What is Linux operating system? Linux Distributions And Kali Linux OS

Linux operating system is everywhere. Starting from your mobile phone to laptop, desktop, server, even supercomputer, it has a vital role. In this case, you definitely need to know about it. And with that requirement in mind and a lot of requests I’ve decided today to discuss Linux in detail. So let’s find out everything

What is a computer operating system or OS?

Before you go into details about the Linux operating system, you must have a basic knowledge of the computer operating system. This is why many people make the mistake of realizing this. You or I never think about how a computer works. We just give the computer the task and instead of completing our task the computer is the diameter. We never want to be bogged down in how he or she completes the process or what process.

But for every task you command, the computer has to complete many processes. Programs that do all the functions of your computer such as music play, video play, word type, internet browsing, email sending, etc. are basically called applications or apps. But all these applications run or run over a jar is the operating system or OS.

The operating system has to perform all the basic functions of the computer. For example, the operating system determines when the key is displayed on your screen, when you press a key on the keyboard, the fan must be turned on when the processor is heated. The operating system stores all data on a hard drive and accesses the data again when needed. But your installed applications do not worry about these issues. The app only works by following the commands you provide. And connects to different hardware, putting pressure on the operating system as needed.

linux operating system

Let’s give a nice example of what an operating system is. Imagine your computer as an office. Where there is a typer who is trained to just type. She is doing her job very well. He will never think about how the office canteen should operate or how the office can be kept clean or the windows of the office must be removed. Remember to take care of the office canteen, cleanliness Another company works. Think of it as Opportunity Management. So the operating system of your computer is that facility management company. The operating system completes all the tasks so that the application can perform its specific tasks more carefully. Hopefully, from this example, you have a clear idea about the computer operating system.

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Why the operating system is needed?

You must have understood by now that the computer operating system plays a vital role. Prior to the invention of the Windows operating system, there was no operating system on the computer. The computers of that time were called microcomputers or micros. The machines of that time each operated in their own separate basic way. Someone’s program had no resemblance to someone’s program. If a game developer had created a game for one computer, it would have been completely useless to other computers. Since the language of one computer was different from another computer, it was impossible to establish a relationship between them.

But at that time an operating system called CP / M eliminated this problem. When microcomputers started using CP / M, they were able to run the same program on all computers. Developer RA then started writing programs for CP / M without writing programs for Alda computers. And innovation has come in computing technology.

But in the 1980s when an organization called IBM went to buy CP / M claims for its hugely popular personal computer machine, they were unable to buy it. As a result, a very talented young man started writing his own operating system as an alternative to “Bill Gates.” And was born on the DOS operating system. Later it becomes Windows. And this makes Windows Bill the richest person in the world. The most real thing about the Windows operating system is that it allows you to run the same language application on a separate machine. As a result, any computer can easily interact with each other. So, friends, this is mainly because the Windows operating system is gaining popularity and operating system requirements.

What is Linux operating system?

It’s been a long time since history came back today and let’s talk about Linux. Many people think Linux is an operating system. But Linux is not really an operating system, but rather a kernel. I gave a light idea in the post about boot kernel, ROM, kernel on what the kernel is. But at the time of writing this post, it seems that a detailed post about the kernel needs to be posted. However, the kernel helps establish the connection between hardware and software.

Developers build applications for the Linux kernel. So if you want to run the Linux operating system on your computer, you need to use the application or package written on this kernel. And these Linux packages are called Distribution or Distro. There is a lot of distro on the Linux kernel. And they are designed for different purposes. This kernel makes your computer’s hardware suitable for a variety of applications. Linux Distro provides various applications, tools, and desktop environments for each computing field. And because all this work is linked to the Linux kernel, it has become a complete computer operating system.

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Now if someone says that he/she is using Linux operating system on his computer, that means he/she is using the Linux kernel and running applications written on that kernel on the PC. What’s the matter?

Why use Linux OS?

Linux operating systems must have understood it by now. Now let’s talk about why we’ll use it. See, the most popular computing operating system today is Windows. And yes, Windows certainly does a lot better than its own. But Windows or Mac operating systems do not allow users and developers to do whatever they want. You cannot modify many files even though you are the admin of a Windows machine. If you are a gamer or simply do computing, Windows is a good operating system for you. But if you are a developer, you will be born out of maximum freedom on Windows. Because it is a closed operating system.

But on the other hand, the Linux operating system is a free kernel. Where there is a lot of distros to work with this kernel. And with it, you can do whatever you want. Alda Distro is for almost all computing environments. Like Ubuntu or Mint for desktop computing, Android for mobile is even used on Linux version supercomputer.

Linux always focuses on security and robustness. But on the other hand, Windows always focuses on the benefits of using it. This is why Linux is often employed in most server and high-tech security systems and is critically popular for completing complex tasks. So I think the Linux version is the best alternative to Windows for computing. Moreover, the Linux operating system is much lighter than Windows. This is why it’s best for those who want to have a lot of fast computing experience on their personal machines, even on low config machines.

In the last few years, Linux desktop distro has changed a lot to a simpler user interface. As a result, even if you are used to using Windows or Mac, Linux operating system will not be difficult for you. So this could be a big reason to migrate your home PC to Linux.

The benefits of Linux operating system

Let’s talk about some of the advantages of Linux. One of the biggest benefits of using the Linux operating system is that it is Hailey safe to use. That means you have to forget about viruses, Trojans, etc. using it. Moreover, Linux distros are free to use. Whether your PC is a 10 and a Linux distro, the charge is always $ 0. Where you have to spend a few hundred dollars to use Windows.

Most of the time, Linux distro has all the necessary applications pre-installed. And you can also install free packages as per your requirement. This is a much bigger deal than Windows. Moreover, since the Linux operating system is completely free, you can customize it as you wish. Although there are some fetuses.

Linux can be very lightweight, and it can run on any type of machine. Many people have moved to Linux to keep their old machines virus-free after Microsoft lifted support from their XP in the 21st. Amazingly, the experience of using Linux operating system on an old machine has been very fast.

You can also use the Windows app on Linux using Wine. So this is a big advantage too. Again, there is good news for game lovers as well. The new Linux kernel-based Steam operating system has over 1,000 games. And these games run very well in Linux. The use of Linux also allows the use of the latest Internet browsers such as Firefox or Cerium, the latest Office applications on older machines. Even today, 10-15 years ago, the machine runs at the speed of Linux.

Linux operating system has a live CD or DVD or USB access. You can run Linux on your computer without having to install it. This will not affect the effectiveness of your current Windows. Just plug and play Linux in your USB machine. Linux has the advantage of choosing a lot of distros. If you don’t like one, just use another, if not another. But in Windows, you will never get this benefit.

If there is a problem with Windows then need to re-install Windows. But any Linux problem can be solved by itself, so you don’t have to re-install your computer’s operating system at all. Moreover, Linux has the advantage of using a multi-desktop. Which has been added to Windows 10 on Windows? But before that, Windows users used to keep jungles open on desktops with different task openings. Multiple desktops mean computing experience independently and clearly.

Some of the disadvantages of Linux operating system

Its thousands of benefits also have some disadvantages, which can cause users some problems. Linux operating system does not have such a driver as Windows. A driver is a small program that allows your computer to work properly on any external device such as a printer, USB modem, etc. And lets the computer understand what a device is. Your home printer may not be working on Linux, which can easily run on Windows. However, the problem is still there. If a developer creates a driver for that device in their free time that runs on Linux, you can run the device.

However, Linux still has the ability to support far more devices than the default Windows without any type of third party driver. Yet, many device manufacturers nowadays make drivers for Windows as well as Linux operating systems, and that’s a good thing.

How do I get started with Linux?

If you want to become a new Linux user, you may be wondering how to get started. If you are a new user, I would say, boot Linux on a live CD without installing Linux operating system directly. Download the ISO of your favorite distro and start using it in a flash way. The most popular distros for desktops are Linux Mint and Ubuntu. So you can try one of these.

Guys, if you haven’t used Linux yet, I recommend using it. Maybe you get a lot of new experiences from there. Hopefully, you know a lot from today’s post about the Linux operating system and maybe already a lot of interest. Anyway, today is on the way to an end. Before leaving, please share the post and please comment below for any request or feedback you may have.

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