the work loss can reduce the speed of the Internet connection immediately. So scan the computer with good and registered antivirus software.
Automatic updates off Windows and many other programs on the computer are automatically updated. If it does not stop, sometimes the Internet is spent on unnecessarily. For Windows 7, go to Control Panel and click on Windows Update. When you open it, from the list on the left side, click Change Settings. Please select Never check for updates (not recommended) at important updates here. Tick ​​the remaining tick marked below and press OK button.
Close toolbars and extensions: Many times the software to visit the website (browser) becomes unnecessary toolbars and extensions. Among them, the Ask Toolbar, iLivid, etc. are associated with a brawl. If you remove (remove/uninstall) them, then do not read the internet again.
Increase bandwidth: Certain bandwidth specifications for Windows computers. Turning it off will speed up the Internet connection. For this, run Windows 7 Start Menu from Run program. Enter gpedit.msc and enter it here. When the Group Policy Editor opens, from the Computer Configuration to the left side, go to Administrative Templates and click on Network. Now open the QoS Packet Scheduler in the list by double-clicking it. Double-click on Limit reservable bandwidth and open it here. Now type the Bandwidth limit (%) into the cell 0 (zero) and OK. Restart the computer and keep using it.

how to increase internet speed

How To Increase Internet Speed In Details-

Currently liability for a moment without the internet. But when using mobile internet, many people talk about slow internet speed. But if you take some methods How to increase internet speed, on mobile, then the internet speed can be easily increased. Learn how to increase Internet speed:

  1. Check Internet Speed Or Internet Connection: Using an Internet Speed ​​Test App like SpeedTest, you can see the speed of current internet speed. Depending on the speed a lot depends on the use, peak hour use, network, and what kind of internet connection (data plan) it has taken. Whether it is using Wi-Fi or mobile network, why not see whether its signal is getting properly.
  2. Clean the phone cache: You can speed up the mobile internet without clearing your phone’s memory and cache memory. Instead of phone memory, you can use services such as SD card or Dropbox, Google Drive. When the mobile cache memory is filled, the device also becomes slower, and the speed of the internet is also reduced. Clear the ‘cached data’ of the mobile. Because they do not just waste mobile space, but also slow down the various apps on your mobile.
  3. Drop unused apps: Many unused apps reduce the performance of the phone, which affects To increase the Internet Speed. So drop the unused app (Uninstall).
  4. the right network: PUse 3G network instead of the 2G network. It will speed up.
  5. Network settings: See if your phone’s network settings are included in the right network. This is not limited to two or two networks only. For many mobile phones, the network is automatically set to GSM / WCDMA / LTE. If not automatically set, then manually select the network. If you are a 3G user then keep the network type WCDMA or 3G.
  6. Keep the browser in text mode: If your photo is not needed, then you can keep the browser as a text mode.
  7. Fast Web Browser: For fast internet access, you can use Opera Mini, UC, or Chrome browser and update regularly.
  8. Use the Speed ​​Boost app: Internet applications like Internet booster and optimizer, Faster Internet 2X, Internet speed booster, etc. can be used to speed up the Internet.
  9. Close Auto Sync: Some apps such as e-mails are automatically sinks, you can disable the auto-sync features of these apps. Some apps are automatically updated, and you can turn off auto-updates too.

How To Increase Internet Speed For Computer Or PC –

How to Increase Internet Speed,-Take care of your SD card too. Use a High-Speed ​​SD card. If you use a slower SD card, it will also slow down the download speed of your mobile.

  1. First, join the internet with the connection that you successfully use. Now let’s see the speed of your current internet from address or navigate to the file size from the site you are familiar with. It can be 1MB and notice how long it takes to download the file.
  2. Disconnect the connection and insert the modem/device, go to your computer run compmgmt.msc and press Enter from the keyboard. Or right-click on My Computer and click on the Manage option. Computer Management will be launched. Now you can see the list of your computer’s devices right when you click the left Device Manager. From here, click on the (+) symbol on the Ports (Com & LPT) icon. You will see the communication ports of all the devices connected to your computer. From here, double click on Communications Port…Properties will open….From here, go to the Port Settings tab and select Bit per second and select the maximum value (128000). Notice whether the Data Bits is the highest (8) and Advance option receiver and Transfers buffer.
  3. In the same way, if you have a modem displayed below the Communications Port, also go to the Port Settings tab and select Bit per second and select the maximum value (128000). Notice whether the Data Bits is the highest (8) and Advance option receiver and Transfers buffer.
  4. Run> compmgmt.msc> Computer Management Double click on your Modems option in Themes and go to Properties and go to Port Settings tab and select Bit per second and select the maximum value (128000). (Of course, the modem is installed and disconnected)
  5. Before joining the Internet, go to Network Connection from the Control Panel and double click on the Context option and click on the Configure option and see whether Max Speed ​​is the maximum. If not, then fix the maximum value (921600) OK twice. However, disconnecting the connection, the modem/device is fitted.
  6. To avoid frequent use of Tip 5, go to ‘Network Connection’ to create a shortcut link to your connection and keep it on the desktop and later join the Internet using shortcuts.
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