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All of you may have seen the Internet cookies somewhere. In any Internet browser, you may see options such as cookies and delete cookies or disables cookies. But what does it mean? In this post, I will know how it works or what its advantages or disadvantages are today. Before entering into a detailed discussion, be aware that these cookies are not eating cookies

What are Internet cookies?

Let’s talk first about what these cookies really are. Cookies are actually files that are stored in your Internet browser’s cache memory. Now, these files come from wherever you look, whenever you enter a cookie-enabled website and if you have cookies enabled on your internet browser, that website drops cookies in your browser cache. Cookies are commonly used to improve the quality of your Internet service. Suppose you go to an e-commerce site like Amazon or eBay or go to a ticket or hotel booking site, these sites will place their cookies on your Internet browser. Now, after placing these cookies, you go to those sites, search for a product or place or search for an item for a long time, and for a short period of time, all of this data is constantly sent to your website by your Internet browser cookies. So if you subsequently access that website, that website will show you the Remand result. Suppose you searched for a brand watch on Amazon last time and those data have passed to Amazon through cookies. Now if you visit Amazon again, you will be shown more such watches showing you more products of the same price range and so on.

what is internet cookies

Internet cookies help improve the quality of services for you based on your visits and the activity you do on that site. So that’s definitely a good thing. If you go to a website for the first time, do some search or make some settings, then with those cookies, the second time you go there, you will get everything back. Again you may be logging in to a website using your ID and password, if the ID and password are saved in your browser then that is different but if those website cookies are enabled then you may accidentally close the window and your cookie will be locked. Get the password.

The bad side of internet cookies

So far, good things have happened about Internet cookies and we have learned how these cookies improve the quality of our Internet service. But some people think cookies are stealing their personal data and Internet activity data. So if you have no fear of worry, you can disable cookies. But from a practical point of view, some of these people’s fearsome appetites are just right.

And the most terrifying thing is the third-party cookies. Friends you may have noticed that many websites have many types of add-ons. Some of them have popup add-ons where only 3-5 browser windows are opened automatically when clicked. Websites now open in those automated windows may be destroyed if you place a third party cookie on your browser.

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See that the cookies in your browser are not encrypted. This means that the Internet cookies stored on your computer are generally in the form of no encryption [know: what encryption is, and how it works?]. Although your ID password or other details are not stored in cookies, your login session is saved in a cookie. If a trusted website has trustworthy cookies, that is a good thing and it only sends certain data from your internet browser to that website. But third-party cookies access not only the data of a site but all the internet data you visit on a third-party website. It also steals all your online login sessions. Now, what is an online session, when you log in to a website by entering your ID and password, you create a login session on that website. And this session will save that web site to your Internet cookies. If someone steals your cookie and places it in his browser, he will no longer need an ID or password to log in to that website. Many times you will see that once you log in to your Facebook account, if you do not logout, then the next time you log in, you will no longer need an ID and password to log in. You automatically log in there. Because Facebook keeps your log in sessions stored in Internet cookies in your browser.

In addition, if you enter your email address, credit card number, your address, etc. in a login session, those third party cookies can be stolen very easily.

How to protect third party cookies for internet?

To prevent this, your option is to go to your web browser’s settings option and there is an option to enable “Block All Cookies”. This means that your internet browser will prevent all types of websites from placing cookies, be it trusted websites and third-party Internet cookies. This will be the best option for those who cannot trust the internet or who are always worried about their security.

There is also another option to “block third party cookies” in your internet browser. This means that cookies come from a normal website, and they are fine for improving the quality of your service, but cookies that come from a third party block them via Scientific or a popup ad.

There is another option in your internet browser that when turned on, you will be asked repeatedly for permission before a cookie is planted in your browser. Suppose you enter a website through a browser, your browser will ask if you want to enable cookies for that website. If you want, you can enable it, and if you don’t want to, you can do it.

Finally, another option is to use the Ad Block extension. This type of extension is available for almost all types of browsers. You can avoid annoying popup ads and third-party cookies by using this extension. And web pages will load much faster in your browser. But another thing, using the ad-block extension means fixing the internet content makers don’t help. The use of this ad block extension is extremely harmful to those who earn by creating different content on their blog or website. So in my opinion, websites that use annoyance ads or more popup ads should be whitelisted and your trusted and preferred websites should be whitelisted. This will benefit you as well as content makers.

The last word

Hopefully, you have already learned everything about Internet cookies, how they work, and their benefits and disadvantages. Cookies are coming from a trusted website, but blocking cookies from a malicious website or popup add-in will help ensure your security. Because you never know how third-party cookies will steal any of your information. If you like the post, please share it. And if you have any additional questions please let me know.

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