iPhone 11 specs|Why You buy iPhone 11? Full Features and Specifications

It is one of the most popular brands of gadgets of Apple brand gadgets of multinational companies. The brand is growing in popularity over time. As soon as Apple releases its brand new phone into the marketplace, the tech-savvy people in this country are starting to discuss a familiar question, “Should I buy the iPhone this time?” Today’s article discusses all aspects of this iPhone 11 that will help you decide to purchase the phone.

iPhone History

Apple Macintosh Personal Computer was released worldwide on January 24 in 1984. Users then learned for the first time how to use a mouse. Then, due to various technological changes, the smart mobile device called the iPhone came in 2007. Through various surprises, Apple has given users new experiences in the tech market and its competitors to follow. All of Apple’s current popular gadgets include the iPod, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad. However, the most exciting of them is the release of a new version of the iPhone every year. The new version surpasses Apple itself with a series of eye-catching features. Let’s know about the latest iPhone 11 analysis.

iPhone 11 Features

It will be confessed to everyone that, according to the current market, the iPhone 11 is not a pricey phone at all. In this market, the price of the iPhone 11 is estimated at 650$, and to buy the 11 Pro you will have to pay around 1000$.

iPhone 11

Let’s now see iPhone 11 specs And Features:

iPhone 11Camera

One of the best features of this phone is its camera quality. The iPhone brand is always known for its excellent camera and great pictures at any time of the day, including in the evening or in the morning. The iPhone 11 has a dual 12 + 12-megapixel rear camera and a dual 12 megapixel + TOF 3D front camera. And there are six cameras behind their Pro version. The 11 Pro and Pro 11 Max has a 12-megapixel wide lens, a 12-megapixel telephoto lens and a 120-degree field of view with the same megapixel ultra-wide lens. Also, all the models of the iPhone 11 have the best video capture capabilities. From these features, it is easy to say that the iPhone 11’s camera is one of the best portable digital cameras in the market.

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iPhone Feature

Faster Processor and Best Battery in iPhone 11

The new iPhone has the A5 Bionic Processor, which according to Apple is the fastest processor ever. So you can easily run a few apps with mobile games together. According to Apple, the iPhone 11’s battery lasts about an hour longer than the iPhone X’s battery. So if you are stuck in a traffic jam for a long time, you have an iPhone, there is no chance of getting bored.

iPhone 11,11pro and 11 Max Price

Everyone knows that the price of an iPhone is always premium compared to other smartphone brands. As discussed earlier, the price of the iPhone 11 is as low as 650$ and the price of the Pro version is slightly higher. So if the price is a factor, then iPhone is not the right brand for you. You can buy many low priced Android phones in the same feature market. However, if you want to get an iPhone, you can get all the EMI schemes available in many outlets or stores.

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iPhone 11 Interface

iPhone 11 has come to market with Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 13. On the Android operating system, such interfaces can be customized by users, but the iPhone does not have the opportunity that can cause many users to get upset. But with a few exceptions, Apple is the only company in the world that makes its own hardware and software. The combination of these two gives the user the best performance and durability. Although Apple has compatibility issues with non-Apple devices, syncing the iPhone with Mac and iPad is great. Whether it’s a file or an activity transfer.


Without the camera alone, the iPhone brand is a popular brand for its durability. We buy some devices that are slow or unusable for 2 to 3 years, but the longevity of the iPhone is high. Overall, hardware ensures faster performance through hardware build quality and compatibility. Simply put, the iPhone 5 may seem like an expensive phone, but its durability is enough to offset its cost.

After-sales service: Since Apple manufactures its own hardware and software, the quality of its after-sales service is high. Apple offers one of the best after-sales services in the world and also has trained engineers trained by Apple to repair your Apple gadget. Please contact “Apple Authorized Reseller” to learn about service malfunctions.


Apple launches with the iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max Triple Camera

The iPhone 11 Pro, with a 5.8-inch display, is the next-gen phone on the iPhone XS. And the iPhone 11 Pro Max phone comes with a 6.5-inch display and is the next generation phone of the iPhone XS Max. The other two include a new Super Retina XDR display. And it has 1,200 knots of brightness. The screen has more than 15% brightness. And the iPhone has audio like Dolby Atmos 10’s.

The new iPhone 11 Pro will be available with triple rear cameras on Mac phones. And all 12-megapixel cameras have a wide-angle, an ultra-wide-angle, and a telephoto lens. On the upfront, there is a 12-megapixel camera on the iPhone that will offer similar features.

Apple has stated that the iPhone 11 Pro will give 4 hours more battery life than the iPhone XS, while the 11 Pro Max will give 5 hours more battery life than the iPhone XS Max. Apple has placed an 18W fast charger in the box.

Where to buy

Buying phones online in this country is now easier than ever. You can easily order the iPhone 11 through Amazon and they will deliver the phone to your doorstep faster. Or, if you would like to buy the phone directly, please contact Apple authorized sales center.

iPhone 11
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The last story

The iPhone 11 is a great device in all. There are certain aspects of likes and dislikes, but it depends entirely on how you use the user. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether or not to buy the phone. But of course, before buying, you should check the various aspects. Because the purchase decision of the apple mobile 11 is not a small investment. Another suggestion is that outside of the apple 11, you can check out last year’s iPhone XS model. But if you are a fan of Apple, then you can take your eyes off the new iPhone model.

Happy shopping!

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