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Amazon Online Shopping Process: Amazon is one of the world’s largest shopping sites, and also a cloud service provider. Shopping on Amazon online is very easy. To purchase from Amazon, you can download the Amazon app or also shop through Amazon’s official website.

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On Amazon Online Shopping Process, you can shop for almost everything you use in daily life. Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing electronic items, grocery, mobile, makeup items, baby products, furniture, computer laptops, kitchen items, etc.

How to search for products on Amazon online?

To search for the product on Amazon, Amazon Online Shopping Process has a search option at the top of the main page, in which you can search any item according to your requirement. Click here

amazon online shopping process

There is also an option to shop on Amazon according to your budget, called a filter. To filter you will first search for any item, after which the page will open. At the top right is a filter option. You can set the price range, the filter has more options. Like you can filter and set any color, brand, size, fabric, etc. you want.

How to get a low prices and good items on Amazon online?

To find a cheaper item on Amazon, first, you need to go to the Filter option and set the Price option from Low to High

Then click on any necessary item according to your budget. After clicking, the product rating is shown below the product.

The hallmark of a good product is that it has a rating in the range of 4.5 to 5 stars and is green in color. As the ratings indicate, product quality is coming down. A good quality product has a rating of between 3 and 5.

The rating of the defective product ranges from 1 to 2 and is shown in red. A review of that product is at the bottom of the page for the same product. Product reviews are given by those who buy and use the product.

What is a wish list?

A wish list means a list of products according to your wish or need. If you like a product, but you don’t want to buy it at the same time, we put it on the wish list so that when we want to buy that item, we don’t have to find it again, we just have to go to the wish list. Add items to cart in the section and for the amazon online shopping process and this way we can buy the product from the wish list section.

To add any product to the wish list, first, find the product and open it and scroll down, there is an option “Add to wish” list when you add any product to this list, then one Red heart shape is formed, that red heart shape means that the product has been added to your list. Now you can order the product later at your convenience.

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How to add products to shopping cart on amazon?

First, find the product you want, then open that product. Then scroll down and you will see an option, click on Add to Cart and your product is now added to your cart. After adding the products, you can buy them by going to your cart, the cart option is on the top right corner, after that you can easily order your product.

If you want to increase the quantity of the product, there is an option of +, by clicking the – + option you can increase the quantity, and by clicking – you can decrease the quantity of the product. In a shopping cart, you can also choose the size and color of a particular item in your cart.

amazon online shopping process

You can buy multiple items at the same time. All the products you have to buy must be added to the cart. After adding the products to the cart you can also see the total price of the products which is very important for the budget perspective.

If pricing exceeds your budget you can remove any product from the cart and purchase the remaining products.

How to order a product from Amazon?

To order any from Amazon Online Shopping the first process to do is to choose the product. After selecting the product, that product needs to be added to the cart. After adding it to the product cart, there is an option called to Proceed, click on it.

Then it will ask for your delivery address, then click continue, after which you are asked the payment method. How do you want to pay?

There are many options like net banking, UPI, card option, amazon pay balance or cash on delivery/pay on delivery, if you choose cod which is cash on delivery, then you have to pay after the product is delivered to your home and paid. Delivery means that you will have to pay by card once the product reaches you.

There is also an option for a gift card, if you have a gift card in your Amazon account, you can also pay for your order through them.

After ordering, if you think the order has gone wrong or you have to take another item, you can cancel the product by going to your account and then have the option to scroll down, called cancel order. is. Your order is now canceled

Return or replace the product on amazon

And if you have any problems after receiving the product, such as the product size is not correct or you have received the wrong or damaged product, you can return and replace the products.

If you paid with your card upon replacement or return of the product, the refund will be returned to your bank account and if the payment has been made by cash, the refund will be sent to your Amazon online shopping account, which you can use for further purchases and process. , For bill payment and recharge.

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